A Look at What’s Ahead for the Cubs Down on the Farm Report During the Off-Season

With the minor league regular season concluding on Labor Day, here is what to expect from Down on the Farm Report and the CCO’s continued coverage of the Cubs’ farm system in the coming months.

The CCO will present an on-going, in depth look at all of the prospects in the minors, both positions players and pitchers. All of the national top prospect lists will be posted as well as news from the minor league teams, coaching staffs and player movement. And we will publish our annual list of the Top 20 prospects in the organization as Spring Training approaches.

September: Continued coverage of the Cubs’ minor league squads will be featured as they advance in post-season. The CCO will name our Minor League Player and Pitcher of the Year, along with their Short-Season Player and Pitcher of the Year. A recap of all the minor league teams, with an early look at the 2014 season will also be presented.

October: Off-season action will be heating up as the CCO will begin weekly coverage of the Arizona Fall League. Keep track of Cubs’ prospects as they face off against some of the best minor leaguers in baseball.

November 2013 – February 2014: Winter Baseball arrives! Follow Cubs prospects as they venture to Australia, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Mexico and Venezuela. The CCO is the only place for weekly coverage for all winter leagues.

January 2014: The New Year kicks off our annual Reader’s Poll, as the CCO will take your nominations for the players you want to be followed with weekly stat updates during the up-coming season.

February-March 2014: As Spring Training approaches, the CCO will bring back several popular features. Bubble Busters will highlight the players trying to make the big league roster, along with the prospects that will challenge them for a spot. Five Players to Watch is a three–part series that looks at the players outside the recognized ‘Top-prospect’ lists that could have a breakout season in the coming year. An in-depth Minor League Preview follows, along with Tom U.’s predictions for the 2014 minor league season.

For the latest from the Cubs’ farm system, follow @TheCCO_Minors on Twitter

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  • cubsin

    I’ll be shocked in anyone other than Javier Baez and Kyle Hendricks are the Minor League Player and Pitcher of the year. Pierce Johnson (and C.J. Edwards if you include his time in Texas’s system) deserve at least an honorable mention.

  • Ripsnorter1

    The race for the top draft picks is heating up!!

    White Sox beat the Astros last night.
    That places the White Sox and the Cubs in a very close race,
    with the edge going to the Cubs at 56-77 vs Sox 56-76.
    1/2 game lead!

    Sox are 8-2 over the last 10 games; Cubs 3-7.

    Right now Cubs are set to draft #3….
    Miami has 49-82 record.
    Astros 44-88 record.

    • Tony_Hall


      Draft Spot Team name W-L GB
      1 Houston Astros 44-88 0 0.0
      2 Miami Marlins 49-82 5.5
      3 Chicago Cubs 56-77 11.5
      4 Chicago White Sox 56-76 12.0
      5 Minnesota Twins 57-74 13.5
      6 Milwaukee Brewers 58-74 14.0
      7 San Francisco Giants 59-74 14.5
      8 Seattle Mariners 59-73 15.0
      9 Toronto Blue Jays 60-74 15.0
      10* New York Mets 59-72 15.5
      11Toronto Blue Jays [1]
      12* Los Angeles Angels 59-72 15.5
      13 San Diego Padres 60-73 15.5
      14 Philadelphia Phillies 61-72 16.5
      15 Colorado Rockies 63-72 17.5

      Amazingly tight race through 15 teams Only 6 games separates 3rd pick from 15th pick.

      • Ripsnorter1

        Let’s hold onto that #3 pick, or even move up a notch, if possible.

        • Dorasaga

          You can’t beat the Marlins. They are way too good.

      • Rational Logic

        Losses now become wins – gotta love it.

  • 07GreyDigger

    This looks awesome Tom! I can’t wait!

  • paulcatanese

    Good stuff Tom, looks like you have you’re work cut out for a while.