Cubs Discussing Garza with Multiple Teams

According to a report from Buster Olney, the Cubs are making progress on talks with multiple teams for Matt Garza. Olney reported the Cubs have discussed Garza with the Rangers, Red Sox, Blue Jays, Indians, Dodgers and a couple of unnamed teams in the NL West. The Giants and Padres have been connected to Garza as well as the Diamondbacks in recent weeks.

Buster Olney called Matt Garza “the belle of the ball” in the trade market.

According to a report from Hardball Talk citing the Baltimore Sun as the source, the Cubs and Orioles discussed a deal for Matt Garza. The Cubs asked for a package that would have included Jonathan Schoop and left-handed pitcher Eduardo Rodriguez in return. The Orioles and Cubs worked out a deal for Scott Feldman instead but if the report is accurate it gives a good indication of what the Cubs are looking for in return for Matt Garza.

Jed Hoyer

Jed Hoyer joined David Kaplan during his new show on 720 WGN on Friday night and discussed a variety of topics. Here are a few of the highlights:

On Starlin Castro’s performance in Friday’s game: Hoyer does not think Castro will be showing a tape of Friday’s game to his grandchildren. Some of Castro’s issues can get tiresome. The Cubs expect improvement from him. Hoyer feels as strong today about Castro as he did when he arrived in Chicago. The Cubs feel he has a great future ahead of him. Castro has to get rid of the mental mistakes and has to get rid of the type of games like he had on Friday. The Cubs have had a lot of conversations with Castro. Hoyer thinks Castro knows they expect him to play at a certain level. Castro has to fix the issues in the field. Hoyer mentioned great players do struggle at times but this has been a frustrating year with Castro.

On the trades and moves the Cubs made this past week: Hoyer admitted it was hard to trade Scott Feldman. Hoyer hopes very soon the Cubs can get past trading players at mid-season. Tuesday was not a day that Hoyer feels good about but the organization is not in a position to not cash in on a player having a good season on a one-year deal. The Cubs goal has been to flood the system with as much talent as possible. Every trade they’ve made is trying to get as much young talent as possible. The limits in the draft now have made it where you have to find ways to make improvements. Hoyer said they found a way on the International market to add talent. The Cubs are trying to find as many ways as possible to build an organization with sustained success. Hoyer stood by his stance that a team always wants to be on the other side of trading.

On “untouchable” players: Hoyer said the word untouchable is dangerous. Realistically the Cubs have a lot of players that could be on the Cubs when the team is good. Hoyer said cannot say untouchable because the team is not winning and not to the point of winning consistently. Hoyer stressed there are a lot of players on the team they are looking to build around. Hoyer explained that teams now the players the Cubs value the most and will not ask about them because the cost would be prohibitive.

On Jeff Samardzija’s comments after Scott Feldman trade: Hoyer said they should have 25 guys that are disappointed the Cubs traded away Feldman like Samardzija was. Hoyer has not talked to Samardzija yet about what he said but is looking to over the next few days. Hoyer thinks Samardzija knows what the Cubs long term goal is and they want him to be a part of it.

On Kris Bryant: Hoyer did not discuss the progress of the negotiations with Bryant. Hoyer said they will treat him fairly in the process. Hoyer said if Bryant wants to be a professional ballplayer then he will sign with the Cubs. Hoyer is confident they will get him signed before the deadline next Friday.

Jed Hoyer was very transparent during his interview. Hoyer and Theo Epstein have been consistent with how they plan to build the organization. And while they do not like losing or the way the big league team has played, the Cubs have a plan and they are going to stick to it and build the organization from the ground up.

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