Rambling While Wondering, Can It Get Worse?

Hello again everybody, and welcome to another Friday filled with Ramblings for the Faithful.  The four weeks of the season have been an outright disaster, and unless Ernie and Billy walk through that door sometime soon, it does not have much promise of improving.

It is not as if you don’t know, but hopefully the next 20 bullets points or so can sum it up quite nicely.

  • Jeff Samardzija is 1-4 with a 3.03 ERA and a 1.1 WHIP.  That is 4-1 on over half of the other teams in baseball.
  • Just think about it.  The guy could end the season with a 2.93 ERA and be 6-17.  I mean, it is extremely possible at this time.
  • The Cubs offensive team stats look something like this: 28th in team OBP, 27th in Runs, 26th in Batting Average
  • I mean, we don’t even have to get into the sabermetrics here – these numbers are downright pathetic.
  • The Cubs gave up 5 runs total during regular time in the three games in Cincinnati, and lost two of those.
  • The Cubs starters are 2nd in ERA in all of Major League Baseball.   The Cubs are 7-14.
  • S-E-C-O-N-D!!!  In all of Baseball.  It almost doesn’t make sense.  It this close (my thumb an index finger appear as if they are touching) to not making sense, and then … then
  • Bowden, Marmol, Camp, Marmol, Marmol …
  • The Cubs bullpen is ranked 25th in ERA.  Combine that with a horrific offense, and you have what appears to be one of the worst teams in the League.
  • Marmol is 2-1 with a 4.35 ERA and a 1.84 WHIP. Those are some of the most deceiving stats I have ever seen.  I am not a huge sabermetrics guy, but this, right here, is why they must be taken into consideration on a regular basis.
  • The Cubs leader in Wins: Carlos Marmol.
  • Carlos Villanueva has started four games, pitched 29.1 innings and has an ERA of 1.53.  Naturally, he is 1-0.  Again, put him on another team, and he is 4-0.
  • And for the bashers, Villanueva appears to be a great pickup by McThoyer.  For the defenders, it’s only four starts.  But those were four great starts.
  • When do baseball teams normally score runs?  I would say it happens a lot when you have runners in scoring position.  Makes sense, right?
  • So, then this flows naturally … the Cubs have a .140 batting average with RISP.  Wow.  That is simply unreal.
  • In comparison, the St. Louis Cardinals have a .349 batting average with RISP.
  • I think Juan Pierre just stole another base.  Too bad he spent most of 2006 popping out weakly to the left fielder.
  • Speaking of popping out, what is with Rizzo popping out to the third baseman in foul territory multiple times this season?  It has happened to the point where I have noticed it …
  • Remember when I mentioned the Cubs Starting Pitchers had the second-best ERA in all of baseball.  Yea, they have a combined 3-11 record.  It is just friggin’ mind-boggling.  It makes my head hurt.  It also makes my heart hurt.
  • I will try to end with a happy note, one of the few … my apologies to James Russell.  I used to poke fun at the guy, and he has become a heck of a pitcher.  He has taken over for Sean Marshall nicely.  However, we would have won two World Series if we never traded Marshall, right? :)
  • My apologies for the final sentence, but I couldn’t help myself.  Enjoy your respective Fridays, enjoy the NFL draft if that is your thing, and get yourself some beautiful Spring weather this weekend.

And until next time …

Stay Classy Cubs Fans!!

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