Kris Bryant Named Baseball America’s College Player of the Year

Kris Bryant made headlines once again on Wednesday when Baseball America named him their 2013 College Player of the Year. The Cubs’ first round pick in last week’s draft put together a very memorable junior year at the University of San Diego.

Bryant hit 31 home runs, the most by a college player since 2003, and ten more longballs than any other player in the country. Bryant’s college coach, Rich Hill, said he is the total package and a player that comes around once in a coach’s career. Bryant hit .329/.493/.820 with 31 home runs and led the nation in home runs, slugging, runs scored, total bases and walks.

Baseball America also named Kris Bryant a first-team All-American, the only player to repeat as a first-team All-American.

The Cubs expect Kris Bryant to stay at third base despite the reports that he could end up moving to the outfield. Jason McLeod said after the draft that once Bryant is signed they anticipate him beginning his pro career in Short-Season A-Ball before deciding what his next stop would be in the Cubs’ minor league system. There has been talk that Bryant could play in the Arizona Fall League to round out his year.

Full Report from Baseball America

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  • calicub

    “Bryant…led the nation in home runs, slugging, runs scored, total bases and walks”

    Sounds like the OPS machine the front office and Sveum will be gushing over for years to come

    • John_CC

      Yeah, I’d say a 1.300 OPS is something to celebrate.

      I hope he signs soon. And that he gets on the fast track. Hope hope hope.

      • calicub

        I do as well. That conversion to wood bats has me nervous but I like this number 1 much more than Almora last year. Like you said, hope hope hope.

        also, I get the feeling once he signs we’ll start seeing a flood of higher picks signed.

        • Tony_Hall

          BBCOR bats has made the transition not as big a deal.

  • Ripsnorter1

    Baseball America expects Bryant to be the #1 rated prospect in the Cubs’ MiL once he signs….that’s ahead of Baez, Soler, Almora, et al….nice!

    • J Daniel

      And I saw recently you gave team Theo some love! We all want them to win NOW as it has been a lifetime and more for everyone but we can’t blame Theo and team for all of the failures in the past. All we can do is judge them by what they are doing now. They have a plan, have stuck with it, and we will see if it works. It is going to be much better than the hope and pray method that was going on here.

      • Ripsnorter1

        I wanted the Cubs to draft Byrant this year, so I am very pleased that they did, and also with the possibility that he may be rated their #1 prospect.

        Last year I wanted Almora, and they drafted him, and now he’s hitting .413 in 75 AB, so I am pleased as well.

        The idea that Bryant may be ahead of Almora is also very pleasing. Almora is no slouch of a prospect.

        So you can see I am happy with their two #1 picks.

        • 07GreyDigger


          • DWalker

            Why not? At least some of the starting pitching will be traded, and maybe even one or two others. The bull pen is better, but we could see the best peices traded as well. The FO probably isn’t going to bring up any real differnce makers to replace them. We might see a couple of interestign guys, but theres a good chance they will struggle and not be a differnce maker this year. The last half of this season doesn’t look very exciting. a top 3 pick is very possible, and the 2014 draft is sounding like it will have a few potential impact players.

          • 07GreyDigger

            I said woah that Rip was happy with the FO. But in reference to your points, I don’t think it’s that the FO won’t bring up any difference makers, I don’t know that they have any in AAA. Their difference makers as prospects are still in A and a long ways off.

        • Ray Ray

          2011 9th pick
          2012 6th pick
          2013 2nd pick
          2014 top 5 pick?

          That should be the last time this team picks in the top 10! Enough is enough. Time to put a product on the field that is competitive!

          • J Daniel

            Ray Ray,
            I think you will see that. I believe they will sell off again, tank the rest of the way, and draft high again. After that, improvement will start.

          • Ray Ray

            I hope so. 4 years in a row of a top ten pick should be more than enough to replenish the farm system. Theo needs to be held accountable starting next year.

          • Ripsnorter1

            There are only three teams with fewer wins than the Cubs:
            Miami with 19
            Houston with 23

            Mets with 24.

            Cubs have 25 wins.

            There is only one reason the Cubs are not in last place: the starting pitching. Two starters have performed better than expected: Wood and Feldman.

