Wrigley Field Restoration Update: Cubs Pitch Moving Exterior Wall to Accommodate Jumbotron

According to a report from DNAinfo.com Chicago, the Cubs have proposed moving the left field exterior wall out eight feet in order to minimize blocking the views of the rooftop clubs. Moving the wall would take up part of Waveland Avenue, basically reducing the width of Waveland and possibly eliminating parking on either side of the street.

The report from DNAinfo.com Chicago explained when the bleachers were expanded in 2006 “the exterior walls were rebuilt, with cantilevers extending above the Waveland Avenue sidewalk below.” The Cubs think if they move back the wall eight feet to accommodate the jumbotron, moving the screen closer to the buildings would improve the line of sight angles and cut down on the possibility of interfering with the rooftop views.

The report also indicates that while the talks are progressing, the Cubs “have been asking for more without laying down details of everything they want.”

A Cubs source told Serena Dai and Ted Cox that the team “is open to a proposal involving moving exterior walls and that the team has always sought idea to accommodate the rooftops as best as possible.”

Full Report from DNAinfo.com Chicago

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