Are the Cubs Close to Shopping Players? And Other News and Notes

With Friday night’s loss, the Cubs dropped to a season-low 11 games under .500 and while the players and the coaching staff would not like to see another July sell-off, the writing is on the wall that the Cubs could be one of the biggest sellers leading up to the July 31 trade deadline.

The Cubs talked about the importance of getting off to a good start in the spring. The team has been in just about every game this year and as FanGraphs pointed out, the Cubs have played better than their record indicates. But the bottom line is, Memorial Day is still two days away and the Cubs are in the middle of their longest losing streak of the season with a very difficult stretch of games ahead of them.

Once the draft is in the rearview mirror, the Cubs will likely focus on turning short-term pieces into long-term assets.

While the rumors are few and far between right now, many feel the Cubs will look to trade players such as Scott Feldman, Kevin Gregg and possibly David DeJesus. James Russell has been mentioned as a player the Cubs could listen on but some think that Russell could stick around due to his low cost, what the Cubs could want in return for him and the fact the organization is void of left handed relievers near Major League ready.

Several scouts were on hand to watch Matt Garza face the Pirates and if Garza keeps pitching the way he did last Tuesday, teams will be calling the Cubs about his availability. It is unclear at this point due to several factors if the Cubs are looking to trade Garza or keep him.

Alfonso Soriano

Alfonso Soriano is frustrated and no longer wants to be on a losing team according to a report from Soriano said the games that upset him the most is when they have leads and end up losing a game they should have won.

Soriano likes what he’s seen from the rotation and feels they are good enough to have a better record than they do at this point of the season.

June Draft

After meeting with Jonathan Gray earlier in the week, Theo Epstein, Jed Hoyer and Jason McLeod were in Northern California on Friday according to the Tribune watching Kris Bryant and Mark Appel. The Tribune reported the Cubs have “narrowed their choice for the second overall pick” to four college players … Jonathan Gray, Mark Appel, Kris Bryant and Colin Moran. The Tribune labeled third baseman Moran as a “dark horse”.

News, Notes and Rumors

According to multiple reports, Dale Sveum plans to use either Alfonso Soriano or Dioner Navarro as the Cubs DH during the two games on the South Side. The White Sox are planning on running out lefties Jose Quintana (Monday) and Chris Sale (Tuesday) for the two games at the Cell. The Cubs should face three lefties in the four games against the Sox next week with John Danks making his return to the Sox rotation on Friday. The Cubs are 4-10 in games started by lefties this season and Dale Sveum has mentioned the possibility of not using his right-handed lineup against lefty starters.

According to a report from Baseball America, “the Cubs have made it clear that they will do whatever it takes to land Dominican outfielder Eloy Jimenez and Venezuelan shortstop Gleyber Torres” when the international free agent signing period begins on July 2. Ben Badler also reported the Cubs will “spend heavily on two players, then possibly trade for more pool space.”

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Quote of the Day

"Failure seldom stops you. What stops you is the fear of failure." – W.J. Slim

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  • triple

    After looking into the draft options the Cubs have, I’m really hoping they get Kris Bryant. I don’t care if he’s not the best athlete available and listed as a 3rd baseman with a better chance to end up at 1st. The Cubs need some hitters way more than they need starting pitching, and looking at his numbers, the kid can rake!

    .338/30HR/61RBI in 201 AB’s. 66% of his hits are for extra bases, 37/57 K/BB ratio, and 1.372 OPS.

    If the Cubs coaching staff can get their current starting pitchers to pitch like they have for 2 months, I have enough faith that they can continue to teach other cheap SP options to do close to the same. Why the bullpen falters so much, that just is unexplainable and I don’t even want to begin to ponder why they are that terrible; just a bunch of choke artists. But this team needs more guys that can swing a bat, so I certainly hope Kris Bryant is available for the 2nd pick.

    • Ripsnorter1

      Look at your logic for a moment:

      1. You say that the Cubs’ pitching coach staff deserves credit for teaching their good starting pitching.

      2. Yet this same coaching staff cannot teach their relievers to duplicate the performance of the starters.

      In my opinion, you have given the coaching staff too much credit both ways.

      • Tony_Hall

        You only have 7 guys in the bullpen. One is Rondon who is being brought through slowly as far as situations. They want to keep him. I know Camp and Marmol have been awful, but they were the closer set-up guy to start the year. It is not quite Memorial Day and both are no longer in those spots.

