DeJesus Headed to the DL with a Right Shoulder Sprain

The Cubs announced after Friday’s win over the Mets that David DeJesus will be placed on the 15-day DL on Saturday with a right shoulder sprain. The Cubs are hoping that DeJesus is sidelined for only a couple of weeks. X-rays revealed the shoulder sprain and the team will know the full extent of the injury after the swelling subsides and he is able to undergo a MRI.

DeJesus crashed into the padded wall in right center during the third inning of Friday’s game trying to catch a fly ball. DeJesus hit the wall at full speed and lay on the warning track writhing in pain for a couple of minutes while he was attended to by the trainer, coaching staff and teammates.

Following the game, DeJesus said it felt like his shoulder went the other way when he hit the wall and is very thankful that he did not break any bone.

The Cubs are not sure if they will add an outfielder or a relief pitcher to take DeJesus’ spot on the active roster. Dale Sveum said Ryan Sweeney will receive a bulk of the playing time, if not all of it, while DeJesus is out.

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  • Ripsnorter1

    I want to see Brett Jackson up here flailing away.

    And is there some way we can give Scott Hairston back to the Mets?

  • Tony_Hall

    Never want to see a player get hurt, especially one that we could trade for some prospects. Not likely a top prospect, especially in a teams Top 15, but our FO has been good at finding players in other teams systems (see Campana trade, and realize DeJesus has way more value to a team heading to the playoffs.)

    This also put Sweeney as the guy to highlight and try to trade to contender instead.

    • Shawon O’Meter

      I’m hoping DeJesus has plenty of time to get back, have an awesome start to July and give the Cubs that trade option.

  • Tom U

    With the start of the Boise season, its time to dust off the Shawon-O-Meter as Shawon Dunston Jr. went 4-for-6 with a double and a stolen base in the Hawks’ 7-0 victory. James Pugliese struck out 7 in five scoreless innings.

    • Shawon O’Meter

      Best idea ever Tom!

  • paulcatanese

    While Dejesus probably needs to go on the 15 day disabled list, I have never seen a franchise so quick to put players on the DL.
    It points out (to me at least) that the Cubs are all about moving or bringing players in and out for a quick trip to try and solve an immediate problem, and not so much about healing a player. Some of the players that end up on the DL don’t really need to be there.
    As there is no immediate problem that needs to be solved, they are going nowhere this year.
    What is not in the plans for the franchise is developing players at the big league level, but keeping the one’s that are here for the option of trade.
    It’s common practice for them to bring in players not to improve the team but to trade along the way for what they believe will be another trade to somehow end up with a premium player at the end.
    This keeps going on and on mixing and matching while the minor league players develop to bring up.
    That’s a very confusing practice for the average fan
    to comprehend as losses keep mounting.
    There is no doubt that any player on the major league roster are on the block and would be moved if the Cubs think they can turn a deal over.
    Not only that, the Cubs play this as a game of chess, thinking four or five trades down the line, bringing someone in knowing they will trade that player for another to trade, with plans for that spot three or four players down the road.
    If fans can comprehend the way they do business fine, but most don’t, and it just looks like a jumbled

    • Tony_Hall

      Are you saying that DeJesus is being rushed to the DL and doesn’t need to go there?

      Now if they were in the playoff hunt, they may wait a few days to DL a guy, hoping that they won’t need 15 days, but you are right that they are able to make the decision to DL a guy and bring someone else up to either showcase or give experience right away and not worry if they could have come back in 7-10 days, instead of 15 days.

      I believe if you followed other teams, you would see that all teams make lots of moves as well. Here is the transactions page, should come us just June so far.

      I think you will notice way more transactions then you probably thought were happening in all of MLB. Almost any team, you have to look for to find their moves as there are so many to sort through.

    • Tony_Hall

      Other teams have lots of DL’d players and lots of money on the bench. I have posted this link before from the NY Times – “Money on the Bench”. The Dodgers have 41% of their payroll on the DL. The Cubs are currently 18th at 13.3M and 12.4% of their payroll on the DL.