Rambling about the Cubs from Winter’s Edge

Opening week at Wrigley kicked off with the nicest weather anyone can remember for the event.  As Chicago would have it, as per the usual, it was a huge tease that found a cancellation and a few games played in frigid temperatures.

The beginning of the season has brought bad pitching, bad hitting, bad defense and just bad things.

So with that established, let’s get down to some rambling on this fine Friday morning in Chicago when many sports’ minds are thinking of greener pastures and whether a man nicknamed after a cat is finally “back.”

  • Am I the only one that thinks this whole “goat’s head” delivery is a MUCH, MUCH bigger story than it is being treated as?
  • I mean, someone chopped off a goat’s head and mailed it to Wrigley.  That is straight out of the “Godfather.”  This is unfathomable.  I mean, part of me thinks there should be a criminal investigation.
  • If that is not a credible threat against something or someone’s well being, I am not sure what is, short of the obvious.
  • And keeping in the criminal realm … Jorge … really?  Wow.  Reading what “allegedly” happened was quite unsettling.
  • I am glad that Sori came forward and said he would speak with Soler about it.
  • As I have said, unless the Cubs can get something substantial, they should just keep Sori. He clearly has formed solid bonds with some of the young guys, and he can be quite a role model in regards to work ethic and approach.
  • After a week and a half, I am very pleased with Rizzo.  I think (THINK) he can become the player we all hope he can be.  Yes, he needs to raise the average, but again, it’s been a week and a half.
  • If anyone reading this is a member at Augusta National, just give me a call, I will meet you down there whenever you are available.  Seriously, WHENEVER.
  • I thought this coaching staff was going to improve the defense …
  • Again, we are all judging on a week and a half.  We all must remember that.
  • When Aramis hit the ball, the sound off his bat was just different than others.  It was more solid, and in a way, more imposing.  When the ball comes off Welington Castillo’s bat it sounds very similar.
  • Castillo’s improvement is something I am paying close attention to.  He was the forgotten “C” after Castro, Colvin and Cashner.
  • I look forward to Barney’s season debut.  I think his presence can help.  Though, he must start hitting for a higher average.  I don’t want him to be another Theriot.  I am sure none of us do.
  • People can scream and yell about DeJesus, but I love his approach.  He is a consummate professional, and he will have a great impact on the younger players.
  • As a fan, I have never liked when players get booed.  On the other end, I find it totally acceptable for players to defend a teammate who is booed.
  • However, saying you have lost some respect for the fans that acted that way is admitting you have no idea what it is to be a fan, therefore further removing yourself from reality.
  • And just when I was starting to like you, James Russell. Don’t act like the fans booed Banks, Williams or Santo.  It was Marmol.
  • If you are going to play a game for a living, for multiple millions a year, you must have thick skin … and you must expect it when you perform badly.
  • The scheduling in April always confounds me.  When two bad-weather teams play early on, the games should be in the city that has a dome or a roof.  Not in an open-air stadium. See: Milwaukee vs. Chicago. I am no genius, but, at times, MLB’s schedule makes me feel like one.
  • And finally, here’s to Nate Schierholtz. Great start, sir. Here is to you keeping it up for a full six months.

This team will obviously not win it all, but there are plenty of things to look for, judge, debate and hopefully enjoy.  So with all of that, and a weekend full of golf at a masterpiece, I hope everyone enjoys themselves thoroughly over the next few days.

And until next time …

Stay Classy Cubs Fans!!

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  • Tom U

    Brian, can you explain your whereabouts on April 10th?

    • Brian

      If memory serves, I was at home. The game was postponed. I was at work most of the day.

  • Sonate

    “Don’t act like the fans booed Banks, Williams, or Santo.” Unfortunately, Santo was often booed in Wrigley. Santo never complained. Once, coming to bat after making a costly error in the previous half inning, thousands of fans booed. However, even more fans stood up and cheered. When asked later, he said he expected boos and added “but most of the fans cheered. That was great.” Ron was a class act!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Raymond-Robert-Koenig/1295439291 Raymond Robert Koenig

    Whoever sent the goat’s head might have been trying to end “The Curse”.

  • redlarczykg

    Robert Whitenack DFA by the Indians. Wonder if the arm is gone?

    With the Cubs putting all there eggs the “build from the minors”, I’ll bet by the end of the year, they will announce plan B. Sign some good, not over priced FA to be competitve. Most hyped rookies never make it.

    The can’t miss Baez is batting at Daytona .133 – 30 AB 12 SO.

    Last year he struggled at Daytona batting .188 in 80 AB. You can say this a small sample, but the Cubs know he hasn’t developed plate discipline. You can’t swing for the hills every time up.

    • http://theboardridersuite.wordpress.com/ Theboardrider

      I don’t think yhey will deviate from the plan. They are committed to sustainable success, for better or worse.

