Wrigley Field Restoration Update: Deal Expected Before Monday’s Home Opener

According to a report from the Sun-Times, the Cubs and City Hall expect to finalize a deal before Monday’s home opener, possibly as early as Friday, that will allow the team to restore Wrigley Field and develop property around the stadium.

The Sun-Times reported as part of the deal the Cubs would be able to put up at least two new signs inside the park that includes a video scoreboard in left field. The Cubs have apparently agreed to build a 300-space parking garage to help resolve some of the neighborhood’s parking issues. The Sun-Times also reported the current contract with the rooftop clubs would continue for the next 11 years. The report indicated the Cubs contract with the rooftop clubs would not be extended as the rooftop club owners were asking for in January.

According to the report, a couple of the rooftop clubs will be minimally impacted by the decision to locate a jumbotron in left field and at least one more sign in right field. The size of the jumbotron has not been finalized.

As for the increase in night games, Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s office is “prepared to lift the 30-game per-season ceiling on the number of night games to 40 or more and add dates for concerts.” The Cubs could also be allowed to add six to ten 3:05pm start times.

The Cubs have apparently agreed to “foot the bill for more police protection” and “build a 300-space parking garage on the gravel cemetery lot the team owns at Clark and Grace.”

Full Report from the Chicago Sun-Times

Danny Ecker reported that neither the Cubs nor the Mayor’s office has denied the report from the Sun-Times. Ecker’s sources have confirmed that a deal will be completed by Monday and a press conference announcing the deal could come as soon as Friday.

Full Report from Crain’s Chicago Business

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