Javier Baez Hits Four Home Runs … and Other Cubs News and Notes

One of the top prospects in the Cubs’ system had a very special night in Daytona on Monday. Javier Baez hit four home runs in as many at bats and drove in seven of the D-Cubs’ nine runs in Daytona’s 9-7 victory over Fort Myers.

Javier Baez hit the four home runs off three different pitchers to all three fields. Baez hit his first homer to right center on a fastball. The second one cleared the centerfield wall, also on a fastball. Baez hit his third one out to left on a changeup and he completed his night by pulling a slider over the left field wall.

Javier Baez made history by becoming only the second player in the 94-year history of the Florida State League to hit four home runs in the same game. Former Cubs’ farmhand, Ryan Harvey was the first player to hit four homers in a FSL game back in 2006.

After a rather slow start to the season, the 20-year old shortstop has his slash line up to .291/.339/.570 with 17 doubles, four triples and 13 home runs. Baez is hitting .432/.523/1.054 with an OPS of 1.577 over his last 10 games with five doubles, six home runs, three walks and nine strikeouts. Baez did commit his 26th error on Monday night.

Carlos Marmol

According to a report from the Sun-Times, Carlos Marmol has been cleared in the sexual-assault civil suit. Marmol was accused last fall of sexual-assault and the woman that filed the charges dropped her civil suit against Marmol.

Police in the Dominican Republic investigated the situation after charges were filed but found insufficient evidence to file criminal charges. Marmol found out from his lawyers last week that the civil suit had been dropped.

The Sun-Times reported that Marmol did not pay a settlement.

Kyle Hendricks

The Cubs minor league pitcher for the month of May received another honor on Monday. Kyle Hendricks was named the Southern League Pitcher of the Week (June 3-9).

Kyle Hendricks is 6-2 in 12 starts for the Smokies this season with a 2.14 ERA and a 1.08 WHIP. Hendricks has struck out 61 batters with only 16 walks in 71 1/3 innings. Hendricks has surrendered 61 hits and only two home runs.

News and Notes

Ian Stewart questioned on his Twitter account if he will play for the Cubs again. When asked when he would be heading back to Chicago, Stewart responded with “probably never.” Stewart stated recently on his Twitter account that he wished the Cubs would let him go so he could sign with another team. Stewart chose to take his assignment to Iowa. The Cubs owe Stewart the remainder of the $2 million contract they signed him to in the off-season as long as he remains in the organization or if they release him.

On the eve of Matt Garza facing the Reds for the first time since accusing Johnny Cueto of throwing at David DeJesus, Dusty Baker put the onus on Garza according to a report from ESPN Chicago. Baker said the Reds have moved on and that Johnny Cueto was fined for throwing the ball over DeJesus’ head.

WGN Radio announced on Monday that they will carry all of the Blackhawks Stanley Cup games. Games three, four and seven would conflict with Cubs games and instead of moving the Blackhawks to a sister station, the Cubs games will be moved to The Loop, 97.9 FM.

Shawn Camp will begin a rehab assignment on Tuesday with the Kane County Cougars. If all goes well during Camp’s one inning on Tuesday, he will pitch again on Friday for the Cougars.

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  • Ripsnorter1

    Did you have to mention that the only other player in the 94 yr history of the Florida State League to hit 4 HRs in one game was Ryan Harvey in 2006?? LOL

    Mr. Harvey hit only 20 HRs that year in A ball, while fanning 125 times (507 PA). That .248 BA was near his career average of .252. Baseball America had him as the #65 and #66 best prospect in all of baseball in 2004 and 2005. It shows you that they can be wrong, too.

  • Ripsnorter1

    If Ian Stewart wants to be released, he should simply ask for it. No doubt Team Theo would grant it to him. Ahhh, but that $2 million dollar hangup is the problem. Oh well, it is Mr. Stewart’s own choice.

    I told you he’d be doggin’ it in Des Moines.

    • Suzy S

      Rip, it’s the sign of a guy that knows he won’t make $2 million ever again.

