Rambling about the Cubs from Winter’s Edge

Opening week at Wrigley kicked off with the nicest weather anyone can remember for the event.  As Chicago would have it, as per the usual, it was a huge tease that found a cancellation and a few games played in frigid temperatures.

The beginning of the season has brought bad pitching, bad hitting, bad defense and just bad things.

So with that established, let’s get down to some rambling on this fine Friday morning in Chicago when many sports’ minds are thinking of greener pastures and whether a man nicknamed after a cat is finally “back.”

  • Am I the only one that thinks this whole “goat’s head” delivery is a MUCH, MUCH bigger story than it is being treated as?
  • I mean, someone chopped off a goat’s head and mailed it to Wrigley.  That is straight out of the “Godfather.”  This is unfathomable.  I mean, part of me thinks there should be a criminal investigation.
  • If that is not a credible threat against something or someone’s well being, I am not sure what is, short of the obvious.
  • And keeping in the criminal realm … Jorge … really?  Wow.  Reading what “allegedly” happened was quite unsettling.
  • I am glad that Sori came forward and said he would speak with Soler about it.
  • As I have said, unless the Cubs can get something substantial, they should just keep Sori. He clearly has formed solid bonds with some of the young guys, and he can be quite a role model in regards to work ethic and approach.
  • After a week and a half, I am very pleased with Rizzo.  I think (THINK) he can become the player we all hope he can be.  Yes, he needs to raise the average, but again, it’s been a week and a half.
  • If anyone reading this is a member at Augusta National, just give me a call, I will meet you down there whenever you are available.  Seriously, WHENEVER.
  • I thought this coaching staff was going to improve the defense …
  • Again, we are all judging on a week and a half.  We all must remember that.
  • When Aramis hit the ball, the sound off his bat was just different than others.  It was more solid, and in a way, more imposing.  When the ball comes off Welington Castillo’s bat it sounds very similar.
  • Castillo’s improvement is something I am paying close attention to.  He was the forgotten “C” after Castro, Colvin and Cashner.
  • I look forward to Barney’s season debut.  I think his presence can help.  Though, he must start hitting for a higher average.  I don’t want him to be another Theriot.  I am sure none of us do.
  • People can scream and yell about DeJesus, but I love his approach.  He is a consummate professional, and he will have a great impact on the younger players.
  • As a fan, I have never liked when players get booed.  On the other end, I find it totally acceptable for players to defend a teammate who is booed.
  • However, saying you have lost some respect for the fans that acted that way is admitting you have no idea what it is to be a fan, therefore further removing yourself from reality.
  • And just when I was starting to like you, James Russell. Don’t act like the fans booed Banks, Williams or Santo.  It was Marmol.
  • If you are going to play a game for a living, for multiple millions a year, you must have thick skin … and you must expect it when you perform badly.
  • The scheduling in April always confounds me.  When two bad-weather teams play early on, the games should be in the city that has a dome or a roof.  Not in an open-air stadium. See: Milwaukee vs. Chicago. I am no genius, but, at times, MLB’s schedule makes me feel like one.
  • And finally, here’s to Nate Schierholtz. Great start, sir. Here is to you keeping it up for a full six months.

This team will obviously not win it all, but there are plenty of things to look for, judge, debate and hopefully enjoy.  So with all of that, and a weekend full of golf at a masterpiece, I hope everyone enjoys themselves thoroughly over the next few days.

And until next time …

Stay Classy Cubs Fans!!

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Quote of the Day

"Don’t ever permit the pressure to exceed the pleasure." - Joe Maddon
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