Wrigley Field Restoration Update: Deal Expected Before Monday’s Home Opener

According to a report from the Sun-Times, the Cubs and City Hall expect to finalize a deal before Monday’s home opener, possibly as early as Friday, that will allow the team to restore Wrigley Field and develop property around the stadium.

The Sun-Times reported as part of the deal the Cubs would be able to put up at least two new signs inside the park that includes a video scoreboard in left field. The Cubs have apparently agreed to build a 300-space parking garage to help resolve some of the neighborhood’s parking issues. The Sun-Times also reported the current contract with the rooftop clubs would continue for the next 11 years. The report indicated the Cubs contract with the rooftop clubs would not be extended as the rooftop club owners were asking for in January.

According to the report, a couple of the rooftop clubs will be minimally impacted by the decision to locate a jumbotron in left field and at least one more sign in right field. The size of the jumbotron has not been finalized.

As for the increase in night games, Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s office is “prepared to lift the 30-game per-season ceiling on the number of night games to 40 or more and add dates for concerts.” The Cubs could also be allowed to add six to ten 3:05pm start times.

The Cubs have apparently agreed to “foot the bill for more police protection” and “build a 300-space parking garage on the gravel cemetery lot the team owns at Clark and Grace.”

Full Report from the Chicago Sun-Times

Danny Ecker reported that neither the Cubs nor the Mayor’s office has denied the report from the Sun-Times. Ecker’s sources have confirmed that a deal will be completed by Monday and a press conference announcing the deal could come as soon as Friday.

Full Report from Crain’s Chicago Business

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  • Dorasaga

    I just want to reword what I wrote earlier: Obviously, The good will of a heir to a kingdom where money floods in and out like monsoon season is complicated with some financial advisers. The Ricketts are buying little things now to stick with Chi-town. But we know, bad influence will come back to haunt the family who are not used to this kind of dirty business. They wait for the time to come, when the Cubs can be profitable, out of debt, financially independent, and cleared of influence from political factions. The time will come, so they can move on. Will they?

    • Dorasaga

      There was a round-table “interview” with Mayor Emanuel (+ 3 others) on Bloomberg. The host asked mayor “Cubs World Series 2014?” or some year after that. The mayor only said how a local NCAA basketball team (women’s, I think) has been a perennial winner and how important is to build a winner.

      I know he wants to avoid talking pro-sports in any form, so it seems like he at least wants more winning teams from Chicago. Whether or not he likes what the Cubs proposed or not, I dunno.

      The other thing not right with the issue here is there are too many parties involved with what the Cubs can build. It’s just a sign and a parking lot. But the Cubs need the city, the hall (aldermen), the community, the rooftop owners, to all marry happily like a big polygamous relationship, that feuds every time one of the spouses bring up a change of some little thing, like which brand of ketchup to buy or where to place the trash can. It’s kinda ridiculous, redundant, and unnecessary.

  • 07GreyDigger

    I hear the rooftops aren’t happy and it sounds like the team is finally playing hardball. Good for them.

  • calicub

    I suggested the other day one way for the Ricketts to get around the contract with the rooftops would be to rescind and pay them all their lost expectancy.

    this solution, in my mind, seems even more attractive if the views to be obstructed would not affect all of the rooftops. If only one or two of them would be affected by an addition of the jumbotron or additional signage, the solution becomes even cheaper.

  • George

    Honest question. Why do you really need a jumbotron? To keep up with the…who cares? To decide more quickly, whether some poor, little guy, going for a foul ball, like everyone else would, should be, more quickly, found guilty and lynched from the upper-deck? If I wanted to watch the game on TV, I know where I could do it in an Ekornes, or LaZboy. I agree, with more night games, restoration, etc, but really? If you move and build a replica, sure, but I don’t see the need at the original.

    • calicub

      The Jumbotron is nice for replay I think. But more rewatch the great plays on the field, rather than the bad ones off…

    • Billy Buck

      the reason for a jumbotron is the massive amount of ad revenue from the signage that is placed on them. it’s all about the money; it always is. same goes for signage in RF.
      of course, w/o knowing what is being approved; the rooftops will sue and who knows how that will work out or if things will get delayed. so before we assume anything, like 5 outs from the WS in 2003, let’s see what happens on Monday and then what attorney starts suing on Tuesday.
      as much as staying in wrigley is great; leaving would eliminate the rooftops forever instead of waiting till 2024. great job for the tribune for even signing that deal back then; just another roadblock for the greatest fans in the world to get a championship before another generation passes away not seeing one.

    • Tbarker

      The jumbotron is for increased advertising revenue. That money will go into the baseball operations pool. Which in turn helps to sign international players and or free agents.

  • George

    Thanks, for the jumbotron info. Should have known advertising $$$. Will slap myself on back of head:-)

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