Matt Garza is Still on the Cubs Roster and Other News and Rumors

As far as Dale Sveum is concerned Matt Garza will be starting for the Cubs on Monday night in Phoenix. But does the front office have other plans?

After the deal with Texas that would have reportedly sent Matt Garza and another Cubs’ player, believed to be James Russell, to the Rangers for four prospects hit a snag after the medicals were reviewed on Friday, the Cubs are believed to be looking into other deals for Garza and would still like to trade him before he takes the hill on Monday. The Cubs are reportedly still talking to the Rangers about a deal and have engaged in discussions with Oakland about Garza.

According to a report from Nick Cafardo, the Red Sox interest in Matt Garza is a little deeper than has been reported. Clay Buchholtz has not pitched since June 8 and is going to see Dr. James Andrews on Monday for a second opinion on his shoulder/trap injury. The Red Sox are in need of starting pitching and would be a fit for Garza. Some think Ben Cherington should have been in heavily on Garza from the beginning due to his success in the AL East. Multiple reports have indicated that Boston does not want to pay the high price to acquire Garza.

The Pirates and Orioles could also be in the mix for Garza according to the Sun-Times.

The Pirates have been linked to Garza in recent weeks due to their need to finish above .500 and make the playoffs for the first time in a generation. The thought was that Pittsburgh might be willing to give a little more, in terms of prospects, in order to land Garza. Pirates’ GM Neal Huntington said he is looking to add pitching and told the Pirates’ beat writers, “We know the players we want and we know what we’re willing to give up. We’re willing to stretch a lot on some guys, not so much on others.”

The Orioles continue to scout the Cubs according to the Sun-Times, and could be “a sleeper team for Garza.” And don’t count out the Nationals as a team that could pull off a trade for Matt Garza.

According to Bruce Levine, the Cubs do not have a contingency plan for a starter in the event Garza is traded before Monday’s start. Keep in mind, Travis Wood could be moved up a day and start Monday’s opener. Wood did not pitch in the All-Star game and has not pitched since last Sunday against the Cardinals.

Alfonso Soriano and Nate Schierholtz

The New York Yankees are following the Cubs on their current ten-game road trip through Colorado, Arizona and San Francisco according to the Sun-Times. And the Yankees could be looking at Alfonso Soriano and Nate Schierholtz.

The Yankees are looking for an everyday bat and could talk to the Cubs about Soriano. But Soriano has full no trade rights and did not sound too interested in waiving those rights when he spoke with the Tribune. Soriano does not think he could go to another team and get comfortable in only two months.

As for Nate Schierholtz, he has been linked to the Pirates in recent weeks and the Yankees could be viewing him as a platoon option to add offense.

The Cubs do not appear to be interested in moving Schierholtz after the way he has played this season, plus they have control over him for next season.

Eloy Jimenez

According to a report from Jesse Sanchez, the Cubs are expected to announce the signing of OF Eloy Jimenez at a press conference in the Dominican Republic on August 1 or August 2. Jimenez agreed to a $2.8 million contract with the Cubs that is believed to include a $250,000 college scholarship.

Sanchez reported Jimenez turned down a $5 million signing bonus from another team to stay with the Cubs.

Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez

The Cubs are one of many teams interested in signing free agent right-handed pitcher Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez. Peter Gammons reported on Sunday morning that he is hearing if the Dodgers are willing to go five years and close to $50 million for him then Gonzalez will sign with the Dodgers.

Ken Rosenthal reported that the Dodgers interest in Gonzalez is “not as fervent as some are portraying” on Sunday afternoon.

Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez is expected to sign with a team this week.

News and Notes

David DeJesus played in his second rehab game on Sunday in Arizona and could be activated from the DL by the end of the week.

Kris Bryant made his pro debut on Sunday night. Bryant hit third and played third base for the AZL Cubs.

Brett Jackson is getting healthy and feels he can still help the Cubs.

