Report: Cubs Still Talking with Yankees about Alfonso Soriano

When the Cubs lineup was released for Wednesday’s game without Alfonso Soriano in it, the first thought was the Cubs are close to completing the trade that would send Soriano to the Yankees. The Cubs said Wednesday was a scheduled day off for Soriano despite his career numbers against Ian Kennedy. Soriano is 6-for-13 with a double and three home runs versus Kennedy.

According to a report from the Sun-Times,  the Cubs and Yankees continue to discuss a deal for Alfonso Soriano but nothing is close and is not expected to be finalized on Wednesday.

Updated 6:00pm CDTThe Yankees are on a list of acceptable teams that Alfonso Soriano gave to Theo Epstein.

Alfonso Soriano still must waive his no trade clause and according to the Sun-Times, how much of the nearly $25 million left owed to Soriano the Yankees are willing to accept “remains a key part of the equation.”

As long as Soriano does not invoke his no trade rights, a deal between the two teams appears on the horizon.

Nate Schierholtz and David DeJesus are being shopped by the Cubs according to the Sun-Times.

Stay Tuned …

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  • Suzy S

    Without vocalizing it in public…just the fact that the Cubs and Yankees are still talking …must mean Theo and Jed have gotten the OK from Soriano to pursue a Yankee deal.
    The other part is that Soriano has expressed his desires to continue to be an “everyday player” with whatever team he ends up with.
    I believe that may have been part of the Yankee’s speaking with his agent the other day.
    Now about that $18 million salary….????

    BTW If he does in fact go…I will be sorry to see it…although it makes all the sense in the world.

    • TheWrongGuy

      I agree with you Suzy as I will be unhappy to see Sori go as well. Though I think they will draw this out for a few days to give Olt/Vitters a chance for some at bats in the minors to be moved-up and be the right handed basher needed once Sori is moved, again my opinion. Though Rizzo has also hit in the 4 slot as well so who knows what Theo McHoyer have in store.

  • JasonOfTheBurbs

    Neil…this makes me wonder on 2 levels: first, maybe they really are sitting Soriano in a lieu of a trade and are just doing the obligatory coverup/excuse of this being his “day off”. Second, if the excuse is legit, then I really question the strategy being employed by Sveum…because he didn’t sit Soriano against Westbrook, and now he is sitting him against someone Soriano crushes…huh? For a FO that came in with a reputation of using statistics and sabermetrics as a key tool in improving the team, how does the coaching staff get a pass with this handling of Soriano? With the way Shark, Castro, and Rizzo have underachieved this year, I am unimpressed with Sveum so far. I don’t pin wins and losses on him, as his roster is weak, but not being smart with favorable matchups and showing an inability to get young talent to progress are things I think he has responsibility for.

    • Roe Skidmore

      How has Shark underachieved? This has been a breakout season for him. I agree on Rizzo and Castro. But Sveum played with Rizzo’s swing, which any manager knows not to do during a season. Castro needs to see the bench more to reflect, he loses focus way too much. Soriano is gone to Yankees very soon, Cubs doing him a favor & the Yankees should respond with one solid prospect…Sori has enough life left to help them out.

      • JasonOfTheBurbs

        I have to respectfully disagree with “breakout season” as virtually all of his stats are less impressive than last year. He is not very far off of last year, in terms of ERA, WAR, HRs allowed, walks allowed, but he isn’t better than last year. So I fail to see how he has progressed this year under Sveum. Shark is 28 years old…not a newbie anymore…should be in his prime. I think this is good as he gets, which is ok, but only a #3-4 guy at best, due to his inconsistency. Sometimes he has #1-2 stuff for a complete game, but then he struggles the next couple of games and it all evens out.

        • Roe Skidmore

          Put him on the Cardinals & he would be having a great season the way he has pitched. Our defense is horrible in left, very inconsistent at SS, no defense at 2nd until Barney returned. A rookie catcher basically. Various outfielders in center and right, none of them gold gloves. Plus we don’t score any runs, our bullpen blew how many games? Come on…

          • Tbarker

            Put him on the Cardinals and he wins 20. Wins and losses do not always tell the tale, run support and the bullpen have blown a ton of victories for Samardzija. Comparing numbers like WAR is for guys who live in their mothers basement. Open your eyes, he has developed secondary and tertiary pitches. Yes he is 28 but has logged the innings of a 23 year old. The development of a pitcher means honing your craft, pitching not throwing. Sheer numbers are a small part of the equation. Evolving is more important to the end game than your WAR. Is he an Ace? Not yet but the arrow is pointing in that direction. To say ” he is what he is” sounds foolish and ill-informed.

