Rambling About the Cubs as the Dog Days Are Upon Us

As the season trudges on, and thoughts of 2014 fill my head, it is hard to describe the current installment of the Chicago Cubs.  The names, faces, trades and waiver moves come together to make one random story of a season.  With less than two months to play, it is hard to imagine the Cubs will get to 100 losses, but if another Samardzija start ends in 12 runs for the opponent … who really knows.

So let’s get to it.

  • Matt Guerrier is on the 60-day DL a day or two after Donnie Murphy hits two bombs in route to a victory.
  • Sorry, this is a Cubs site, so I will start talking about guys on the Cubs.
  • Cody Ransom is 37 years old. That is one of those stats you just can’t get out of your mind.
  • Here is to you Cody, and your next 20 years riding buses in the Carolina league as a manager. I say this positively. He is a true baseball lifer. I hope his summer in Chicago stays with him forever.
  • As Eric Karros once said, every player should experience playing in Chicago for one year. (Wrigley Field and the Cubs were clearly implied.)
  • Hey Edwin, sometimes the silver lining is a good thing … and it can only get better at this point, right? Hey, he has gotten his ERA below 5, so that is a step in the right direction.
  • I know he won a Gold Glove last year, but you can’t have an every-day second baseman hitting .211 with a .258 OBP with this lineup.
  • With that said, the Logan Watkins era has arrived. He is 2-for-7, batting a robust .286. Our worries at Ryno’s old stomping ground have been alleviated!
  • He would be fine on the ’01 Mariners, but not on the 2013 Cubs.  I have a feeling Theo and Jed would take a long hard look at this.
  • Speaking of two/thirds of McThoyer, I anticipate an organization taking a long, hard look at Jason McLeod this offseason.  An assistant-GM position would be a step up, but I think it would take a head role to get him to leave Theo and Jed.
  • I wish Castillo’s power numbers were better, but a .274 average with a .347 thus far in his first full season are very encouraging. Very.
  • Speaking of catchers, here is to Dioner Navarro. In a year that has been over for two months, he stood in there and made an old-fashioned baseball play Wednesday night.
  • And for some of the old-school folks, it was a thing of beauty. Let’ s hope he has a speedy recovery. And here is to keeping him around. He has quietly had a solid year offensively. Very solid.
  • The Cubs catching position came to play the first four months of the season. Just trying to find some positives.
  • Who else wants to head to Cooperstown with me for Junior Lake’s HOF Induction Ceremony?
  • Question for real discussion? If the Cubs have to pay Samardzija $80 million over 5 years to retain him, do you do it? Would you sign him to that contract?
  • The only reason I would think about it is given his consistent improvement year over year. However, if you sign him to that, and his production stays level, you are paying two pitchers $29 million a year for an average of a 4.50 ERA.
  • Yes, they are innings eaters. Samardzija will easily top 200 innings and Jackson should come close to that mark. By signing the Shark will be a question that keeps McThoyer up at night.
  • There are two everyday players from the beginning of the season who have better batting averages than the Cubs number-3 starter.
  • That, folks, sums it up the 2013 installment just perfectly.

I hope each and every one of you has a fantastic, fun-filled Friday as well and an above-average Saturday and Sunday.

And until next time …

Stay Classy Cubs Fans!!

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Quote of the Day

"Build up your weaknesses until they become your strong points." – Knute Rockne
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