        Relief appearances
        Russel 24
        Camp 20
        Marmol 20
        Rondon 15
        Bowden 14
        Gregg 12
        Fujikawa 11
        Loe 7
        Takahashi 3
        Villanueva 2

        Yes I would like to see Camp and Marmol with less appearances but who would you like to see more of?

        • Ripsnorter1

          The latest blown save was Camp. He’s been simply awful all year. He reminds me of John Grabow. He’s getting paid. He is getting hit very hard. Both had ERA’s in the 7’s. Hey, yeah: let’s bring him in for this save situation. And there goes the game.

          Sveum had these other options: Gregg and Fujikawa and Bowden. Certainly all three were better options. Even Rondon is a better option.

          That’s game management failing us there.

          • Tony_Hall

            It was the 6th inning, the blown save stat is not the most accurate measure of, well blown saves.

            Gregg is just not going to come in that early, likewise with Fujikawa. Just don’t see closers and set-up guys that early. If they did and then Rondon or someone else actually blew the save in the 9th, you would have said the same bad game management for not having your closer for the 9th.

          • Ripsnorter1

            Forget the stat. He blew the game. Everyone knows that.

            It is not too early for Fujikawa.

            You’ve got a guy with a WHIP of 1.75+ who has been hit hard all year with the game on the line in the 6th. Poor choice any way you slice it.

            Carlos Villanueva can come it, too. Don’t forget him. You left him off of your list.

            Remember how Carlos Marmol was the most valuable bullpen arm in the USA in 2008? He was saving games in the 6th inning, and he didn’t get the stat, either. : )

          • Tony_Hall

            Just checking then, if a relief pitcher has bad stats you don’t bring them in, you should just cut them. I believe Camp is done, but using stats for relief pitchers after just less than 2 months is not always the most accurate way to do it. They pitch 60-80 innings and if they have a bad outing or 2 early in the year, they will be working those stats down to their career norms all year. Small sample sizes in relief pitchers can look really, really bad.

          • Ripsnorter1

            I agree. I don’t disagree at all.

          • Dorasaga

            When you folks are debating over a one-pitch reliever (“Ball Kid” Koji), compared to a strike or homer reliever (Gregg) and a minor leaguer (Rondon), it’s kinda sad.

      • triple

        Well If I have given too much credit to the coaching staff, then I guess we must give credit to the FO for trading Marshall (out once again) for Wood, and for signing both Feldman and Villanueva to these low cost deals because these have been 3 of their most reliable starting pitchers (despite Villanueva being moved to the pen) over the first 2 months of the season.

        I do agree about the mishandling of the bullpen which I think mostly falls on Sveum’s shoulders.

        I just want to reiterate by that your own standards, you are admitting that Feldman (you like to say he is Volstad), Villanueva, and Wood were actually good moves by the front office. Where would we be without them?

        • Ripsnorter1

          I wanted to sign Villanueva. I said so often. He has stuff.

          Feldman, on the other hand, has been pitching over his head. You don’t have to agree with me. Time will tell. You face the Padres, the Mets, the Marlins, and hey, your stats improve.

    • Ripsnorter1

      I do agree with you that I want Bryant over the two pitchers.

      Just look at the Free Agent market the last couple of years. If you want a hitter–Pujols, Fielder–you pay insane amounts of money. The fact is, even that is a crap shoot. Pujols is not looking too healthy this year–at least for $254 million dollars.

      So it seems that you can buy starting pitching easier than you can buy a real bat. So draft the bat, and pick up the pitching in the 2nd and later rounds.

      • Tony_Hall

        Actually, pitching is pretty expensive as well. And if you are shopping at the FA store, you are getting older players that cost lots of money. Elite players need to come up through your system.

        AAV (over $19M)

        Pitchers (11 players)
        Justin Verlander $25.7M
        Felix Hernandez $25.0M
        Zach Greinke $24.5M
        CC Sabathia $24.4M
        Cole Hamels $24M
        Cliff Lee $24M
        Johan Santana $22.9M
        Matt Cain $21.2M
        Tim Lincecum $20.5M
        Roy Halladay $20M
        Adam Wainwright $19.5M

        These are all current contracts at least through 2013

        Batters (13 players)
        A Rod $27.5M
        Ryan Howard $25M
        Josh Hamilton $25M
        A Pujols $24M
        Prince Fielder $23.7M
        Joe Mauer $23M
        Joey Votto $22.5M
        Mark Teixeira $22.5M
        Adrian Gonzalez $22M
        Ryan Braun $21M
        Carl Crawford $20M

        Matt Kemp $20M
        Miquel Cabrera $19M

        11 pitchers versus 13 hitters – pretty even considering only 5 SP per team and teams have 8 position players.