        • Suzy S

          Gee, kind of sounds like you might be describing Edwin Jackson in his earlier days.

          • Roe Skidmore

            If your defense doesn’t get to ground balls and catchable fly balls, that drives up your ERA. Put a defense behind a pitcher, add some hitting, better pitcher…

          • JasonOfTheBurbs

            I think Edwin is a #3 kind of guy, so that fits. And I have no problem with the signing either. You just can’t have a rotation of all #3-4-5 type of guys and expect to win consistently. I beat up on Shark because I think he has a rep of being better than he actually is. I maintain this is as good as he gets, which is fine, if you need a #3-4 guy. At some point, though, the Cubs have to stack up on some #1-2 talent, and they just traded away one of those guys in Garza. I like Travis Wood, but don’t think he is a #1 either. So if you keep Wood, Shark, and Edwin…you have 2 spots, and those need to be really really solid #1-2 pitchers, or we aren’t winning any divisions. We do need more offense for sure, but that seems to be in the pipeline now, and showing up in the form of the Junior Lakes of the world. So I am more concerned about our pitching moving forward.

          • Suzy S

            Jason, first off…I never considered Garza to be anything but a “good #3 on a decent team”. …and still don’t..
            Shark is a step below that currently…but that doesn’t mean he can’t be a solid #3.
            I agree with you about the “aces”…which is why I was concerned when the Cubs selected Bryant over Gray…but then pitchers are really risky in the draft.
            I’m thinking the Cubs are going to develop a “decent” pitching staff to go with a high powered offense…once they have the core offense in place…then, and only then…I believe they will go out and “buy” their aces with either $$$ or top prospects to put themselves over the top.

            Looking over their current minor league system…that seems to be the FO thinking.

            That’s my personal opinion, anyway.

          • 07GreyDigger

            Agreed. Don’t fall in love with our top guys, I suspect a few will be shipped out for ton young arms.

    • Suzy S

      Regarding Sveum….I personally feel Sveum will NOT be the manager of the first winning Cubs team of the Theo/Jed era.
      He was brought in as a guy they believed could keep an even keel while going through the hubris of a major rebuild.
      When they are ready to compete…someone else will be at the helm.

      On another note…they might find another spot for him in the organization as a thankyou for going through a high stress-aging situation.

      • Roe Skidmore

        Sveum doesn’t have it. The pitching coach hasn’t help one reliever progress. Bring back in a Billy Connors, a real pitching coach, worth their weight in gold.

        • Suzy S

          Yep, I loved Billy Connors…and while we’re at it…Let’s bring back Popeye as the manager…I loved his fire and ever present puffed out tobacco filled cheek!!!

          • Roe Skidmore

            Loved Popeye. Still remember the chump Bost pitcher that threw the old guy to the ground, classless act. If Popeye came after me I would have smiled and stepped aside….

        • Denver Mike

          Your repeated knocking of the pitching staff baffles me. Plus, Sveum isn’t even the pitching coach, Bosio is. Name one pitcher who has underperformed in relation to their career numbers since coming to the Cubs since this staff took over. Yet guys like Maholm. Feldman, Wood, and Garza have thrived under Bosio. I typically don’t jump to conclusions over one post, but you have bashed the Cubs pitching coaches multiple times over the last few days, and I couldn’t disagree more. Sveum, smeh, I could do without, but what does he have to do with the pitching staff?

          • Roe Skidmore

            First I know Bosio is the pitching coach. Bosio had nothing to do with the starting rotation which is mostly free gaents we signed or guys we traded for, already proven guys. I am talking about our bullpen which has cost us how many games? What team have you been watching this season? I guess you have seen great production & improvement this season from Marmol, Rondon, Camp, Bowden, Russell, etc…?

          • 07GreyDigger

            What do you mean he had nothing to do with the starting rotation? So Feldman and Wood’s suprising seasons are just flukes? Happened out of thin air? What about Kevin Gregg? James Russell was great in the beginning of the year and don’t forget the success of Guerrier and Strop so far. Yeah. Bosio has done nothing.