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Quote of the Day

"The riches of the game are in the thrills, not in the money." – Ernie Banks

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  • paulcatanese

    Amazing, with all of these teams following and showing an interest in Garza, the Cubs do not think keeping him is an option.
    On the other side of the coin, they are pleased with
    Nate Schierholtz and may want to keep him. Amazing, have they watched him play lately? Both with the bat and the glove?

    • RynoTiger

      or they could be trying for the trade and sign option. Get some prospects for him now and then work on resigning him in the off season. Whether they do an extension now or sign him in the off season, it would take ponying up the money to make it happen. So why not maximize his value and try to get him and the prospects he’d bring in return? And if the Cubs aren’t the team to sign him in the off season, then at least you have multiple guys to help the system rather than just having one player (Garza) still on the team.

    • mike1040

      Call me unsupportive if you like, but I worry about his health in the 2nd half.(like last year). I will be glad to see the assets he brings now so we don’t have to worry about his decreasing value later.

      I just can’t tell about Nate. He should be healthier and doing better.

      • paulcatanese

        Nope, you could be right, facts are facts, as well as his history, but hope for the best, maybe it’s all behind.
        Nate, I agree, he should be doing better, but has slumped, IMO both in the field and with the bat.

        • 07GreyDigger

          I think Nate Schierholtz is falling back to earth. And to say the Cubs aren’t in a rush to trade him is posturing to drive up his value because of the additional year of control.

    • Tony_Hall

      Why do you keep saying the FO does not think keeping him is an option? They do think that is an option….they have approached him to talk about it and it has gone no where. If he wanted to stay as bad as he says, the talks would have ended with an extension. Garza is saying all the right things, but his actions say something different.

      • paulcatanese

        Sure they think it’s an option, only without a No Trade clause, and only on their terms. But is correct, since the Cubs are paying the bills and have that right.
        And why do you keep saying Garza’s actions are something different? He wants the No Trade clause and it’s not on the table. And that is correct as it’s his career, and he has that right.
        So they both have their rights and both deserve them, and no one gives in, so what’s left?
        So what would you do Tony, if you were the Cubs?
        Tell me that they would eat crow and extend him. No, they will want to trade him, it’s their ball and bat, and if Garza doesn’t want to play under their rules, he’s gone.
        Why is that so hard to see? Its just not getting done, (as far as him staying this year) no extension .

        • Tony_Hall

          I do see it and understand it clearly. You keep posting everyday like the Cubs don’t want to extend him and that is just not true. They would love to extend him and yes at the basic rules they use for contracts.

          What would I do? I would have approached him the 1st day he was with the Cubs and extended him then with a signing bonus and bought out 2 years of FA. Doesn’t mean he would have accepted then either.

          • paulcatanese

            Apples and oranges. You’re right, stay with the Cubs under their rules, (I said that was appropriate).

            And yes, he should have been extended from day one, but under Garza’s rules that wasn’t going to happen.

            Catch 22, he is gone, no one can get anything done with those priorities.

            They want him, he wants to stay, but it’s not happening,

            something or someone would have to give in, I don’t see it.

            Plus with the amount of teams showing interest, his value $ should be a little higher, and that won’t happen either.

          • Tony_Hall

            He is not gone. If no one meets their asking price, they tag him this winter and restrict his value. They could then work out a deal then, versus him having a Kyle Lohse off-season.

            Back then, Garza very likely would have said yes. He hadn’t earned the big money (relatively speaking) yet and if given some up front money, may have done it.

          • paulcatanese

            Hope you’re right Tony, I for one would like to see him stay.

          • Tony_Hall

            I think he will be traded, it is just an option if they don’t get what they want. But they will.

      • cubtex

        Would you want to stay with a rebuilding team when you can pick and choose what team to go to in free agency? You can go to a playoff team and pitch in the playoffs. Who wouldn’t rather do that?

        • Tony_Hall

          I have said many times that I don’t blame Garza. I would go all the way to FA at this point, if I were him.

  • raymondrobertkoenig

    I’d just as soon see the Cubs keep Russell and Schierholtz.

