Wrigley Field Restoration Update: Rooftop Owner Believes Cubs No Longer Trying to Block Views

The Cubs met with the owners of the rooftop clubs on Wednesday to go over the Wrigley Field Restoration plans. According to reports from the Tribune and ESPN Chicago, the meeting went well and Beth Murphy no longer thinks the Cubs are trying to block their views. In fact, Murphy is “optimistic” that the Cubs want to work everything out.

According to ESPN Chicago, the rooftop owners are studying Ricketts’ proposal.

According to the Tribune, Crane Kenney met with the rooftop club owners. Beth Murphy called the meeting “surprising” and said it was “great.” The Tribune reported “the two sides are closer after the meeting” with Crane Kenney.

The Cubs would like to block the view of the Miller Lite beer sign according to the Tribune because the sign advertises one of the team’s biggest corporate sponsors.

According to the Tribune, if the team and rooftop clubs can come to an agreement, the next steps would include zoning meeting, landmark commission meetings and eventually a city council vote.

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