          • Roe Skidmore

            Feldman and Wood were both highly regarded before they arrived, that’s why we signed and traded for them. Guerrier and Strop are more focused due to new scenery and opportunities. Guerrier could always pitch, just got off to slow start with LA. Strop has a defined role, which he didn’t have before. GoBot has always been up & down, never know what you are going to get(look at his last month). Get Russell throwing to both sides of the plate & he will blossom further. If the bullpen had done it’s job early, we would be at .500. That’s Bosio’s responsibility.

          • 07GreyDigger

            I’m confused. When were Feldman and Wood highly regarded? Feldman was signed to a one year deal in a chance to rebuild his value off a couple of bad years. Wood was traded from what was then an average Reds staff. When were either highly regarded?

          • Roe Skidmore

            You are absolutely correct. Feldman and Wood were awful before they got here, that’s why we gave up Sean Marshall and spent the money on Feldman for a year(knowing he would have trade value later). Our relief corps has been terrific, our defense is great, our hitting is wonderful and it looks like we will take the World Series this season…

          • 07GreyDigger

            Nice sarcasm. I think you missed my point. I’m not saying Bosio is a world beating pitching coach, but you have to be impressed of the transformation of Feldman and Wood considering one was signed off the scrap heap and the other had questions about his future.

    • Neil

      Jason, I think this has more to do with the pending trade than anything. I would not read anything into this.

    • Theboardrider

      I agree but this is the definition of armchair quarterbacking and second guessing. He had a scheduled day off and for whatever reason they are giving it to him. Whether to clear his mind or Sveum is just riding a hunch there are a thousand factors we may not know about. He’s sitting him, he’s in the know and we aren’t. It’s just that way.

      Who knows if Sveum will be around for the long haul. He’s still cutting his teeth. When Francona left Philly everyone thought he was the worst manager ever and we know how that turned out. You never know. I imagine Sveum will at least get a chance with a Cubs team that has expectations.

      • triple

        I agree that Sveum deserves a chance once they provide him with a capable roster. And honestly, I do think that by next year there shouldn’t be any more excuses for him. Especially if Lake and Olt are getting playing time and there is at least one more SP and a couple more bullpen pieces added for next year’s team.

      • paulcatanese

        The thought comes to me that Soriono may have asked to sit for one, that it’s his scheduled day off and two,
        that he would like to see Lake continue and not benched in favor of Dejesus?
        Soriono is not a selfish person when it comes to his own team and teammates, and I would not put it past him. he has mentioned that he see’s himself in Lake at that age.

        • Suzy S

          It’s quite possible, Paul…but with trade smoke wafting up through internet…I’m thinking he’s waiting to go back to the Yankees….Good thought though.

        • paulcatanese

          In a reply to myself, I would also say that what I said makes more sense to me than when I thought I was making sense.
          Dejesus was in line to come back as a starter after serving his stint on the DL. He should not be penalized for being hurt.
          This is where Soriono stepped in and opted out for the night, giving Dejesus his just reward in starting tonight, and keeping Lake from sitting.
          Tomorrow is any ones take, and all bets are off.
          Glad I straightened myself out.
          Can I give myself an up?

  • JasonOfTheBurbs

    See from the CCO tweet that Vitters is playing LF and Olt at 3b for Iowa Cubs.

    Can we genetically splice the best of Vitters and BJax together…sort of like Jeff Goldblum in “The Fly” (except successfully)? I figure that would take care of 1 OF spot for next year, or at least net us a P in a trade.

  • SirGladiator

    Remember how it was ‘100% certain’ that Garza was pitching Monday? Believing anything Sveum says at this point just means you’re not paying attention :) . Soriano sat because he’s about to be traded, simple as that. And that’s a good thing, because with Lake, Dejesus, and Shierholtz out there we don’t need him anymore. The key will be getting a really nice prospect for him, because Soriano only gets more valuable if we wait until next year to trade him, with far less money left on his contract. So if we trade him this year, it’d better be for a really quality player. I wonder if we might include DeJesus or Schierholtz in the deal to get an extra high quality player, certainly the Yankees could use anybody they can get, they’re almost a AAA team at this point, particularly when it comes to hitting. We hold all the cards, we’ve got all the leverage, the Yankees lost once again tonight because they couldn’t hit, so they’re as desperate as it gets. It’s time for Theo to do what he’s probably wanted to do for many, many years, fleece the Yankees :) !

    • 07GreyDigger

      I’m guessing DeJesus ends up on a real contender as a 4th OF kind of guy.

      • Roe Skidmore

        Hope so. Great guy, works tail off & can help somebody. Plus, adds another prospect to our rebuild.