  • paulcatanese

    Just saw the debut of K. Bryant. Just a little hyped, and a little nervous. He’ll look back on this night and have a chuckle, I’m sure. He has too many tools for any other explanation, he will do fine.

    • Gbarnett

      what all did he do i seen the game got rained out

      • paulcatanese

        According to the information from the side site (Twitter?) he was 0-3 with 3 errors. But as I said, if that’s the case, so what, with his tools it will be far behind in his career.

    • J Daniel

      Can never look at just one game

      • paulcatanese

        Agree, as I mentioned (maybe wrongly typed) He was just a little hyped and nervous, not me, (although I would have been in the same situation):)

  • Ripsnorter1

    Nate Schierholtz, superstar.

    No, he isn’t. Let’s look at his stats and see exactly what you have in Nate Schierholtz.

    The Cubs like him, first and foremost, because he’s inexpensive. He’s a one way player. He cannot hit LHP. He’s hitting .192 vs LHP, and slugged a mere .192 this year. He hit .175 and slugged a mere .238 last year. He hit .234 and slugged a mere .297 the year before. Admit it: he’s a one way player.

    But he hit RHP well enough to play him. And he has hit them each month–except July.

    April…..284 BA….527 slug…excellent

    May……282 BA…..479 slug…good

    June……291 BA….595 slug…excellent

    July……125 BA……188 slug….awful. He must be hurt.

    He has an .816 OPS for the year. Excellent.

    He’s slugging .492 for the year. Excellent.

    Nate Schierholtz is one of the reasons that the Cubs are not as bad as Houston. His power has helped win games for a team that has no ability to hit for average, or get on base.

    Cubs’ team BA = 23rd in MLB.

    Cubs’ team OBP = 26th in MLB.
    Cubs’ team runs = 17th in MLB.
    Cubs’ team slug = 12th in MLB.

    The Cubs’ power has enabled them to score more runs. Nate Schierholtz has been part of that power.

    • Tony_Hall

      I don’t believe anyone has EVER called him a superstar.

      • paulcatanese

        Not me:)

    • Shawon O’Meter

      Great stats Rip. than you. But who are you arguing with?

      • J Daniel

        Rip is arguing with himself or anyone that chooses to argue, stir it up!

    • cubtex

      That is why he has always been a platoon player. He is what he is

  • Ripsnorter1

    Why Nate Schierholtz has less trade value than most Cubs’ fans think, or …Why Nate Schierholtz is worth more to the Cubs than to any team in the league.

    Look at his home and away splits, and be horrified….

    Home…311 BA..361 OBP…..623 slug…excellent

    Away…..226 BA….296 OBP….372 slug…awful

    Cubs won’t be able to trade him away. Nobody wants an OF that hits that poorly in their park.

    • Tony_Hall

      You do realize that the Cubs have Schierholtz under control for next year….they are not actively trying to trade him, but that other teams are asking about him being added into trade talks.

  • J Daniel

    I am disappointed, not in anyone but the situation, that if a Garza trade is going to happen that it hasn’t. I do understand that if the medically are not good then it has to not go through and is actually pretty tough not to cave in. How much is on Garza’s mind right now? Todd Hollandsworth believes Garza is going to “dominate” the diamondbacks tonight. If he does what mental toughness on his part!

    • paulcatanese

      Don’t know about him tonight and how he will do, but he does have the makeup to transfer things that he comes across to his performance.
      And as a competitor he is one of the toughest,
      and he will give it his all.

  • Ripsnorter1

    The Pirates are going to miss the playoffs…AGAIN.

    They cannot afford to rent Garza. He’s not going to Pittsburgh. But that isn’t the reason the Pirates aren’t going to make the playoffs.

    The Pirates will miss the playoffs because they have no offense, and they aren’t smart enough to acquire a few bats to make a run at it. LOOK:

    NL Runs:
    Best…St Louis 477


    Pirates….362 #13 in league


    NL OBP
    Best…St. Louis….337


    Pirates…310 (#11 in league)


    NL Slug
    Pirates…390….#9 in NL

    “Oh,” but you say, “their pitching will carry them.”

