Jorge Soler Ejected After Bench Clearing Incident

Jorge Soler, one of the top prospects in the Cubs’ system, was ejected from Wednesday night’s game following a bench clearing incident. According to multiple reports, Soler attacked Clearwater’s dugout with a bat. While the details are unclear at this point and the Cubs have not issued a statement, Soler apparently hit the dugout wall with a bat, not an opposing player.

Soler reportedly got into a shouting match with the other team after an incident earlier in the game in which Soler was stepped on while running the bases. The Tribune reported that Soler challenged the players to a fight.

Updated 11:47pm CDTComcast SportsNet passed on a report from Daytona’s director of media relations indicating that Jorge Soler did not strike the dugout with a bat.

The Sun-Times reported that Jorge Soler and Clearwater’s shortstop exchanged words that led to the benches clearing. Javier Baez and Dayton’s hitting coach, Mariano Duncan, restrained Soler and pulled him back to the dugout.

The Cubs have not issued a statement or commented on the story. According to the Tribune and Sun-Times, the team is still gathering information.

Jorge Soler is not known to have a temper or makeup issues, so to say his actions on Wednesday night come as a surprise would be an understatement.

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  • Ripsnorter1

    Don’t let it happen again. We don’t need a Carlos Zambrano, part two.

    • J Daniel

      Correct! Is Big Z on a roster this year?

      • calicub

        nope, and surpisingly he is still fairly young.

        Remember back in the day he used to say if his Right arm ever fell off he’d pitch left handed, and if that didn’t work he’d move to the outfield?

        I’m still waiting…

  • Raymond Robert Koenig

    One more reason to be embarrassed to be a Cub fan.

  • BadSituation

    This is a bad situation however I feel like the media is blowing it out of proportion. Hopefully he is suspended and the club educates him on handling these situations. Wasn’t it a few years ago a Reds player actually kicked and spiked a Cardinals player in the head? There are far worse players in the league than Soler. Hopefully this will be an isolated incident.

    • 07GreyDigger

      You know if this was hockey, he would be lauded for standing up for his teammates.

    • calicub

      Yeah I believe it was Johnny Cueto, but to be fair to him, that was a massive fight and a few cardinals players pushed him back up against the netting of the backstop and almost into the stands but for the net. They absolutely trapped him there so he started kicking..

      • Denver Mike

        …and Jason LaRue, the player he kicked in the head experienced recurring concussion symptoms which eventually led to his retirement. I can’t think of any circumstance on a baseball diamond that justifies kicking someone in the head or approaching them with a bat.

  • Jason Douglas

    I think things will work out just fine for Jorge in the long run.

    In fact, I imagine in 10 years or so he will change his name to Metta World Peace or something like that…

  • triple

    Soler is just sending a message to opposing pitchers…. “Don’t even think about beaning me!”

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