Wrigley Field Restoration Update: Cubs Trying to Increase the Increased Number of Night Games

Seemingly every time a report surfaces that indicates the Cubs are close to finalizing a deal with the city to restore Wrigley Field, another one surfaces to the contrary. And that was the case on Wednesday night.

According to reports from the Tribune and DNAinfo.com Chicago, the number of night games has emerged as another sticking point. The City reportedly approved an increase of night events from 30 to 44 last week. The total would include 40 night games and four other dates for concerts at Wrigley Field.

The team asked for more flexibility from the city on Tuesday to accommodate additional dates that could be requested by Major League Baseball and their broadcast partners.

According to DNAinfo.com Chicago, the Cubs want the flexibility to add the night games if MLB asks them to switch from a day to a night game and not have to reserve dates for changes in the schedule that might not happen during a given season and count against the cap. While the Tribune reported it could be an additional six games, DNAinfo.com Chicago reported that the team is looking for the flexibility to add up to 11 night games.

Ald. Tom Tunney told reporters on Wednesday that they are trying to nail down what the Cubs are looking for and it’s been hard to do because the “asks keep changing.”

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