    No way.

  • cubtex

    They were talking about the offer the Rangers made to the Cubs and the players involved and Duquette and Ferrin basically echoed what I said. Sardinas and Olt were the key chips in the trade. IF Ramirez was the roadblock, he was the 3rd piece in the deal. Something should have been worked out. Many feel Ramirez is a bullpen guy in the majors anyway. CJ Edwards is a long way away. The pitching part of the deal wasn’t very strong coming back to the Cubs but that would have been a pretty solid return. If they can substitute Ramirez with a Luke Jackson somehow by adding a prospect like Vitters going back to the Rangers hopefully this gets done. Olt hit a 3 run HR last night against the Iowa Cubs and seems to be coming around. He could be a steal if he rebounds from this terrible year.

    • 07GreyDigger

      I don’t think Garza is going to the Rangers. If he was, they would have worked the trade out already.

      • cubtex

        I hope you are wrong. We shall see. I like Sardinas alot and I think Olt could bounce back.

    • paulcatanese

      That’s pretty good for an Olt guy, he can just shuffle around the base’s. But a lot of guys hit 3 run homers against the Cubs, Major’s or Minor’s:)

      • cubtex

        Yes you are right about that Paul. I hope the Cubs do get Olt so we can hear your……”What do you expect from an Olt guy” jokes over the next couple of seasons! :)))

        • paulcatanese

          I know the name just resonates with me. I don’t know much about him at all, but look forward to him and “Rock Shoulders” on the same team.
          Can see it now Olt fell on Shoulders and knocked Junior for a loop into the Sardinas:)

  • cubtex

    Let’s hope Garza does not toe the rubber for the Cubs tonight. The Rangers just got swept with Ross Wolf and Martin Perez both getting hit hard on Saturday and Sunday. That return was a pretty solid return for a 2 month rental in Garza. Hopefully Jon Daniels and Theo are working the phones and getting this trade finalized by this afternoon. Don’t let him pitch another pitch with the Cubs if you are planning on trading him. The longer he is with the Cubs the less amount of starts he has to offer to another team so I can’t imagine how much higher his value will be. He has proven he is throwing the ball exceptionally well so get something done! Tell teams to submit their final offer and made a decision by this afternoon. Enough already!

    • J Daniel

      Probably everyone is tired of hearing and talking about it on a daily basis … especially Theo, Rangers and all involved … Can’t give him away though … they are all waiting to see who blinks first.

      Cubs can keep him, qualify, and get a pick so they will get something in the end. They are wanting a really good package and I don’t blame them. If Garza is the top guy available then it will take a good offer … someone will at some point as they have pressure to win now. Have to be really patient.

      • cubtex

        That offer was pretty solid from the Rangers. You are playing with fire if you continue to pitch him if there is no chance to sign him. Sardinas and Olt alone would be better than getting a pick in the draft next year.

        • 07GreyDigger

          We aren’t really sure what the offer from the Rangers truly was and we don’t why the deal didn’t go through. So we can’t really say that they passed on a good deal can we?

          • cubtex

            The names that were reported by the Dallas media as well as the Chicago media were the same as I mentioned….so that is a pretty good indication it was. Wouldn’t you say?

          • 07GreyDigger

            Possibly. But the media can be wrong. Remember the reports when the deal was gaining steam that Jurickson Profar was in play? Or that Soriano was going to be part of the deal? Most of these trade rumors are educated guesses.

        • J Daniel

          I would agree with a good offer but one is damaged and they don’t want to sub an equal guy then maybe it is not compared to what might be being offered from other teams?

  • paulcatanese

    Condolences to the Dennis Farina family. Mr. Farina an
    Actor and a
    former Chicago Policeman plus a fierce Chicago Cub fan passed away. The article on the news said “May he get all the good roles, and the Chicago Cubs win the Pennant every year”.
    I couldn’t think of a more fitting memorial than that one.

    • 07GreyDigger

      He always made me chuckle in the variety of movies he was in. He will be missed.