Wrigley Field Restoration Update: Rooftop Club Owners Prepared to Fight for Views

The Wrigleyville Rooftops Association issued a statement on Friday in response to Thursday’s report from Sun-Times that a deal between the Cubs and city could be completed prior to Monday’s home opener. The rooftop club owners are not pleased that the Cubs have not shared the plans with the association, with whom they are contractual obligated to do so.

The association is prepared to fight to keep their views, and the statement on Friday backed up their statements in January that they would be willing to take the Cubs to court.

Wrigleyville Rooftops Association Statement

CHICAGO – The apparent decision to allow the Chicago Cubs to block the views of some Wrigleyville Rooftops is in direct violation of the current 20-year agreement entered into by the Cubs and the Rooftop owners. While Rooftop owners support the concept of renovating Wrigley Field, exact plans for outfield signage have not been provided to these contractual partners.

The in-force contract negotiated by federal mediators which enumerates revenue sharing between the Cubs and their neighbors – along with the accompanying landmark ordinance – protects the “uninterrupted sweep of the bleachers” until at least 2024. Any construction that interrupts the Rooftop views will effectually drive them out of business and be challenged in a court of law.

Statement from Beth Murphy, owner of Murphy’s Bleachers and spokesperson for the Wrigleyville Rooftops Association:

“We reserve judgment until said proposals are publicized, however we are deeply troubled that 16 small businesses were not party to talks where their contractual rights were at stake. Rooftop owners reserve the right to use any and all means necessary to enforce the remaining 11 years of our 20-year contract. We support a renovated Wrigley Field, but the neighborhood and its businesses should be partners in the debate as we have over the last 30 years.”

Report from Crain’s Chicago Business

According to a report from WGN, a spokesman for the Cubs had no comment on the statement released by the rooftop club owners.

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