        Of the 13 hitters, 6 play 1B (actually 7 with Cabrera), so let’s call it 6.5 and say half of them. We have 1B covered for many years for the cost of 2 seasons of these guys.

        Where else do these guys play

        C – 1 (never pay a catcher like this)
        3B – 1 (AROD)
        OF – 4 (Kemp, Crawford, Braun, Hamilton)

        After looking at this, it seems it is just as hard to buy elite SP than it is to buy elite hitters.

        Take the best player period, regardless of position. By all accounts that is Mark Appel or Jonathan Gray. Not that I would be upset about getting Bryant, I would be happy with any of those 3.

      • 07GreyDigger

        You got to go for the pitchers. You win championships with good pitching. I think Ray made the point about the Giants and winning the WS because they had a rotation of Cain, Bumgarner, Lincecum all homegrown. Although they’ve been good so far, do you think you can win a WS with a rotation of Samardzija, Wood and Garza? I don’t.

        • Ripsnorter1

          No. But we can win with Scott Feldman. LOL.

          The way I see it: Annabal Sanchez is not home grown, but Detroit can win with him.

          Fergie Jenkins, Bill Hands, Milt Pappas, weren’t home grown, either. And we didn’t win with them. LOL And don’t forget that Kenny Holtzman was homegrown, and we didn’t win with him. But he won in Oakland.

          I don’t think it makes a difference who drafts them as long as you have them when you need them.

          • Tony_Hall

            I don’t believe the Scott Feldman’s of the world will be starting a game when the Cubs win the World Series.

            Sanchez also isn’t leading the rotation and is behind Verlander and Scherzer in the rotation, a #3. Those are easier to get in FA, than the #1’s of the world.

            As far as the other names, that was in a different era for acquiring players.

            If it doesn’t make a difference who drafts a player just as long as you have them when you need them, why wouldn’t you just take the best player available?

          • Ray Ray

            The way this rebuild looks like it is going….Scott Feldman will be retired and fishing on a lake somewhere when the Cubs will be ready to win a WS

          • Tony_Hall

            Your positive outlook is so refreshing.

          • Ray Ray

            I want to see them at least try and win Tony. I can’t get excited watching this. When I see teams trying to win the the Indians,Royals,Pirates,etc and our great city of Chicago puts this team of misfits together iti is hard to stomach.

          • Tony_Hall

            They are trying to win in the short term, but not at the expense of the long term rebuild. Theo told us this on Day 1.

            No one expects you to get excited about this, if you don’t like it, say so with your pocketbook and don’t spend any money on the Cubs.

            The Indians, Royals and Pirates will not be able to sustain what they are doing.

          • Ray Ray

            yes yes I know the “sustained” word ad nauseum. Do you think the Braves said we will not try and win a WS until we can be competitive every year? Do you think the Cards did? My thought is that because Theo and Jed will be pressured to speed up the process they will spend money and spend it unwisely. If they would have signed a Bourn last offseason and made some better moves they could have fielded a better team and be competitve. Now we will hear talk this offseason about signing Ellsbury who is much worse that Bourn and they will probably pay him a lot more. One question….Do you think the fanbase can take one more year of putting up with a starting 8 looking like this?

          • Tony_Hall

            Do you think the Braves and Cardinals didn’t lose at some point?

            And the Bourn thing again, I am sure we would be a playoff contender this year, if we had only signed Bourn.

            I am not really concerned about the fanbase, but more about building the foundation properly and if that means not overspending on guys like Bourn that will be a mistake well before the contract is over, I am fine with that.

            Instead of Bourn we brought in Schierholtz. Obviously if you were trying to win in 2013, Bourn would be the better choice. But he comes with a 4 year commitment and a much larger financial deal. Schierholtz has been ok so far, with a line of 273/307/492 and has a WAR of 0.6 so far. If he continues at this rate (about his career numbers) he will have a WAR between 1.5 and 2.0, well above $2.25M contract. He will be around for 1 more year somewhere between $3 and $5M. At which point Bourn will still be owed 3 years $41M and likely 4 years $53M still owed as his vesting option is based on PA’s in 2016.

  • Tony_Hall

    Baseball America has a best tools list for the upcoming draft.

