Cubs Announce Fujikawa to Undergo Tommy John Surgery

The Cubs announced the results of the MRI on Kyuji Fujikawa’s right elbow on Wednesday morning, and the results were not what the Cubs were hoping.

Kyuji Fujikawa will undergo season ending Tommy John surgery which means he will likely be sidelined for the remainder of the two-year contract he signed with the Cubs in the off-season. According to the Sun-Times, the Cubs are optimistic he will be able to pitch again next season.

The Cubs have not announced when the surgery will take place but this is a blow to the Cubs attempt to build a bullpen. Fujikawa has not picked a doctor or set a date to have the surgery.

Jed Hoyer said the elbow popped on the last pitch to Joey Votto. The length of his outing had no impact on the injury. Fujikawa had reached his pitch limit and Dale Sveum was on his way out to remove him from the game when he called the trainer out in the eighth inning of Sunday’s game in Cincinnati.

The Cubs signed Kyuji Fujikawa to a two-year, $9.5 million contract that includes a club option for the 2015 season. Fujikawa will make $4 million in 2014. The club option for 2015 is performance based and vests at $5.5 million or $6 million with a $500,000 buyout.

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Quote of the Day

"The riches of the game are in the thrills, not in the money." – Ernie Banks

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  • Ray Ray

    Too bad they didn’t put some of this money to better use. 5 mil per year on Fujikawa. 5 mil on Scott Baker. 2 mil on Ian Stewart. Waste Waste Waste.

    • Vivid_Reality

      What one year 12 million dollar player would you have rather had?

      • Ray Ray

        It is not like this team can’t use upgrades in a lot of places.

        • Vivid_Reality

          Those are the attempted upgrades you speak of. You can crucify a front office when some of their low budget signing do not pan out. Might as well toss back Feldman and Schierholtz. The money wasted is almost nothing for a big budget team and I would rather have them pursue perceived bargains than overpriced veterans who won’t help us win right now anyway. Whether anyone likes it or not, we are stuck in a waiting game until we get some help from the minors.

          • Ray Ray

            It goes back to my complaint about shopping at the clearance section of WalMart. You usually get what you pay for. Every now and then you might get a bargain but if you play with fire you will usually get burned. A team who has backup plans can take more risks. Theo and company didn’t have good backup plans. And before you say Valbuena and Ransom….1st of all Valbuena will be in the low .200’s again this year and Ransom was picked up on waivers after start of year.

          • daverj

            Which free agents would you have signed this offseason?

          • Ray Ray

            It’s more of who I wouldn’t have signed. I wouldn’t have signed Stewart for 2 mil. I wouldn’t have signed Baker knowing he probably wouldn’t be able to pitch till at least June(and now it is probably later than that) I wouldn’t have signed EJax at 4 years and 52 mil, Waste Waste Waste. You know my thoughts on Michael Bourn. I would have signed him to bat leadoff for the next 4 years as well.

          • daverj

            You mean the Michael Bourn who has a 2013 WAR less than that of David DeJesus?

          • Ray Ray

            You seem to ask me what I would have done. Let me ask you Daver. Look into the future. Look at the FA’s for next year. I would suggest not eating before looking at that list. Who would you sign? Do you know Garza and Feldman will be the youngest starting pitchers available(if Garza makes it to FA) What position players would you sign? Do you want them to just trade off pieces again and not improve the team on the field for next year? What minor leaguers will contribute on a daily basis next year? Let me hear what you would do.

          • daverj

            The short answer as to what I would do is that I’d sign cheap free agents hoping they perform like Maholm so I can flip them for prospects and focus on the draft and minor league development

            I’m well aware of the 2014 free agents. It’s a terrible class. That should be expected over the next few years as well as teams now lock up young talent long term before they are free agents. To build a championship team today, it must be done through the farm system and not free agency (other than to patch holes).

            I’ve always maintained that the organization was in such bad shape when Epstein took over that it would be (and should be) a 5 year rebuilding process before the Cubs can start talking play-offs. As long as the Cubs don’t make huge long term commitments, I’m fine. I agree with discount shopping in the free agent market in the hopes that a few of them make it and can be flipped for prospects. Many of them like Baker will not work out, but if a few work out, it’s worth it. My gage for this team now has nothing to do with the major league roster. I don’t care if they win 50 games or 80 games this year of 2014. I care if they are building a minor league system with guys that can contribute (or be traded for guys that can contribute) over the next 4 years. I care if they are (or are not) locking up young core pieces like Castro, Shark and Rizzo to long term deals.

