Report: Cubs Not Concerned About Negotiations with Kris Bryant

According to a report from Gordon Wittenmyer, the Cubs are nowhere close to being concerned about not signing Kris Bryant. Wittenmyer’s report is in response to the report on Wednesday from Jon Heyman stating the Cubs and Bryant are nowhere close to a deal.

Wittenmyer correctly pointed out that Heyman’s report is pretty common this time of year and is more often posturing than anything else. Wittenmyer labeled the report as “non-news” which is accurate to a certain extent. Wittenmyer reiterated the Cubs have anticipated all along it would likely take until the July 12 deadline to get Bryant signed.

Gordon Wittenmyer explained that the Cubs could still give Kris Bryant the highest signing bonus in the draft without going over-slot due to the fact that Mark Appel received an under-slot bonus from Houston … Appel signed for $6.35 million.

Jon Heyman reported that Scott Boras is looking for something above the $6,708,400 slot allotted for the No. 2 pick while it is believed that the Cubs would like to sign Bryant for around $6 million. The Cubs could still give Bryant just a little more than Appel received in order to save a little bonus pool money for players they drafted after the tenth round.

Kris Bryant could return to the University of San Diego for his senior season but it is unlikely, as Wittenmyer pointed out, that he would be able to improve his stock next spring.

Full Report from the Sun-Times

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  • Tony_Hall

    Boras is a really smart guy, who can add and subtract. He will know the exact max contract that the Cubs can offer Bryant and try and get the Cubs to pay it and not worry about any other players past the 10th round they haven’t signed.

    The Cubs would like to redirect more of that money to a few of those players.

    The Cubs are not in the position where they have to sign Bryant below slot to help pay for other players they have already signed.

    This is all on Bryant to make a decision and he will sign, but most likely, not for another 2 weeks, He was not drafted in the 8th round like Appel. He has ZERO leverage to make more money next year. The 1st pick has not maxed out in the 2 years of this new system. One year it was bargain shopping by the Astros and this year Appel signed for less than the #2 slot money.

    Bryant WILL sign… don’t walk away from the #2 pick money, with this new system.

    • Ripsnorter1

      Let’s pretend that Mr. Wittenmyer reiterated the Cubs have anticipated all along it would likely take until the July 12 deadline to get Bryant signed

      • Tony_Hall

        You have already criticized Theo for Bryant not signing already and a reporter doing an article saying what if.

        The amount that Bryant can gain, versus the risk involved makes this not a play they can run. Boras is far too smart and knows this, but is going to try and get as much as possible out of the system he wishes was never around.

      • triple

        Rip, drinking the Kris Bryant kool-aid in big gulps, before he’s even signed a contract…. lulz…

        • Ripsnorter1

          Tastes great!

          • Theboardrider

            I agree with you on that Rip. I also agree with Tony that he will sign…