    Our top 3 picks options are on the lists

    But not in these categories
    Best Athlete, Best Pure hitter, Fastest runner, best defensive player, best arm fielder, best command

    Kris Bryant (college rankings)
    1st – Best power hitter
    3rd – Best Strike Zone Judgement

    Jonathan Gray (college rankings)
    1st – Best Fastball
    2nd – Closest to the majors

    Mark Appel (college rankings)
    2nd – Best Fastball
    3rd – Best secondary pitch
    1st – Closest to the majors.

  • Tony_Hall

    Last years 1st round pick Albert Almora….welcome back from that ever popular Hamate bone breaking.

    Almora 8-14 – 571 AVG 625 OBP – with 3 2B’s. You think he has been itching to get back into games. The nice thing to see is 2 BB’s already. He is going to be a fun one to watch develop.

    And a promotion for Yeiper Castillo to AA after posting 2.33 ERA in Daytona. Last night he went 6 innings and gave up just 1 run. Looks like a well deserved promotion.

    • Tom U

      Caution can be best used when looking at Castillo. At 24+, he was overaged at Daytona (league average 23 years old) and at league average (24.5) in Tennessee. Fellow Venezuelan Guillermo Moscoso started out like Castillo at Iowa before getting hammered in his last start.

      In other news, Armando Rivero as begun throwing in EXT and may be ready for game action soon.

  • Tony_Hall

    Jim Callis has done a full 1st round Mock Draft again.

  • Ray Ray

    How many more days do we have until a team will give us a top prospect for Michael Bowden? I am sure the FO have been fielding calls and mulling over which offer to accept.

    • Tony_Hall

      Who ever said they would receive a top prospect for Bowden?

      • Ray Ray

        OK. my bad. I believe you said good prospect. Your words were that the reason they dfa’s Bowden because his value is high and Camp doesn’t have any…so we would get a good return for him by dfa’ing him now. Isn’t that what you said?

        • Tony_Hall

          Not exactly. Middle relievers are not exactly guys that stick around a long time and a guy like Camp with a contract is going to be chosen over a middle reliever. Once that came to be the decision, they then are hoping to move him and get back another arm (most likely an arm) back in trade to a team that can use an arm. I said a non Top 30 prospect and at A ball level as they will not be someone who is needed to be on the 40 man roster and is farther from the big leagues and comes with more risk. It doesn’t mean it will happen, but that was the best calculated chance to get something in return for this move.

          • Ray Ray

            I still think he goes unclaimed. He is not good. His velocity decreased. Barely cracks 90 now. Low K rate. Guys like Bowden are a dime a dozen

          • Tony_Hall

            Then why do you care that they let him?

            And yes there is a chance no one wants to trade for him. Once he hits waivers, I believe he will be claimed.

          • Ray Ray

            Because the logic that they dfa’d him because he has value is ridiculous to me.

          • Tony_Hall

            They didn’t DFA because he had value, but it was not going to be Camp or Marmol in May, as they held zero value if they are DFA, because no team would pick up their contract and neither would accept the assignment to the minors.

            But once they did DFA Bowden they will be trying to get some value back, with 3 teams needing bullpen arms. It really is not that complicated.

          • triple

            Now I understand and agree that Camp probably should have been the DFA’d guy (or shouldn’t have if he only disclosed his injury to the team earlier, thus keeping Bowden on the roster and Camp on the DL), but when you make a statement about Bowden like that, I really gotta wonder why you are so adamant about Bowden still being on the Cubs? You want a guy like this on your team? Or your just lapping up the hateraide while Jed, Theo, and Sveum continue to try to improve the bottom end of this roster. And yes I know there really isn’t any improvement happening.

    • Rich Hood

      A side note on this. IF the Cubs end up with a considerations trade for Bowden and that considerations trade is International Free Agent slot money then it is a win. This has been rumored a couple of times since the DFA was announced. Time will tell.

  • Ray Ray

    As I have been saying….Andrew Cashner is a loss for the Cubs. I like Rizzo but would the Cubs be closer to with a young Cashner,Shark,Garza and drafting Appel? That would be one of the best power arm rotation in baseball. That is why this trade is not a slam dunk. You gave up one of the best young power arm starting pitching prospects in baseball for a 1st baseman. Time will tell.

