Stewart Faces Consequences for Comments on Twitter

Ian Stewart continues to make things difficult on himself and he could be facing a suspension and/or a fine for the comments he made on his Twitter account late Monday night into early Tuesday morning.

Jed Hoyer addressed the Stewart Twitter situation during an interview on The Score and the Cubs are not too thrilled with Ian Stewart. The Cubs are upset about what he said and while Stewart would like to be released, according to the Tribune, the Cubs have no plans of releasing him and in turn paying him the remainder of his $2 million contract to go home.

The Tribune reported that Jed Hoyer said, “We spent the entire morning dealing with an issue that doesn’t help us get better as an organization. That’s not how we want to spend our time. What he did was unprofessional and there are going to be consequences. Beyond that, I’m not going to comment.

Stewart has stated on his Twitter account that he would like the Cubs to release him so he can move on with his career and sign with another team. But Stewart took it to another level late Monday night into Tuesday morning.

Dale Sveum was blamed for him being in Triple-A and he said that he doubted even if Luis Valbuena were to get hurt that he would be called-up. Stewart has not made it a secret that he thinks he will never play for the Cubs again and reiterated it once again when asked when he would be back with the Cubs.

When Stewart was asked why doesn’t he just quit, Stewart’s reply pretty much summed up his big league career. Stewart asked why should he quit because he is being paid $2 million to play Triple-A ball and there is no pressure for him to perform in the minors, plus it is more fun.

Full Report from the Chicago Tribune

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