Report: Cubs Sign 12th Round Pick, RHP Trevor Clifton

According to a report from the Knoxville News Sentinel, the Cubs have signed their 12th round pick in the 2013 draft, right handed pitcher Trevor Clifton.

Clifton had committed to play college baseball for the University of Kentucky after recently graduating from Heritage High School in East Tennessee. Clifton said being drafted was a dream come true and he is ready to start his professional career.

Trevor Clifton was hoping to be drafted in the earlier rounds but that did not happen and he slipped to the Cubs. According to the report, Clifton was asking for third round money and that is what he received from the Cubs.

Clifton will report to the Cubs facility in Mesa in a week.

Trevor Clifton is 6-foot-4, 170 pounds and just turned 18 years old last month (May 15, 1995). Clinton has a projectable frame and gained a lot of attention this spring when his velocity increased. According to Baseball America, Clifton’s fastball sits 92-93 mph but he has touched 97 mph on the gun. Clifton throws a curveball, a slider and a changeup. According to BA, his curveball shows flashes of plus power at 80 mph.

The knock on Clifton seems to be about his mechanics and raw delivery but scouts think he has a good feel for pitching.

Clifton was considered to be a tough sign with his commitment to Kentucky.

The Cubs’ third round pool amount for this year’s draft is $736,200.

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  • calicub

    So since he signed over 100jk does the rest count against the total allotment

    • triple

      According to that BA link that Neil provided, the Cubs could sign him for $627,825 max, and as long as they sign everybody else at no more than their allotted slot money, they won’t lose a draft pick. Looking at the assigned pick values for the 3rd round, they range from $491,200-$747,700, so hopefully they gave him around half million so they still have a little cushion to work with. I’m sure that kid and his agent are reasonable enough to know that you don’t want to make the Cubs over-extend themselves too much and slow down the rebuild process even more. Besides, would they even consider to turn down $491,200 and go play for Kentucky and risk injury or a let down in college. Also, I kind of think that this takes some leverage out of Scott Boras’s case in getting Bryant more money for them to move quickly on signing somebody thought to be unsignable.

      • Jason

        Yeah, cuz I’m sure that the thinking behind his signing and the amount was all about the cubs future and rebuilding process. NO! He got whatever he could for HIS future. This is an 18 year old kid looking out for himself. He’s gonna take max dollar they will give him.

      • Tony_Hall

        I have to agree with Jason. No way a drafted player is worries about the Cubs over extending their budget on them. Players have turned down more than 491k before and will do it again.

        • J Daniel

          And not only does the player not worry about it, it is the agents job to get as much as he can.

          Also, some of these guys really don’t want to go to college.

  • Ray Ray

    Excellent news! Skulina and Masek are the two that are important to sign. To give Clifton 3rd round money, you would imagine that they might have knowledge that some of the picks in the top 10 rounds won’t sign. Does anyone else have any thoughts on this?

    • Brp921

      If they don’t sign all the top ten doesn’t their total dollars allowed go down?

      • Tony_Hall

        Yes it does. They have to and will sign all of the Top 10, maybe even all of the Top 15.

    • Tony_Hall

      Just their 5% cushion covers Clifton. They will have more than enough savings in the early rounds to pay Bryants price plus some others outside the Top 10.

      • Ray Ray

        I am sure they need to go overslot to sign the 2 I mentioned

        • Tony_Hall

          They will have the room to do go over where needed.

      • J Daniel

        Correct, Tony! But let’s remember the Cubs are the ones with leverage as Bryant is a senior. Would be different if he were a junior. What other option does he have, sit out? Maybe, but highly unlikely. The Cubs will be fair with their offer and he will sign.

        • Neil

          Man, sorry to say but Bryant is a junior.

          The Cubs would not take a risk at drafting him without knowing what it will take to sign him. There have been a lot of conversations. They are hoping to have the deal done in a couple of weeks and have him start at Boise.

          • J Daniel

            Different story then, he holds the cards. Thought he was a senior?

  • Tom

    What do you think the chances of them signing Jeremy Martinez (37th round) the catcher committed to USC? At the end of his Junior year I think he was ranked the number 1 high school prospect and then dropped this past year. I feel like he didn’t get picked earlier because of his commitment to USC. I really hope they have enough money to go after this guy…

    • Ray Ray

      Very slim. He was very highly regarded starting his senior year in high school and he will almost certainly go to USC to improve his draft status.

    • Neil

      I really do not think they will be able to sign Martinez. I saw rumblings yesterday that he was nice that he was drafted but he is committed to USC.

  • Shawon O’Meter

    Keith Law now reporting that he hasn’t signed. No idea what report is accurate.

    • Neil

      Clifton and his family are acting like he has signed. I saw Law’s tweet, he did say it was not official. If the deal is not done at this point, I would be surprised for what it is worth.

      • Brandon

        Clifton signed for $375,000

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