    • 07GreyDigger

      I’m ready to stand up and finally admit that Ian Stewart is a steaming pile of crap. Way to burn bridges for your future opportunities and whining on Twitter. No other MLB team will touch you with a ten foot pole. Enjoy minor league deals and independent baseball you douche.

      • CubbyBlue

        theo came in saying there would be a “cubs way”. stewart is not acting the part; nor did he with colorado. not sure what the “cubs way” is, but theo’s last time in beantown consisted of crybabies drinking, eating chicken and playing videogames DURING baseball games; so i’m not suprised by stewart, but i’ll never understand why he was brought back a 2nd time. as much as releasing him; gets stewart his way; keeping him in iowa poisoning a clubhouse is a bigger problem and this is on theo and jed; not the iowa mrg to babysit this crap.

        • DWalker

          so what do they do with a 2 million dollar dog? He has one good night and expects to be called up, isn’t so he goes on yet another twitter rage. Hoyer says there will be consequences, but what do you do? can’t fine him a signifigant amount, so sit him? Demote him? release him? He wants to be released and still get paid, so releasing him isn’t punishment, its giving him what he wants. He doesn’t seem to actually WANT to play. Demote him? then you still have him in the system whining about how unfair life is. If he really wanted out that bad, I am sure the cubs would be happy to let him walk with a small bonus payoff, but he wants the full 2 mill. I guess at this point, I’d be fine with the 2 mil as a sunk cost just to free up a roster spot at AAA.

  • Suzy S

    Congrats to Baez, We’ve been waiting to see some hard evidence of all the hoopla…he might be on his way….Now about those 26 errors….

    • Scott

      Derek Jeter had 56 errors in his only full season of A ball as a 19 year old. Also had 131 errors in 444 his minor league career (other than rehab assignments).

      Omar Vizquel had 101 minor league errors in his career.

      Ozzie Smith had 23 errors in 65 career minor league games.

      I am not saying Baez is in the class of Vizquel and Smith, but I wouldn’t jump off a cliff because of the error totals. As he matures and his focus improves and he rises in the system and plays on more groomed fields, those errors should decrease. (I hope).

      • Rich Hood

        Absolutely Scott. You also have to take into account how the errors happen. If a lot of them are throwing error then it could be lack of defensive quality at 1st base or a player using arm strength to try and make up for mistakes (I am looking at you Dunston). Then you put in to consideration the balls that he gets to that other players wouldn’t make a play on and you see that it could any numbers of factors. Errors in the minors are meaningless.

        • Tom U

          Baez has made 11 throwing errors and 15 fielding errors

          • Rich Hood

            Is there any place to see what his Zone Rating is? That way we can get an idea of what balls he is having problems with. If he is getting to balls that normally would be through and then having problems that would explain just as much as well.

          • Scott

            According to Baseball Reference, Baez has a Range Factor of 4.93.

            According to ESPN.com, there are 24 qualified SS in MLB in 2013. Pedro Florimon of Minnesota is first at 5.86. Jean Segura of Milwaukee is second at 4.92. Asdrubal Cabrera led MLB in 2012 at 4.89. So it looks like Baez is showing very good range…at least according to the numbers.

          • Suzy S

            Scott, If there are 30 MLB teams and ESPN.com says there are only 24 qualified SS in the MLB in 2013….There’s at least six missing…(by logical sense).
            Logically,I’d have to question any stat ESPN.com throws out there…just on the basis of only counting 24 SS in a 30 team league.
            (BTW, this is all tongue in cheek.)

      • paulcatanese

        Kind of made the same post when Castro came up, pretty similar feelings about the fielding then.

    • Ripsnorter1

      He’s hitting .268 vs. RHP…..maybe some more seasoning is in order.

      • triple

        Whole-heartedly agree Rip… he just had one great game! The good news is that he is showing another flash of that player he can become, like those 2 games in ST when he was crushing the ball, and remained locked in when he got sent down to the minor ST camp. I hope he continues to raise his average, and especially against RHP (get it close to .300), because that’s what he’s gonna face for most his career. Hopefully he can stay locked in for a good month (or longer) and show that he is ready for a promotion to AA so he can get 150-200 AB’s there before the end of 2013.

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