Report: Jonathan Gray Tested Positive for Banned Stimulant

According to a report from Keith Law, Jonathan Gray tested positive for the banned stimulant Adderall during the league’s mandatory drug testing of the top 200 prospects in each draft class.

The report explained that Adderall “is best known as a drug to treat ADHD” and is used by current big leaguers after they have been given a therapeutic use exemption (TUEs) from the league. Jon Heyman reported it is estimated that around 100 players have a TUE. But the drug is an amphetamine that has been banned from baseball since 2005 and considered illegal without a medical exemption.

Keith Law reported that the positive test “is unlikely to significantly affect his draft stock.” All 30 big league teams have been made aware of Gray’s positive test.

The Cubs are thought to be very interested in selecting Jonathan Gray with the second pick in Thursday’s draft. Gray, along with RHP Mark Appel and third baseman Kris Bryant are believed to be high on the Cubs board. Many feel the Cubs will select either Appel or Gray, depending on which one is left on the board after Houston makes the first pick in the draft.

Keith Law thinks that Gray’s positive test could have a few “ripple effects.” Law explained that Houston could end up taking Gray first overall if the Astros believe that the drug had no effect on his performance and they could actually end up signing him for less than before the positive test result was announced then use the extra slot money to use on draft picks later in the draft. Houston’s need to save a little money with the first overall pick is one of the reasons they had been tied to third baseman Colin Moran in recent days.

One of Law’s sources indicated that scenario is a possibility but it is possible that the positive test will hurt his draft status and other projected top 10 picks could look better by comparison if teams feel the drug aided in his performance.

According to Jon Heyman, Gray did not have a prescription for Adderall.

Major League Baseball players are not suspended for their first positive test for amphetamines and there’s not a penalty for a failed test for a draft-eligible player. Major League players that test positive a second time are suspended 25 games for what is considered their first offense.

Jon Heyman referenced Law’s report stating that Gray could be subject to “follow-up testing when his professional career begins.”

One executive told Jon Heyman that he did not think the positive test is a big deal and would not affect his draft status.

In Keith Law’s latest mock draft, he has the Cubs taking Mark Appel but it could easily be Jonathan Gray or Kris Bryant.

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  • Roland Bowman

    Is Adderall banned in college?
    Does he a prescription for it?

  • Neil

    According to Heyman he did not have a prescription for it.

  • cc002600

    1. Appel
    2. Bryant
    if the cubs can’t get Appel, take Bryant

    • TheWrongGuy

      I do not believe Houston will draft Appel.

      He will cost WAY too much for that franchise that is trying to save money. That organization is in very bad shape. I could be wrong. But I believe they will pick 1 of either Moran or Bryant. I say Moran. And the Cubbies FO with a good chance to pick….

      Bryant I believe but I want them to pick Appel.

      Theo said long time ago when asked about who the Cubbies would draft with this years draft pick a pitcher or hitter? I believe he said something about position players have the better track record for that pick. And not to mention Jason McCleod went to watch Bryant in person and liked him a lot.

  • Ray Ray

    If this kid will take Adderall( like so many college kids do these days) to help him focus to pitch knowing it is banned….I don’t want any part of him. That would leave me down to 2. Appel or Bryant.

    • Theboardrider

      It is unfortunate, but who knows the details. And many young players make mistakes while in college. I wouldn’t let this be the deciding factor that is for sure.

      I’d be more concerned with Appel’s bad, entitled attitude more than Gray’s “drug problem.” Whether or not it is really performance enhancing remains to be seen. It certainly isn’t what makes him hit 100 on the radar.

      However I still say go with Appel based on talent first and foremost. But I do worry about adding another young, entitled player that could have some of the problems that we’ve run into with Soler and Baez.

      • John_CC

        I don’t know where Appel’s reputation rumor comes from. Do you say this based on accounts or simply because he didn’t sign with the Pirates last year?

        • Theboardrider

          Just from stuff I read. I can’t quite anythin specific right now and I’m not inclined to dig up the articles at this time. But my impression is that he is entitled and more cocky than confident. But hy so was Bryce Harper and that turned out okay. I just worry about loadingthe system with more “me first,” type players. Especially since iur management doesn’t seem to be inclined to humble these guys with demotions or other corrective measures.

      • paulcatanese

        Again I will say that maybe Appel just wanted to finish his education.
        In comparison to monies, Stanford would run about 65-80 thousand a year to get a degree, does he just throw that away?
        I would say no, no ego, just common sense. He signs, he loses that last year of his grant from the school.
        Would rather think that of him than someone with an attitude. could be wrong, but don’t think so.

