Wrigley Field Restoration Update: Chicago Plan Commission Unanimously Approves Cubs Proposal

The Cubs passed another major hurdle on Thursday afternoon, one the Cubs called a “tremendous step forward,” when the Chicago Plan Commission unanimously approved the team’s proposal to restore Wrigley Field.

In a surprising turn of events, Ald. Tom Tunney told the commissioners he backs the Cubs plan, “although he continued to discuss with the Cubs and Mayor Rahm Emanuel his opposition to a pedestrian bridge the Cubs want to put up over Clark Street” according to a report from the Tribune.

Ald. Tunney said his other concerns have been addressed, including a promise from Mayor Emanuel that there will not be any additional outfield signs “for many years to come.”

According to a report from the Sun-Times, “the City Council’s Zoning Committee and the full City Council are expected to approve the Wrigley development next week.”

Fran Spielman reported that Tunney’s “about-face came after he spent the morning button-holing colleagues to support him in upholding the long-standing tradition of deferring to the local alderman on zoning and planning issues.”

The pedestrian bridge could still be an issue as the Cubs have no plans to scrap their plans to build the bridge. According to multiple reports on Thursday, the Cubs are considering covering the bridge but not removing it all together, as the Alderman demanded.

According to Fran Spielman, Ald. Tunney told his colleagues and warned the Cubs that he had the 26 votes needed to block the project on Wednesday night. Tunney has changed his mind for now and has given his support to the Cubs’ plans.

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  • paulcatanese

    Tunney does an about face? Easy to do when one is two-faced to begin with.

  • Thomas D

    Sounds like he was bluffing to me about the 26 votes. I think he tried pulling one over on the Ricketts but failed. I am so glad the Ricketts continue to push through Tunney’s crap.

    • DWalker

      that, and maybe when he left the room before the meeting, there were probably some words exchanged with the mayors office that it was time to sit down and shut up.

  • triple

    Tunney sounds like the biggest idiot in the history of idiots!

  • 07GreyDigger

    Wouldn’t the bridge be a good thing? If the neighborhood is worried about congestion on the streets, that bridge would alleviate it.

  • jtrain23

    Either way, big news for the Cubs and the Wrigley Field plan. I was at at game last weekend and was just thinking about how nice the neighborhood is and how much nicer the experience will be with these additions. Now, let’s get Garza traded so we can get off pins and needles about that and enjoy this news more.

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