    • Richard Hood

      Remember the commitment for the Cubs is not only the reputation of team Theo but also Substantial Dollars. With the increase in draft spending, the improvement in facilities and the Dominican Academy they have put A LOT of eggs in the build from within basket. So now I hope the Cubs fans have the patience to not go postal about losses this season. The improvement in the way they play and some good development stories are what they are wanting the headlines to be.

    • Ray Ray

      This happens all the time. A team picks up someone with no intention of keeping on the 40 man roster for very long and don’t feel like anyone else will claim if they put back on waivers. They only have to use up their own roster spot for a short time. If he clears they get an arm they can put in the minors to see if it pans out.

  • Scott

    The longer Soriano is around, the more I am thinking that it would be a great idea to have him retire after next year as a Cub and then become a “roving instructor” so to speak. Clearly not for defense or even his offensive approach sometimes, but just as a role model/mentor for the organization’s younger players. His performance on the field has been erratic over the years, mainly due to health, but he has never failed to give effort or be first in line to help another player. His leadership and guidance, in my opinion, could be a great asset moving forward for the likes of Castro, Soler and any other young players. At this point, I hope that he stays around and I hope that he finally gets the respect from the fan base for the effort that he gives both on and off the field.

    • Richard Hood

      I just wish that he was more vocal earlier. He was so shy on this team when it was really needed. Now we need him to be a leader as well and he has stepped up. But I can not help wishing that he would have been this guy 4 years ago.

  • GaryLeeT

    The way I understand the the goat head issue is the sender thought he was helping T.R. out by showing him that the curse is broken. As for the rest of the goat? A lot of countries consider curried goat meat to be a regular staple.

    • calicub

      Anyone remember goats head soup by the stones? Maybe the sender was suggesting wrigley pick up a Rolling Stones concert since they’re going on your later this spring…

    • DWalker

      You can probably get a goats head at some markets or shops. Theres good meat on the heads so there is a market (albeit small) for them. I kinda doubt the rest of the goat is just laying around. That said, I do wonder at the timing and I do think this may be a much larger isssue than its getting. So, what other white sox fans besides Tunny are involved in the sign debate?

  • Willie Smith

    did anyone catch beth murphy on the SCORE yesterday. very smart woman. 2 things she stated very interesting. 1. Crane Kenney was part of the Tribune negotiation team that signed the 4M or 17% of profits contract with the rooftops. So why is he still employed? The biggest issue is the legally binding rooftop contract. From this point forward; any more problems Kenney causes for the Cubs is on Ricketts.
    2. Murphy stated the rooftop contract does not preclude the Cubs from moving. OK, so why is Ricketts still talking to anyone . Move. Hello Rosement, Arlington Heights, or Addison. Make everyone blink or leave. I realize losing 101 games and drawing 2.8M was historic, but this whole story has become “white Noise” to me at this point.
    Finally, it’s not normal for words to lead to a baseball player leaving a bench clearing brawl and getting a bat headed to and reaching the railing of the other team’s dugout. did the dodgers get bats last nite after Greinke broke his collar bone;?? what’s the phrase we learned in kindergarten; stick and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.
    Soler should of been suspened by the Cubs too. Theo and Jed should be on a plane now to talk with him. Heard of Elijah Dukes before? Look him up. Cubs have 30M in Soler. Even Bert Campernaris had been hit and had a bat in his hand when he went nutso back in the ’70’s. this is a young immature kid, foreign country, can’t speak english, good signing bonus, this is not to be accepted with Theo saying :he was remorseful.
    I doubt the Cubs Way manual allows this.

    • 07GreyDigger

      I heard her too. I noticed she said that everyone has a price and getting bought out of their rooftops is what some of them would like. Interesting.

    • calicub

      Theo and Jed spoke with Soler immediately following the incident with one of the managers down in Daytona translating


      • Denver Mike

        As the negotiations with the City began to drag on, and the rooftop owners began to push some “weight” around, my initial reaction was much like yours — move the team somewhere, anywhere else. But once I stopped and processed all of the implications of them moving out of Wrigley I began to turn my opinion around. Yes, the rooftop owners are a pain in the ***, Wrigley in it’s current state is a dump, and getting to the North Side for game can be brutal…but you know what would REALLY suck? Going to a Cubs game in Naperville, or Schaumburg, or Rosemont. The idea of a bright shiny new stadium, and not dealing with the “politics” in Chicago would be nice but the fact of the matter is that the politicians in many of the Chicago suburbs are no better, possibly even worse than, Emmanuel, Tunney, and those pesky rooftop owners.

        I say suck it up, ride out the next 11 (?) years of the rooftop contract, then proceed to do whatever you want to the stadium (within the bounds of the landmark status). I lived in DuPage County for 30 years, and a big part of the excitement of going to Cubs games was taking the train downtown, the “L” up to Wrigleyville, and the history/authenticity of the older neighborhoods….

        I don’t know, I still go back and forth, but more and more I say keep em put. It just wouldn’t be the same if they moved.

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