            My big concern with the Cubs right now is that some of the potentially high end minor league talent isn’t performing as well as expected (for example, Baez until the last few weeks). That’s far more important then whether Baker, Hairston, Feldman, Schierholtz, etc were good signings or not.

    • redlarczykg

      You could add Scott Hairston’s 5 Mil for 2 yrs. hitting .131. Fortunately he won’t qualify for the 1 Mil incentive in his contract.

    • 07GreyDigger

      I can understand the venom towards Baker and Stewart, but how could they have possibly predicted Fujikawa would need arm surgery?

      • Ray Ray

        You cannot predict but you are taking a bigger risk signing an international guy who could be on an unusual throwing program. See Dice K

        • 07GreyDigger

          You may be taking a bigger risk, but you can’t not sign any international (or any free agent) without any kind of injury risk. It’s part of the game. For every Dice K, there’s a Ichiro Suzuki, Hideo Nomo or Yu Darvish that have been injury free.

  • raymondrobertkoenig

    The Curse continues.

  • paulcatanese

    And the wheels keep turning. Un-real.

  • brent carmona

    This got me thinking, let’s try and name all the things that havent fallen our way the past few months…

    Scott Baker’s setback

    Junior Lake’s ribs taking a lot longer to heal

    Robert Whitenack not coming back strong at all post surgery, gets DFA’d

    Ian Stewart not tapping into his potential

    Josh Conway out for season while pitching in extended spring training (or was it Ryan McNeil? I forget…)

    Edwin Jackson’s struggles

    Barney’s DL stint

    A. Vizcaino….

    • daverj

      But these types of things happen to every team …

      Look at the Cardinals …

      Carpenter’s offseason recovery didn’t go as planned and now he may be out for the season.

      Close Motte had Tommy John surgery and is out for season.

      Motte’s replacement Boggs was terrible and was demoted to AAA.

      They have lost two other starting pitchers to DL stints in Westbrook and Gast.

      Starting shortstop Furcal is out for the year.

      The top hitting prospect in all of baseball Taveras has been on the minor league DL with an ankle issue.

      Their best bench bat Adams had a DL stint.

      And clean-up hitter Allen Craig only has 3 home runs.

      And the Reds …

      Ace Cueto out for about a month with a lat issue.

      Starting leftfielder Ludwick out for at least 4 months and then his replacement Heisey has been on the DL with a strained hamstring.

      Top prospect Hamilton has struggled at AAA.

      Top lefty set-up man Sean Marshall has been on the DL.

      • Ray Ray

        You are talking about players who have already been with their current. Players like Fujikawa,Baker,Stewart,Vicaino were all aquired in the offseason with the exception of Vizcaino who was at the trade deadline. Way different example.

        • daverj

          The post above mentioned Barney, Whitenack, and Lake too … they have been with the organization for multiple years.

  • paulcatanese

    I can see hospitals lining up for a personal service contract with the Cubs.

  • No Baseball In Indiana

    At least his forearm is OK.

  • CubbyBlue

    let’s review the monies wasted by jed in 2 quick years (i thought this was to end now that JH is gone……..seems like it’s gotten worse): all of these guys were hurt; yet Jed spent money on them

    baker-6M=wasted; cannot be a trade chip if he does not pitch

    concepcion-6M=remember the cuban pitcher who really cannot pitch

    stewart-4M=wasted monies for 2 yrs of nothing; plus traded lamahieu (perfect platoon with valbuena & colvin)

    fujikawa-9M-had injuries in japan; had problem in spring training; let him pitch thru it; more problems and now TJ surgery so basically won’t help team at all ever

    marmol-10M=yes; marmol was traded for haren; who the cubs said was hurt; yet he has not missed a start and is a trade chip; marmol is closer to being released than a trade chip.

    totals: 35M……….or the Korean pitcher Ryu who has a 6-2 record with ERA below 3.
    once; maybe twice a fluke…..this many times a trend; a bad one.
    here’s hoping garza does not get traded; losing on purpose is one thing; but this team is not getting better incremently.
    BUT……….good to see the sux lose… a team not trying……someone bust out the “Babe” Navarro t-shirts outside Wrigley!!
    Go injured Cubs Go……….

