Wrigley Field Restoration Update: Mayor Emanuel Supportive of Right Field Party Deck

In an attempt to keep the rooftop club owners from suing, the Cubs proposed adding a party deck in right field last week that would help limit the views that would be blocked by the proposed 650 square foot see-through sign.

The Cubs are looking at the party deck as an alternative to the pedestrian bridge that was put on hold indefinitely at last week’s meeting with the Zoning Committee.

Under the Cubs new proposal, the exterior footprint of Wrigley Field would be moved back an additional eight feet to accommodate the party deck. The original plan called for the exterior footprint of the park to be moved back eight to ten feet.

According to the Tribune, the Cubs would build a patio that would stretch above Sheffield Avenue. “The configuration would take out a lane of parking on the east side of the street and shut out some daylight, creating a viaduct-like cover over the street.”

The rooftop owners are reportedly in favor of the addition of the party deck but it would have to be approved by the residents. According to the Sun-Times, the Lakeview Citizens council is open to the Sheffield deck if it connects the L platform and reduces pedestrian traffic.

Tom Ricketts and the Cubs are adamant about resolving the issues with the rooftop club owners before proceeding any further with the renovation plans.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel told the Tribune that “the Sheffield deck plan is in play.”

Mayor Emanuel from the Tribune:

“It was brought up toward the end. It was too soon to have shoehorned it in to the planned development that City Council passed. The alderman’s going to run a community process. What I do note, which I thought was interesting given the usual rift that exists between the rooftops and the Ricketts, here’s the one idea that the two of them agreed on, which stood out. We reached agreement on the (planned development), and Mr. Ricketts and the rooftops have direction from both the mayor and City Council to continue discussions and bring them to a conclusion, and I actually do believe that they’re making good progress in those conversations.”

“Because the community has to be heard, as they were throughout the process getting to the point we were last week where we finally ended a three-year process and allowed the Ricketts to make their investments and do it without any taxpayer support.”

Ald. Tom Tunney will get feedback from the community about the party deck according to the Tribune.

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