            But I expect Feldman to continue to struggle as he has in his last two starts. Wood has far exceeded expectations.

            Meanwhile our top qualified hitter for BA is Alfonso Soriano–at .267.

            Houston and even Miami is improving. The Cubs could conceivably drop to the #2 pick in the draft for 2014.

          • 07GreyDigger

            After two drafts? Especially in those two drafts hardly any of the people they picked will make the majors? They said 2015 they’ll be competitive, that’s when I start holding them to their word.

          • Tony_Hall

            That’s right, 2 drafts is more than enough time to rebuild a team. The fact that most all of the talent is no higher than AA, and most of it is in A ball just doesn’t matter….he should go out and buy some players…it has worked so well for LA….Angels and Dodgers.

          • Ray Ray

            The Baez pick was a great pick by the previous FO…Agreed? He has had 2 drafts. He will get another top 10 pick next year. Time to produce on the field Theo! Honeymoon period should be well over by now. As I have said…any GM can do what he is doing. Time to separate yourself and do something that is extraordinary. Everything so far is ordinary. Nothing any other GM could not have done.I heard a good point on why Theo was hired in the first place. Not because of his “so called” boy wonderness, but the perception of what he did will put people in the seats while the rebuilding is done. The point was made that any other GM could do the same exact thing but Theo will keep some fans coming to the park and keep some revenue dollars coming in. Makes sense.

          • Tony_Hall

            It gets so old listening to you say any GM could do what Theo is doing. If it was so easy to rebuild a franchise, everyone would be doing it.

          • Ray Ray

            most owners would never do it. they need to make a profit. The truth hurts sometimes my friend.

          • Tony_Hall

            You really think most of these billionaire owners need to turn a profit. They want to win and they are all in different situations, that dictate what options are available. I love that Ricketts has decided he is in this for the long haul and basically said, what is the best way to build an organization for the long term…and this is the best way. He then went out and hired who he thought was the best person to do this, and allowed him to expand and hire the best people they could to build this team.

          • Ripsnorter1

            The Giants need starting pitching NOW. And Detroit needs a closer desperately. But whether or not they have anything to trade is debatable.

          • JasonPen

            Ehh… I don’t see them being in the playoff race next year either. I’ll take another top 10 in 2015.
            Next year they might have some of the top prospects up towards the end of the year, but there is a learning curve. And still no pitching.

  • GaryLeeT

    The new CBA rules will prevent the Cubs from being Borassed by the Bryant signing, right?

  • Ripsnorter1

    Scott Hairston….157 BA and 361 slug.

    Scott Feldman is out hitting and out slugging him.
    .192 BA and.385 slug.

    What’s worse is Castro’s .333 slugging and Castillo’s .326 slugging.

    • 07GreyDigger

      I agree Castillo has Bryan LaHair written all over him. He’s got to find an approach at the plate as does Castro.

    • paulcatanese

      Hairston, forget about his bat, it’s his glove and defensive play that annoys me, now that reminds me of LaHair in right field, only I think LaHair was better with the glove.
      Castillo can cure everything at the plate if he would only wear stilts so he can reach what he’s swinging at.
      Castro’s got more than his bat to worry about, there are a few new shortstops introduced this year that have pretty good gloves and better bats, if he continues to slip, the tradewinds will increase. He has not been coached well and that has been the biggest problem with him, unfortunately he will start bringing that to the field. Very touchy kid, he worries a lot.

      • Tony_Hall

        What is up with all the coach bashing going on, the players aren’t enough. I really don’t get it why every problem a player has in their game, we know blame on the coach.

        BTW – Castro hasn’t made an error in 19 games (heard it on the radio listening to the game). That is a good sign.

        • Ray Ray

          What should the coaches be held accountable for Tony? I would love to hear your answer.

          • Tony_Hall

            The development of the players, but that doesn’t mean that short term stats tell the whole story.

            Take Castro, that was his 1st error in 19 games,and it was avoidable because a VETERAN player Phillips, dogged it out of the box. Had he realized he wasn’t needing to rush the throw he would have been fine.

          • Ray Ray

            So with that answer….Do you believe that the coaching staff has done a good,poor or average job with the development of the players?