    Andrew Cashner is making great strides as a starting pitcher for the Padres,’s Corey Brock
    writes. Cashner has a 2.80 ERA in six starts for the Friars in 2013
    after being limited to mostly bullpen work over his first three seasons
    due to injuries and concerns about his arm strength. If Cashner
    develops into a solid starter, it will obviously give the Padres a much
    greater return on the Anthony Rizzo trade from January 2012.

    • Tony_Hall

      IF….IF….IF…. he doesn’t get injured again.

      And Cashner is “one of the best young power arm starting pitching prospects” and Rizzo is “for a 1st baseman” nothing bias in those descriptions.

      If Cashner turns in to a solid SP and Rizzo stays a Top 10 1B he already has become it will be a great trade for both and I believe was a very good trade getting an 1B like Rizzo for a injury risk SP like Cashner, who is obviously great, but likely destined to the bullpen.

      • Ray Ray

        and IF IF IF Rizzo can start to hit lefties better. EVERY pitcher is an injury risk. David Price is one too. So is Edwin Jackson.

        Just imagine that rotation in 2015. Garza,Shark,Cashner and Appel. That could have been pretty damn good. But of course you don’t want to admit that.

        • Tony_Hall

          That would be a great rotation. But we need both sides.

          But so will Garza, Shark and Appel since those will be the only 3 still a SP by 2015.

          • Ray Ray

            This is a stat to put things in perspective for you. Neither of these are even below average. This is a terrible stat but you seem to single out our #4 hitter for the lack of RBI. Our #3 hitter has performed beyond pathetic

            With RISP…..Check this out sportsfans

            Rizzo has 56 PA and a total of 15 RBI…yes that is not a misprint.

            Soriano has 45 PA and a total of 12 RBI. So Soriano gets singled out but actually Rizzo has had 11 more chances to drive in at least 1 run and only has 3 more.

          • Tony_Hall

            To break that into percentages

            Rizzo 26.7%
            Soraino 26.7%

            They seem to be the same and both on pace and along with the rest of the team have struggled with RISP. Something most sabermetrics will tell you will even out over larger sample sizes, unlike this small sample size you are using.

            Soriano gets singled out because he was 0 for so long.

            What you don’t know on this great stat is how many were on 3rd and how many on 2nd. I would love to see this stat but have never seen it anywhere. 3B is obviously easier to drive in then 2B.

          • Dorasaga

            Indeed, when we want to understand the relationship between player ability and performance, percentage stats are always more descriptive than counting stats. Hence, when it comes to “clutch,” I usually read WPA/LI (I once summarized how it works here on CCO, but I’m cutting short right now).

            Cubs wpa/li leaders: DeJesus, 0.57 .. Rizzo, 0.32 .. Schierholtz, 0.31 .. Valbuena, 0.29 .. Soriano, 0.19

            To put things in perspective, the Tigers batted in most runs in baseball. Here’s their wpa/li leaders: Miggy, 2.58 .. Fielder, 1.58 .. Tuiasosopo, 0.52

            How about Cubs division rival, the Reds? Who’re the NL RBI leaders, second only to the Denver boys on thin air, a.k.a. Coors Field?: Choo, 2.29 .. Votto, 2.08 .. Phillips, 1.13

            Apparently, the Cubs don’t perform well at clutch, their lineup in general, comparably.

          • Ray Ray

            Look Tony. I hope Rizzo develops into a middle of the order bat. They are committed to him. Just like I hope Castro develops into one of the top SS in the game but you cannot ignore how poorly he has done with RISP. I would bet that he has probably the worst numbers with RISP in all of baseball.

          • Tony_Hall

            I doubt that he hasn’t the worst numbers in all of baseball, when dealing with small sample sizes there are going to be many with bad numbers this early. Over time RISP numbers will be really close to a players career numbers.

            Rizzo and Castro are already Top 10 at their position, what we need are more position players we can say the same thing.

    • Tony_Hall

      And hasn’t it been the offense that is the issue and not the rotation? Wouldn’t we be closer to winning if we had one more Rizzo in the lineup? The rotation has done their part pitching and hitting so far this year.

      • Ray Ray

        Rizzo is hitting .157 with RISP and ironically he is also hitting .157 vs LH starters. We don’t need another Rizzo. We need another Rizzo…they need a middle of the order bat. This team currently doesn’t have any.

        • Tony_Hall

          I love Cub fans that want to pick
          apart our young core players.

          Let’s look for any part of his stats to make him look bad.

          His LH stats are good, 277/338/538 with 4 HR’s and 10 RBI’s in 65 AB’s. So lets break it down to just the LH starters. You can always find some negative stat if you look hard enough, as baseball is a game of failure and they have only played 47 games.

