Report: Oakland Has Serious Interest in Matt Garza

As reports surfaced on Saturday afternoon out of Arlington that the Cubs and Rangers were not making any significant progress in discussions for Matt Garza, Ken Rosenthal reported the Oakland A’s have surfaced as a possible destination for Garza “if the price is right.”

Ken Rosenthal reported that the Athletics’ interest in Garza is “serious” and not a way for the Cubs to push the Rangers into making a deal. Rosenthal did not mention which players the Cubs could receive in return.

Reports from T.R. Sullivan earlier on Saturday indicated a deal could still be worked out between the Cubs and Rangers for Matt Garza. But there was something that surfaced in one of the player’s medicals that the Cubs did not like. Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer have engaged discussions with other teams.

According to Jeff Wilson, the deal could still happen with the Rangers. The package of prospects for Matt Garza and another Cubs’ player believed to be James Russell, would be Mike Olt, Luis Sardinas, and right handers Neil Ramirez and C.J. Edwards.

The positive from the medicals being exchanged is that Matt Garza apparently checked out okay. There is no way the Cubs would have been contacted by another team if there were concerns about Garza’s health.

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  • calicub


  • Suzy S

    Ok, Who does Oakland have that might interest the Cubs?

    • TheWrongGuy

      Sonny Gray was a pitcher for Vandy when/while Derek Johnson was a pitching coach there. =) Raul Alcantara and Ynoa (Ynoa played in futures game). They always have good prospects in their system.

      • Suzy S

        Interesting….rentals don’t seem to be in Oakland’s normal m.o. But then you have to strike while the iron is hot.
        I just hope that whomever we get, it’s a fair return for value.

        • TheWrongGuy

          Yes true. But I feel Oakland is jumping because of the pending bio-genesis scandal. They may lose a player or 2 because of it. Also Garza has good connections in California so their options for signing an extension are good. Not to mention to contend against their rival the Texas Rangers.

          • paulcatanese

            Probably for sure, one very large pitcher.

          • TheWrongGuy


          • J Daniel

            I think I heard that there would be no suspensions this season?

    • Tom U

      Josh Reddick. Former Boston farmhand, 26 years old, 2 years service time, arb eligible 2014, FA 2017. Could be a “core” player

      • Whatupbr

        Would take a lot more than Reddick to better Rangers’ offer. He’s really a 4th OF on a good team, don’t you think?

      • Tony_Hall

        Besides for being a former Boston farmhand, how does he fit any part of what they are looking for in a player?

        • paulcatanese

          At 26, dosent.

        • Tom U

          Just brainstorming a bit. He’s young, at the right price, controllable, and has a history of success.

          Suzy, is right, it would take more than just Reddick to get the deal done.

    • Shawon O’Meter

      Addison Russell is a very slick young shortstop in High A ball. Kid is excellent defensively and can really hit as well. He’s probably “untouchable” but I’d think we are asking.

  • Henry

    I am going to Kane County tonight. I am sitting in section 105 row K seat 9-12. If anyone is in attendance please stop by and say hello

    • Theboardrider

      Wish I could, have fun Henry!

  • daverj

    Not sure what the cubs found in the medical records, but Olt, sardinas, Ramirez and Edwards sounds like it would have been a solid haul for garza.

    • Whatupbr

      Agree 100%. I see no match without Russell and no chance Oakland deals Russell.

    • GaryLeeT

      After going over the stats and careers, CJ Edwards, and his 11.6 K/9 rate, would make him the headliner to this deal. The rest look like throw ins.

      • Whatupbr

        If all 4 of those guys were in the deal – and I don’t think they would have been unless we were giving up Russell too – then most would probably have had Sardinas as the headliner. Edwards’ numbers are ridiculous but he’s a 48th round draft pick who’s a long way from pitching in the majors. Some would have had Olt and even Ramirez as the headliners.

        The medical details must have been scary (shoulders for Ramirez and Sardinas? concussion for Olt?) because all four are very intriguing.

    • Theboardrider

      100% agree. Great haul

  • BosephHeyden

    Just food for thought, but remember the last time we dealt with Oakland. For the price of Matt Murton, an outfielder who the coaching staff had no intention of playing, Eric Patterson, an infielder we had all already figured would be a utility guy (and also was not endearing himself to the team with his being late and all), and Sean Gallagher, a pitcher that everyone figured would be a #3 at best, we stole Rich Harden, a a very good strikeout starting pitcher that served as our #4 pitcher but was good enough to be a #2 or #3 if it weren’t for Dempster, Lilly, and Zambrano all being good that year, and Chad Gaudin, a very solid reliever that could provide good spot starts.

    Their GM is still Billy Beane. If the A’s really want Garza, and this front office is as good as people keep saying they are, we could pillage this farm system. Heck, throw in Brett Jackson and maybe we can touch a few of their untouchable prospects.

    • Tom U

      Don’t forget, the Cubs also gave up Josh Donaldson in that deal.

      • BosephHeyden

        I figure that’s why we could always throw in Jackson. He’s about 50/50 as far as whether or not he’d be a good MLB player. If he does, then the A’s have themselves a center fielder that the Cubs likely weren’t that set on using. If it doesn’t, then at least we sweetened the pot a little.

        And the other thing that probably helps a trade with Oakland out here is that Garza almost guarantees the A’s a playoff spot this year. And with his playoff success, they may make it deeper than usual. So Garza is pretty much worth more than Gallagher, Murton, and Patterson combined, while Jackson would be about 75% the player Donaldson was at the time.

    • SomeGuy27

      Josh Donaldson also went to the A’s in that deal…

    • Whatupbr

      Aside from Russell, do they have anybody worthy of the “untouchable” label? I don’t think so. Their system is really weak.

  • Dorasaga

    It’s my hunch that whatever talents the Cubs gave away to the A’s during the Hendry regime, this Garza deal will make them pay back.

    I’m saying this also because the A’s have been big spenders on the int’l FA market since 2009. They were the biggest spenders two recent years, and splashed the Cespedes signing in 2011. But the rules changed, and with the win-loss record they have now, it’s less possible to land big FAs without overspending.

    The A’s owner has been cheap. I suspect that the only reason for that real-estate guru to ever spend is if a city or county offers him a free stadium (built out of tax payers money). He’ll give away a few future prospects for the win now, just so he can appeal to those politicians, and in exchange for a new stadium offer.

    • Theboardrider

      You’re posts are hot today Dora! That’s a really good point.

      I don’t know who the A’s have but I can’t imagine they’re system is weak as someone stated. They’ve been a factory for a decade…

      • Dorasaga

        Neither do I, but it shouldn’t matter as much as the “number of top prospects” this trade could have brought to the Cubs system. In the Harden trade, Josh Donaldson, still a single-A catcher, was one of Cubs’ Top 10 Prospects, but so were Josh Vitters (always the Top One on any farm ranking BEFORE ACTUALLY CALLED UP AND SEEN IN FRONT OF NATIONAL TV), Tyler Colvin, Jose Ceda, Sean Gallagher, Donald Veal, Tony Thomas, Kevin Hart. Hindsight has always been 50/50, but I want to bring in the perspective of the A’s strategy, instead of just from the Cubs’ side.

  • Theboardrider

    Hope it is a good price because the Rangers package looks to be very solid. Essentially two near major league ready players and two projects but all guys that are viewed well as prospects.

    With Olt, given the vision issue. If we could fix thag we might have a steal just for him. He’s still got a ton of potential.

    Could the A’s want Soriani as well?

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