          • Tony_Hall

            Not that simple. We are not watching the video and seeing how they are adjusting to the coaching. All we can do is base it on stats and that the team is losing, so it must be all these terrible players and the terrible coaches.

            You just need to get over that the goal is not to win a World Series this year and not even next year. You keep looking at this thinking that is the goal, but the goal is to rebuild the base in the minors so that it can produce major league players.

          • Ray Ray

            again. not wins and losses. Development. I am talking strictly development. You have 2 core players in the majors who are underperforming. That is obvious. I know you are a huge Rizzo fan. I think Castro is special. These 2 are not performing the way they should in my eyes. Coaches shouldn’t be questioned why this is? Be real.

          • Tony_Hall

            Of course they should, but do you judge them at the bottom of a slump, or in the middle of the hot streak. Something tells me you weren’t thinking of the coaches during the hot streaks.

          • Ray Ray

            Forget it. I wish I was a manager or coach and had you as an owner. No worries ever. All I would have to say is…..remember that period from April 12 till May 15 when the team played over .500. Yea! I did a great job that month.

          • Tony_Hall

            You hire the best people you can find that matches with what you are trying to accomplish and you let them do their job. You evaluate at the end of the season. I get the feeling you like to micro-manage.

          • Ray Ray

            That is what I do. I own a company. I always look for ways to improve and get better. I have hired many people who I thought were going to be great. I thought they were the right people to lead and teach my philosophies…but if the production of certain employees start to decline from where they were a couple of years ago…It is time to make a change. We have 2 core pieces in Castro and Rizzo….and they are underachieving. I will ask you for the 3rd time. Do you not agree these 2 are underachieving? If you believe they are not then they were prematurely extended and they are not the core pieces that we were led to believe.

          • Tony_Hall

            Of course they are under achieving. You have a business that is 52 weeks a year, yet you would give someone a couple of years when you hire them, yet you want Sveum and his coaches bounced out after just 1 season and 2 months…and actually you have wanted them out since the beginning.

            Do you think firing Sveum would be fair to him, that he has been given every resource to succeed? Of course he hasn’t because they have been directing money to the minor leagues. He is also learning to be a manager. That is the difference between hiring a Dusty or a Lou, who you know their style and history, versus hiring a coach who has done very well as a coach.

            Rizzo and Castro are not being paid extreme amounts. They are core pieces right now, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t trade bait at some point, if the trade will make the team better. No one is untouchable.

          • Tony_Hall

            So if you have had an employee for a few years, and their production drops, you make a change?

          • Tony_Hall

            Ask yourself this, if you just bought the Cubs and the minor league system was one of the worst in baseball and the major league team was bottom 5, would you go out and spend most of your money on FA’s or rebuilding the farm system and doing what you can at the major league level.

            Honestly, would you go for the short term quick fix, or would you want to see if you could build an organization that would last.

          • JasonPen

            Tony, it sure does seem like alot of people who post on here prefer the Jim Hendry way. Which is to ignore the farm system and hope you get lucky there. Sign FA’s over 30 who came off of career years to over-paid no trade deals. And Run a huge budget and win 75-80 games each year and hope your division is bad enough that you have a chance to make the playoffs and hope for a miracle playoff run against teams that have more talent.

            Does that seem about right?

            I know I’m for the Theo/ Ricketts plan. It seems to be working. We have went from the worst farm system in baseball, to the second best. We haven’t signed a bunch of dead weight, and we have positioned ourselves to continue improving the minor leagues with short term contracts that can be traded at the deadline.

            Once our system develops and we see where the holes are, we can trade the extra talent in the minors to fill our big league club with one or two established veterans.

            I already am seeing a Castro (or Baez) and Vogelbach trade for David Price. Its trades like that, that show a reason to focus so much on the farm system.

            This team is getting better, even if the record doesn’t prove it. The patient fans know that the real talent is in the minor leagues. Let the MLB team lose 100 games. Its all good.

          • JasonPen

            “…the goal is to rebuild the base in the minors so that it can produce major league players.”


            If you’re not first, you’re last. Keep the high picks coming until we have something in the minors to be proud of.

  • Cody Ayers

    PLEASE start him out at Kane County or Daytona. He’s beyond Boise and Arizona.

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