          Rizzo is a middle of the order bat, with his 31 RBI’s that are on pace for between 100-110 this year.

          • Ray Ray

            See below and tell me if you still think he is a middle of the order bat.

          • Tony_Hall

            Yes. Do you want to pick apart other guys in their early years that are currently entrenched as middle of the order bats. It is called development for a reason.

            I also don’t believe that Rizzo will bat 3rd in a few years for the Cubs. They will need to move him down with better hitters. He has never been projected to be a Fielder, Pujols, Cabrera.

    • triple

      Andrew Cashner has been trying to pitch in the big leagues for 4 years and has amassed an 8-12 record with a 3.92 ERA, 7.8 H/9IP, 4BB/9IP, 8.3K/9 from the ages of 23 to 26.

      Kerry Wood, another pitcher who had a huge history of arm problems was 46-35, 3.67ERA, 6.8H/9, 4.6BB/9, 10.2K/9 from the ages of 23-26 (same ages as the stats for Cashner).

      Why don’t we wait until Cashner has started close to 30 games for 4 years in a row before we anoint him as the top to middle of the rotation starter that got away?

      As far as your stance on the Cubs rebuild and that we are still 5 years out, I guess we did the right thing by trading a pitcher that probably only has 5 or 6 years left (that is if he can even stay healthy and contribute) for a 1B who won’t enter his prime for another 3 or 4 years and then is capable of playing for another 10 years after that.

      Now this is completely hypothetical, but if the Cubs management traded Kerry Wood to the Rockies after the ’98 season for Todd Helton, the fans would have been up in arms about this trade, but the reality would be that we would have had a solid first basemen to carry us through another decade and Mark Grace still would have left as a free agent, and would not have been missed at all.

      The fact is we traded a pitcher with arm problems who is likely to not have a long successful career for a first basemen who can play great defense and likely develop into a 30HR/100 RBI guy and play for about a dozen more years. And if in 6 years Rizzo has become that guy, and we have another first basemen coming up in the system who proves to be a good replacement, Rizzo can be traded then to bring in some top of the rotation type prospects who hopefully don’t have arm problems.

    • cc002600

      you are nuts.

      I will take Rizzo over cashner a million times over.

      Cashner has had shoulder problems already…sorry, but that is death for pitchers.

      He will NEVER be the kind of consistent 200 inning pitcher top of the rotation starter that you dream of ….NEVER….he is too injury prone, like most power pitchers.

      Rizzo will be a consistent middle of the order power bat for years to come., plus he ‘s got a real good glove…

      no contest

  • Tony_Hall

    I know everyone wants a short cut to seeing the Cubs win 90 games every year and be in the playoffs and competing for a World Series and ultimately winning the World Series. There are just no fast ways to turn around a team, that don’t look bad down the road.

    Not every move is going to work out, just like when you shop at the FA window, not all of those will work either.

    This is a game that we define by what does work. The team that wins the World Series was not a perfect team, nor did their manager make every single right decision and their FO didn’t have a perfect record either. If we want to pick apart the FO, the manager, and the players we can do that forever, even as we become a good team and even when we win a World Series. If that is how you enjoy watching and following your favorite team so be it, but I want to concentrate on what is good whether it is a good week for a top prospect in Daytona or a better approach to a players AB’s in Tennessee, to a good start to the year by our CF. These and many other good things are the building blocks for the future of this organization and you can enjoy the ride if you choose.

  • paulcatanese

    Getting close to shopping players? Again? Each year the players the Cubs have to shop are getting less talented and bring less.

    This would support the feeling that to get something they will have to sell prospects and not 25man roster people.

    As far as the dominating four starters to put them in a world series, well they haven’t even been born yet.

    Clean house, clean house for prospects, how many times will Cub fans hear that one?

    While they have brought in some talent for the minors,

    it will take 3-4 or 5 more years before they can really be called “difference makers”, that is if they are not traded off. Don’t forget the old saying “he’s only 22-23yrs old he needs time”.
    While I think Mr. Epstein has his heart in the right place (he has a plan), I really think he has bitten more off than he can chew. He has overlooked the fact that “this is the Cubs”, and the time they have not been in contention, really in contention.
    I think he could “part the waters” and still not get into the World Series.
    I don’t look for a time table for success, just take it one day at a time, “did they win today or lose today”?
    Easier to watch.