    • Tony_Hall

      You can make lists for all the teams.

      You can’t count Marmol in this, that is ridiculous as Haren would have cost more money after the deal and just because he takes the mound, doesn’t mean that something isn’t wrong, his numbers are bad.

      So $25M over 2 years….not that big of a number if you look around baseball.

      • CubbyBlue

        ummm….no; most teams don’t trade or sign injured players or void trades for supposed injured players who are not.
        only Jed.
        is this is not true, find me examples of 1 team have 35M wasted on injured players. (hint; there is not).
        ohhhhhhhh Jed…….about not trading Garza.
        Go injured Cubs Go

        • Tony_Hall

          Not hard to find, teams have lots of money on the DL.

          Once again your numbers are skewed and are for 2 YEARS not 1 year, and you are counting Carlos Marmol’s salary, which makes no sense at all.

          Have you heard of AROD? The Yankees started the year with $92M on the their DL and it is just this years salaries. Using your unbelievably out of wack system for counting salaries, they would be well over $200M.

          “This Yankees team is never going to be 100% healthy, and the fact is they’re going to be paying a boatload of money to guys on the disabled list all year long.”

          Here is the currentl DL list.

          Currentl DL list with details.

          You will notice we are not the only team with players on it, and actually have a smaller list than many teams.

          What’s amazing is when another team has a player get injured or a player that they brought in that was injured and get reinjured, my first thought is never to blame the FO. NEVER. I just don’t get why you and so many others first thought on every thing that happens is to blame the FO.


          David Price is hurt, I guess that means the Rays FO caused this and should be blamed, as they should have traded him before he got hurt.

          Gavin Floyd is out for the year at $9.5M….must be Kenny’s fault.

          What about the Dodgers, they have lots of money on the DL? And lots of money they wasted on players.

          Would you have wanted Roy Halladay, Johan Santana, Curtis Granderson, Hanley Ramirez, Josh Beckett, Sean Marshall, Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez, Chase Utley, Rafael Furcal, Chris Carpenter, David Price, Ian Kinsler, Josh Johnson, Jose Reyes, etc. All are injured and all are good player that many teams and fans would have loved to have at one point. Should no team want them moving forward, since they have been injurd? Of course not, injuries are a part of baseball and if you won’t bring in a player that has ever been injured, you will have a hard time filling out a roster nowadays.

          If only we could go back to the days when players were tough and didn’t get injured….oh yeah, it has never happened. Players in the good ole days got hurt and were never heard from again, as they couldn’t go get a new arm, knew, hip, etc and come back and play. Now players come back all the time, I am sure you have seen the Cardinals have lots of success with Chris Carpenter….should they not have taken a chance on him, he was injured as well. The list is long of players that have come back from injuries, it is a good practice to take chances on them and it is also smart to not expect them all to recover. But I guess we expect our FO to be perfect.

          • 07GreyDigger

            Tony another great post. I second the motion.

        • Tony_Hall

          And one more thing, they never voided a trade for Haren. The deal was never made, just in preliminary stages of negotiating a deal. Marmol was notified when they had cleared one stage, because he would’ve had to wave his no trade rights, he talked to a reporter, saying it was done….it was never a deal.

    • Tony_Hall

      If you put yourself through this everyday for the next few years as this team rebuilds you are going to go nuts.

    • Ray Ray

      Yes. I forgot about Concepcion. Theo’s track record with international guys isn’t too good is it? Hopefully Soler will be his first!

    • jtrain23

      Also, where does this losing on purpose and not trying notion come from. I hate it when people judge the effort or ability of players with absolutely no basis for doing so. Unless you are coaching the team or taking the field, then leave those judgments to those in decision making positions. We are all fans, not players or coaches. So agree or disagree is personnel decisions, but leave player ability and effort evaluation to someone else.

  • WidespreadHisPanic

    I don’t understand how people flame the front office for signing this guy.

    He got hurt doing what he was supposed to do – pitch.

    It’s not like anybody knew he was going to get hurt if they did then nobody would have signed him


    I don’t understand how people can flame the front office for signing this guy now that he’s out.

    He got hurt doing what he was supposed to do – pitch.

    It’s not like anybody knew he was going to get hurt and if they did then nobody would have signed him, right?


  • WidespreadHisPanic

    Whoops…didn’t mean to post twice.

    Sorry y’all