Wrigley Field Restoration Update: Wrigley Plan Receives Unanimous Approval from Zoning Committee

The Cubs passed the last major hurdle on Tuesday when they received unanimous approval from the Zoning Committee on their plans to restore Wrigley Field. The Cubs are expected to receive approval from the City Council on Wednesday.

The Cubs had to make three concessions to their plans in order for the renovation plans to receive approval from Ald. Tom Tunney. The Cubs agreed to “remove plans to build a portico on a proposed 182-room hotel on Clark Street, which was to connect to Wrigley Field via a crosswalk bridge spanning Clark as part of the $500 million rehabilitation” according to a report from DNAInfoChicago.com. The Cubs “will also reconsider placement of the hotel entrance from a side street to either Clark or Addison Street.”

Ald. Tom Tunney said that there are still a lot of questions for the community according to the report but he was prepared to give his support with the compromises.

The Clark Street Bridge was deferred indefinitely and the Cubs told the alderman and the mayor that “the two approved outfield signs would be the only ones the team would post, at the very least, until their contract with the rooftop owners expires.”

Ald. Tunney also “encouraged the Cubs and rooftop owners to continue negotiations going forward.” According to the Sun-Times, the Cubs “are exploring the possibility of building the 650-square-foot-see-through sign in right field behind a deck that would hover over Sheffield Avenue” to help minimize the impact on rooftop views.

Fran Spielman reported in order for the Cubs to change the location of the sign in right field, Wrigley’s exterior footprint would have to be moved back even further “at least twice as much as previously planned.” That would push the exterior footprint of Wrigley Field back 16-20 feet, instead of the planned eight-ten feet.

According to the report, the Cubs would like the rooftop owners to “drop their threat of a lawsuit” in exchange for making adjustments to the location of the right field see-through sign.

The team has not received any assurances from the city that the rooftop owners would not sue them over the restoration plans.

Fran Spielman reported that if the Cubs cancel their plans for the pedestrian bridge over Clark Street then they would like to be able to build an arch over Clark and sell advertising on it.

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