Report: Garza Trade to the Rangers Still Possible

According to a report from T.R. Sullivan, the Cubs and Rangers continue to discuss a trade involving Matt Garza. Sullivan’s sources indicated a deal is still possible but there is no timetable of when the trade may be completed. Sullivan confirmed reports on Friday night that the hold-up in the trade came from the Cubs’ side. The Cubs had “some questions about one of the players they were getting in return.” Sullivan reported the concerns weren’t major but fair.

Sullivan reported the names that surfaced on Thursday and Friday remain in play from the Rangers’ side. Those players are believed to include third baseman Mike Olt, RHP Neil Ramirez, RHP Luke Jackson, RHP C.J. Edwards and shortstop Luis Sardinas. Sullivan is not sure which player the Cubs have concerns about but pointed out Mike Olt and Neil Ramirez have both been dealing with injuries this season. Ramirez has struggled with a sore shoulder while Olt is still dealing with vision issues due to a concussion he received after being beaned in Winter Ball.

Jon Daniels is reportedly looking for the Cubs to include a player in the deal that the Rangers would control past this season. Daniels has operated that way in the past. T.R. Sullivan pointed out the last two trades that the Rangers made for rental players, such as Matt Garza, included a player that Texas would have control over for at least the next season.

The player that has been mentioned that could go to Texas, along with Matt Garza, is James Russell. Russell is earning $1.075 million in his first year of arbitration and does not hit free agency until after the 2015 season.

Gerry Fraley reported late Friday night that the Rangers are “willing to give up one Major League-ready player, third baseman Mike Olt of Triple-A Round Rock, and two undetermined minor leaguers. Those players would be a pitcher and a middle infielder.” Fraley reported the Cubs have heavy scouted and are focused on RHP C.J. Edwards and Neil Ramirez is also a possibility.

As of early Saturday afternoon, the talks between the Cubs and Rangers for Matt Garza are not dead and the general thought is that the Cubs will do their best to trade him prior to Monday’s start in Phoenix. But the bottom line is, Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer are not going to trade Garza without receiving back what they perceive he is worth.

Jon Heyman reported just prior to T.R. Sullivan that there is still a chance a deal gets done between the Cubs and Rangers but “both sides are free to look around.”

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  • paulcatanese

    My advice (which means nothing) would be to stay away from Olt and Ramirez, but as stubborn as this FO is and the appeal that injured players has for them this still may go down with both players included, joining the rest of the disabled list they are compiling.
    And of course now Russell may be included, why not?
    Since the Cubs only have one left hander around, send him also and then their would be none. Sounds like “the ten little Indians”
    My take on all of this , the reason they won’t extend Garza is because of the no trade clause that the Cubs will not give. Now why can’t this be compromised in some way to have Garza stay?
    If this intelligent trade smart front office can do all these other things, I see no reason that they cannot get this done and keep Garza, unless, unless of course they just flat out don’t want him, and that seems to be the case, as nothing is beyond being fixed here.
    I don’t blame Garza one bit, he wants stability for him, and his family. He has indicated it’s not about the money, so what’s stopping this from getting done, except stubbornness , and that’s just plain stupid.

    • Tony_Hall

      I think you are discounting Garza’s role in this and blaming the FO. Garza could have said yes to an extension and this would be all done. It would not be for as much as he can make on FA, as very rarely does a team extend a player at FA prices. That is the point of extending a player to get a lower price for giving up the security sooner.

      I believe Garza thinks he is going to get 4 year minimum contract and may get 5+ years. I bet the Cubs only offered to extend him 3 years. I don’t blame Garza for wanting to go to FA, since he is so close, but it takes both parties to agree and the FO has approached him a few times about an extension and it never went any farther. It would have went farther if Garza wanted it to.

      • J Daniel

        Correct, it takes both sides to give a little to make a deal. I posted yesterday that the NTC can be bought if they both really wanted it. If Garza really wants to be here and they really want him they would get it done. IMO this comes down to $$$, not the NTC. Maybe a limited NTC?

        Always somewhere in the middle.

      • paulcatanese

        I think we both would know if it came out, but since it hasn’t we don’t.

        Garza says one thing about staying, but haven’t heard the Cub side of it. All I see is Garza wanting to stay, and the Cubs have a no-trade policy, an impasse. As it’s really not my business as to how they do these things, all I can say is how I feel it should be, and that’s getting it done, whoever gets shortchanged, well that’s life.
        End result, he will be traded, regardless of who they get back, IMO.

        • Tony_Hall

          Maybe you have missed it but it has been reported that the Cubs have approached Garza about an extension at least twice.

        • J Daniel

          We have not heard Cubs side as there are not many leaks with this FO.

          • Dorasaga

            Nice that they plunged those incompetents of the Hendry regime, when a few nice dinner and some relationship like your brother in law can scoop some business news out of those old men.

  • J Daniel

    How many teams, I wonder, don’t give NTC in contracts? We can see what a mess they got into with all of them. I understand both sides.

  • Gocubs23

    Interesting thing to note: Trading Garza for a young pitcher like the Tampa Bay Rays’ Chris Archer would be considered a great trade. Wink wink.

  • Thomas D

    Hey I wonder if Garza would come back after this season and give us a big haul now in prospects. Anyone think that could happen, he keeps saying he wants to stay here and be here?

    • BosephHeyden

      Everyone that gets traded usually says they want to stay with the team that’s about to trade them. And once they get traded, they’re sad things didn’t work out with their original team but excited to be with their new team. And then when they hit free agency, they sign with the team willing to give them the most money, which also happens to be the team they’ve “always wanted to play for as a kid,” and, wouldn’t you know it, they have family in that city, too!

      So, I expect Garza to be back, so long as the Cubs offer him more money that the other 29 teams in the majors.

    • Neil

      Anything is possible, but I do not see it happening. I cannot remember the last time a player re-signed with the team that traded him the July before.

  • CerranoReadyNow

    The Athletics have joined the race for Garza according to Ken Rosenthal. Whether its legitimate or them trying to up the price for their division rival it remains to be seen.

    • TheWrongGuy

      I think this works in both ways you mentioned. Both are in favor of the CUBBIES, I like the A’s system and pitchers/prospects. They have a system that has been producing good prospects for years.

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