Wrigley Field Restoration Update: Cubs Demo Mock-Ups of Outfield Signs

The Cubs erected mock-ups on Tuesday of the proposed 6,000 square foot jumbotron beyond the left field wall and the 1,000 square foot sign in right field. Tom Ricketts was on hand as crane’s placed mock-ups of the signs for the rooftop owners and Ald. Tom Tunney to view.

According to a report from Serena Dai, all of the rooftop owners including Beth Murphy were at Wrigley on Tuesday to view the mock-ups. One reaction, according to Dai, after viewing the mock-ups was “big.”

The rooftop owners are scheduled to meet and discuss what they saw on Tuesday. According to the report, the views beyond the right field wall “would be affected more even though the sign is smaller than the proposed video board in left field.” The proposed jumbotron would “impact fewer views because of a gap in the rooftops buildings along Waveland caused by the T-intersection with Kenmore Avenue.”

Tom Ricketts thought everything looked fine and said, “We’ll work with folks to make sure there isn’t any more drama.”

The Cubs submitted a proposal to the city at the beginning of the month and are looking to begin construction at the end of the season. The team must receive approval through a “variety of city committees, including the Plan commission and Landmarks commission” according to the report.

Tom Ricketts said the Cubs are not panicking and is “confident the team will meet the necessary provisions to move forward.”

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According to the Tribune, the Cubs said on Tuesday there are no plans to start construction on the outfield signs. Tuesday was a part of the process for the neighborhood and the rooftop club owners, one that the Cubs volunteered to do.

Full Report from the Chicago Tribune

The Wrigleyville Rooftop Association released the following statement on Tuesday afternoon.

“We appreciate the Cubs’ willingness to demonstrate the impact of their sign plan. We were shown several options today, which we will verify with the permit applications they have submitted to the City of Chicago. We know one thing for sure: Signs on the Rooftops have no obstruction of out patrons’ views and remain the best solution to provide sign revenue to the team.”

According to a report from Paul Sullivan, the landmarks officials were on site Tuesday as well and the Cubs have a hearing scheduled next week with the commission. The Cubs are also looking to push the night game proposal on the City Council agenda according to Sullivan. As has been reported, the Cubs would like to move several of the Friday afternoon 1:20pm start times to 3:05pm start times this season.

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