Cubs Selected LHP Rob Zastryzny in the Second Round of the 2013 Draft

After taking Kris Bryant with the second pick in the draft, the Cubs’ focus shifted to pitching as expected with the second round selection. The Cubs used the 41st overall pick on LHP Rob Zastryzny from the University of Missouri.

Zastryzny’s fastball tops out at 94 mph (reports during the SEC Tournament indicated that he hit 95 mph with his fastball) with excellent sinking and running life at times and his best secondary pitch is a low 80s changeup that has very good arm speed and matches his fastball in life. Zastryzny has the ability to spot the baseball low in the zone and throws a serviceable curveball that can set up hitters but does not have a lot of swing and miss to it right now.

Rob Zastryzny (ZAS-tris-knee) was Missouri’s Friday night starter and posted a 2-9 record with a 3.38 ERA. In 90 2/3 innings, he struck out 82 batters while walking only 24.

As a senior in high school, Zastryzny struck out 198 batters and posted a 0.20 ERA but the 6-foot-3, 195 pound junior was undrafted out of Corpus Christi High School in Texas.

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  • calicub

    saving money for later rounds?

  • SomeGuy27

    Apparently he had the lowest run support on the staff (2.25/gm) which in college is pretty pathetic.

    • Theboardrider

      I’m not second guessing it. They do the scouting and know more than we do. I trust he’ll be a solid pitcher. I can attest that the Big 12 had some ferocious hitting teams this year and a ERA in the 3’s is solid in this conference.

      • Theboardrider

        Oops! Forgot Mizzou not in Big 12 anymore. I looked at their record and they stunk this year. He may be a good player.

      • BlueRebel

        Missouri is in the SEC now which is probably an even better conference than the Big 12. They were the second worst team in the conference this year at best which would explain his record.

    • oldanddisgusted

      With that kind of run support, he should feel comfortable on the Cubs. Did they have a lousy bullpen too?

  • Ripsnorter1


    Well, I just said Team Theo might be smarter than I thought when they picked Bryant, and then they go and draft Hayden Simpson again with this pick.

    • Theboardrider

      Who cares who announced the pick Rip? Could absolutely not care less myself. I’m more concerned with tomorrow’s weather report in Antarctica.

      • triple

        While I want to know what the high is in Antarctica, I’m sure Rip will need to know the low.

    • triple

      I’m a little confused by your post here Rip? So BA ranks Zastryzny as the 76th best draft prospect and your upset, and sure he’s the next Hayden Simpson? Why is that? So I get that the Cubs used the 41st pick to take the kid ranked 76th, but come on, you’re already going on record implying that he’s a bust! I can pick 5 names out of the top 10 draft picks out of a hat and label them as draft busts, and I’d probably be right on 60% of them, but does that make me an expert?

      And baseball america, first and foremost (while they have tons of connections to insider info), they are a business, doing what they do to make money. They are not the know-all of the draft or prospects. And they definitely don’t know these kids as well as the teams who have scouted them throughout their college and high school careers. So I’ll put my money on the guys who work with MLB baseball teams right down to their lowest minor affiliate, and do that for a living. Guys who discover and develop talent and know exactly what all that takes. Does baseball america make these kids great players? No, they just report on them so they can make money off them… kind of like those buildings who make money because of the product that the Cubs put on the field. Maybe we should check out the rooftop prospect list and compare notes?

      …end cynic rant.

      • Theboardrider

        76th ranked prospect would have a god chance of success I’d say.

        I hope we take Dillon Overton tomorrow. Hems a solid pitcher.

  • TheWrongGuy

    I believe with this pick the Cub’s were all about signability and saving $$$. I think Bryant’s price tag is pretty large. Bryant being the top power bat in the draft. Not to mention Boras is his adviser/agent. He will probably be a slow sign. I do like the pick of Bryant though.

    That’s my 2 cents.

  • SomeGuy27
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