Cubs Suspend Ian Stewart Without Pay

Cubs Suspend Ian Stewart Without Pay

Theo Epstein did not waste any time dealing with Ian Stewart in the wake of his comments on Twitter. The Cubs have suspended Ian Stewart without pay citing a violation to the loyalty clause in his contract. Stewart will miss a certain number of games that the team did not announce on Tuesday. Epstein said the team has determined the amount of time he will be suspended for but cannot announce it at this time because they “are going through some legal hoops.”

Theo Epstein’s announcement came shortly after Ian Stewart issued an apology for his actions on Twitter.

The Tribune reported that the Cubs will likely release Stewart. At this point there will probably have to be a settlement worked out for the money the Cubs still owe Stewart for this season.

Ian Stewart’s agent, Larry Reynolds, issued a statement and feels it would be in the best interest for both parties for the Cubs to release Ian Stewart.

Ian Stewart’s apology on Twitter:

“I want to apologize to the entire Cubs organization for my comments on twitter. I let my frustrations get the best of me and in no way want to be a distraction. I am focused on getting back to the big leagues and am working everyday to make that happen.”

Statement from Larry Reynolds, the agent for Ian Stewart:

“I have spoken to both Ian and Theo regarding Ian’s tweets last night. Ian is very apologetic for venting his frustrations with his situation is that manner. He has apologized to the Cubs organization and does not want to be a further distraction. With that being said, if the Cubs don’t have Ian in their plans, I feel it is in the best interests of both parties for the Cubs to release him and end this relationship.”

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  • Suzy S

    No surprises…In order to earn his $2 million….Stewart should be sentenced by a federal arbiter to spend the rest of the season in a locked room with Milton Bradley….with a live reality camera on it.

    The Cubs might make back all of their investment in roughly half a season….and it would be highly entertaining…at least to me.

    The other requirement for earning his salary is to take his Twitter account away from him for the remainder of the season….Other than that…give him a McDonald’s application so he can see what it is to really work for a living.

    • jw

      Precious Suzy!

  • calicub

    Of course his agent said that! Why not? Two royalty paychecks are better than one!, especially when your client isn’t likely to make significant money for sometime.

  • Ripsnorter1

    Stewart talked himself out of a part of $2 million.

    I think that proves it:

    He can botch up anything.

    • J Daniel

      Agreed, but I would really like him to be sent to Boise!

  • JasonPen

    Maybe every team should have a minor league affiliate in some horrible place (like Afghanistan) They can just send all of their rotten apples there and hope they quit and return their salary. No one would want to get demoted and they would practice and play their hearts out.

    • JasonPen

      They would all be in excellent condition playing in the 120 degree desert heat and high altitude.

  • frustrated

    I don’t like what the Cubs did. The team feeds us what they want us to know and it tastes like crap. Remember that the team told him that Vitters was the future of the team at 3rd base. As far as what he said it was nothing inflammatory and should give us all an idea of why the Cubs are such a wonderful team to support. Maybe the Cubs should suspend Theo for losing and having the some of the highest ticket prices.