Wrigley Field Restoration Update: Ald. Tunney Still Not 100% Behind Wrigley Plan

The Cubs are expected to receive approval from the Zoning Committee on Tuesday and the City Council on Wednesday of this week to move forward with their plans to restore Wrigley Field. Approval by the Zoning Committee and the City Council would be the last two steps in the approval process. But even with his about-face last week at the Landmarks Commission, Ald. Tom Tunney is still looking for tweaks to be made and is not fully behind the team’s restoration plans according to the Chicago Tribune.

Ald. Tunney said he had no objections and gave his support to the Cubs’ plan on Thursday at the Landmarks Commission after the team agreed to work on his concerns about the entrance on Patterson Street to the planned hotel and a ten-year moratorium on additional outfield signs. Tunney gave his support on Thursday with the stipulation he “would continue to seek some adjustments.”

According to the Tribune, Tunney sent an email to his 49 colleagues that read, “There are still unresolved issued that we need to address before the package receives my support at the Zoning Committee on Tuesday.” The Tribune reported that some of the alderman “were confused by the turn of events but were willing to go to bat for Tunney if asked.”

The team is looking for ways to move the entrance to the hotel off Patterson but have no plans of agreeing to a ten-year moratorium on additional outfield signs. The moratorium on the outfield signs would benefit the rooftop club owners from having any more of their views blocked in the future. Something the Cubs could agree to keep the rooftop owners from suing if the plan is approved according to the Tribune.

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