Wrigley Field Restoration Update: Cubs Pressure Landmark Commission for Special Meeting

According to a report from the Sun-Times, the Commission on Chicago Landmarks called “a special meeting for next week to consider the massive influx of stadium signage needed to renovate Wrigley Field without public subsidy.

The Cubs pressured the commission to call the meeting and requested the June 27 special meeting because the team “needs quick approval from the Landmarks Commission to pave the way for construction to begin as soon as the regular season ends.”

The neighborhood does not sound happy that the meeting is being rushed. Concerns remain about the amount of signage the Cubs would like to add and the public process has not been completed according to the report.

The Cubs are looking to have “discretion on all signage” inside the ball that does not impact the rooftop clubs as well as the authority to “take out a lane of parking on Waveland and a sidewalk on Sheffield” that would allow the team to change the footprint of the historic park. The Cubs are looking to move the outer walls beyond right and left field in order to reduce the impact the 6,000 square foot jumbotron and the 1,000 square foot see-through sign in right would have on the views of the rooftop clubs.

The Cubs are also seeking permission from the Landmarks Commission to return Wrigley’s facade to the 1930s terra cotta roof line “and replace concrete slabs and chain-link fences with brick and ornamental iron.”

Ald. Tom Tunney would like to see the right field sign reduced to 400 square feet from the 1,000 square foot sign the team has proposed. According to the Sun-Times, Tunney has not demanded the change, he would just “love” to see the sign smaller.

Will DeMille, president of the Lake View Citizens Council, told the Sun-Times, he is not sure what the commission will be voting on next week and voiced his concerns about a special meeting being called without proper notice.

Full Report from the Chicago Sun-Times

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