        • Theboardrider

          That’s a point well taken Paul. Tough to replace an education from Stanford. It was always one of my “dream schools.”

          I have read other articles and comments from him and his father still lead me to worry about his attitude…

          • paulcatanese

            Thank you for investigating all options, when I get some time
            I will relay a more detailed opinion on college vs pro. Have extended knowledge of the system first hand.

          • scottm

            It’s my understanding that MLB or maybe team will pay to finish an education if they sign tho I could be wrong.

      • Ray Ray

        Hell. I’ve made a lot of mistakes. The difference is that if this kid went out and drank a few too many beers or got caught smoking pot one night….that is not the end of the world. The difference with this is that he used it to enhance performance on the mound. He felt it would help give him an advantage to focus when he pitches. Cheating.

        • gary3411

          What makes you think he did it to enhance performance on the mound? I sure wouldn’t want to pitch on the stuff. Makes you uneasy IMO. Very very good for studying when there but physically and mentally it would give me a disadvantage in sports.

          Adderal is widely used as a cheaper cocaine on a night out drinking and obviously fr studying. I would think he used it in one of those capacities.

  • calicub

    Adderall is a very popular drug at the end of the College semester, when papers are due and finals need to be studied for. Add to that the grind of the baseball seasonand Mr. Gray may have found himself burning the candle at both ends and needing something to keep him focused and awake.

    Yet another example of how irrational and unfortunate the MLB’s Drug Prevention Program is. Anyone can sing a song to their doctor about how difficult it is for them to concentrate, etc. and get themselves a prescription, giving them a free pass to ENHANCE their abilities to perform at a high level. Adderal and other ADD/ADHD drugs are basically glorified Methamphetamines, and yet first timers are given a warning and then a 25 game suspension. While at the same time players can get DUI’s without a word from the league and a player legally consuming cannabis is banned for 50 games

    If you don’t get in trouble for getting caught, why wouldn’t you cheat?

    • John_CC

      I agree with everything you said except the last statement.

      We don’t know if he was “cheating.” Like you said, anyone can get a script for this kind of medication…

      It is still unfortunate.

      • calicub

        Its cheating when you don’t have a perscription, but i was also speaking generally about those already n the MLB. Carlos Ruiz violated the mLB’s drug policy twice and only lost 25 games. Johnathan Singleton gets caught smoking cannabis once and is banned for 50. In no world is that fair.

        I don’t know when this drug test was, but finals at Oklahoma finished 3 weeks ago ad the only reason for him to be using now is for baseball.

        • Dorasaga

          Agreed 100%. You cheat, you know the consequences.

    • Dorasaga

      When I was in college, end of semester, I had tea and oatmeal at study-rooms for all-nighters, pounding out papers and balls. What’s wrong with these guys? Sure, it’s not the norm to get caught, but hey, you know the legal risk, and you live up with it. I’m not gonna teach kids to accept these behaviors. I’ll teach them how good are tea and oatmeal.

    • Theboardrider

      You know what’s funny. The end of semester grind is very busy, I remember it well. But it doesn’t compare to the average work-day, juggling a job and a couple of kids! If they think it’s hot now, real life is going to be a rude awakening!

  • Ray Ray

    The most important point is that with as much national exposure and coverage on how prevalent and popular Aderrall is at Universities around the country and how it is being sold to students illegally by students, I am certain Gray knew it was wrong….. but he did it anyway. He had so much to risk but he still did it. No thanks. I scratch him off the list.

    • Theboardrider

      I hope our front office does a little more research before they simply “scratch him off the list,” based on one report.

      Personally I’ll be interested in how he responds tomorrow in Baton Rouge. Given the timeliness of this news if he goes out and shuts down the Bayou Bengals that will be extremely impressive. Conversely if he lays an egg it may show he’s not mentally tough in which case I may then have the discussion of passing on him if we have the choice to take he or Appel.

      An rest assured, we need near-ready power arms. Gray or Appel will be a Cub.

  • triple

    According to the Chicago Tribune’s webpage, it sounds like our favorite ex-Cub, Milton Bradley, will be spending many years behind bars after being convicted of spousal battery. Reading that article really gives you an idea of what a POS he really is. Still can’t believe JH gave that guy the contract he did!

    • paulcatanese

      Cool!!! There are people out there that wait for people like Bradley to mess up in a way they can make him pay, since he got away with so many other things. “what goes around comes around”.

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