It’s Time to Play Ball … It’s Opening Day!

The first pitch, the crack of the bat, and the optimism felt by millions of fans from city to city and coast to coast … it must be Opening Day.

Opening Day is like no other on the calendar and the feeling felt on the first day of a baseball season is hard to explain to those that do not follow the game with the same passion as we have for our entire lives. Baseball is our passion and it is our pastime. It is the game our grandfather taught to our father that in turn taught the game to us. This is the game we debate on the coldest of winter days and cheer on the hottest summer night. This is the game we all played as children and still follow as the same wide-eyed 10-year old that we haven’t seen in the mirror in more days that we care to remember.

Baseball is full of tradition, colorful characters and stories that have in some cases become urban legends. Baseball transcends generations and cultures and has broken down barriers. Phrases and words from America’s Pastime are part of everyday vocabulary and accepted in every walk of life. The books fill our offices, the movies fill our armoires and the game’s names and numbers fill what is left in our memory banks. This is our sport … this is baseball.

So grab your peanuts and crackerjack, maybe a dog or a brat and or course, a cold one. Dust off the old 45 of Centerfield, read your son or daughter Casey at the Bat, throw in your copy of Boys of Zimmer and get ready for the marathon …

It’s time for baseball. It’s time to root for the Cubs. It is Opening Day …


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Quote of the Day

"Show me a guy who’s afraid to look bad, and I’ll show you a guy you can beat every time." – Lou Brock

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  • calicub

    Beautifully said Neil. The world is a better place when baseball is in the air.

    Today I will wear my jersey with pride. You never know how it will all turn out (although this year i think we already might) and thats why we watch.

    Here’s to the next 200 days of Baseball!!!

    • 07GreyDigger

      I wish I could wear a jersey. Stupid job.

      • calicub

        That is the perk of still being in school

  • Tom U

    Thank goodness “The Winter that Wouldn’t End” is finally over (we hope!). Glad to hear the words “Play Ball!”

  • Ripsnorter1

    It ought to be a good game, too, with Samardzija vs. Burnett.

  • Agustín

    Play Ball!!!

  • Theboardrider

    Well said Neil! I liked the reference to “games name’s!”

  • SuzyS

    Excitement and memories!!! “Seashells and Balloons” as
    Al Mcquire loved to say.
    Whatever happens…win, lose, draw (only without lights), I hope evryone here at the CCO ENJOYS!!!

  • John G

    It’s Opening Day. And it’s April 1. Time to remember Sidd Finch. Oh how we could use him now.

  • WidespreadHisPanic

    Let’s do this!!

  • Tarzan Joe

    As a die-hard baseball fan, opening day is great! and for one day the Cubs are in 1st. I’ve watched this team for nearly 40 yrs and I live and die with this team.

    This year is going to be horrid; 95 losses or thereabouts.

    The Ricketts regime; his “aw shucks” Mike McCaskey type attitude was not what Cubs fan needed after getting rid of the evil Tribune Company.

    He’s raised tix prices, lowered payroll, not followed thru on Wrigleyville West in Mesa, completely botched the renovation negotiations, and the “build from within” company line is completely financially motivated. Their plan to buy the team was a mess allowing Zell to keep 5% ownership stake resulting in the most leveraged team in baseball. (Zell had NO leverage at the time of the sale, the Tribune was in bankruptcy court, had to sell the Cubs and if they did not, eventually Bud and MLB would of taken the team from him like McCourt lost the Dodgers) so Ricketts chose this complicated financing which is why the renovation is so crucial.

    Father Joe Ricketts is controlling the pursestrings at Clark & Addison. With a top 5 baseball avg tix price at $98 plus, no team ever lost 101 games but drew 2.8M fans.

    Attached is an article from the Sun-Times today that states all my fears on the Cubs being highly leveraged due to the horrid sale by Zell the Ricketts allowed, that the financing by the trust owned by Father Joe is dicatating where money is being spent.

    Read it and you’ll understand that the $32M made last year is not going back to baseball operations nor is the debt being paid down(my guess to the family or to the Ricketts Trust).

    You’ll also see why Cespedes, Darvish, Ryu, and Paig were not signed because Soler was the cheapest and signed the longest contract. (Cespedes has already said if the Cubs offered 4yrs; he’s a Cub). Theo has contraints on international signings due to the horrid way this team was leveraged.

    Attached is the Forbes article showing the Cubs operating payroll and the 15% increase in net worth and how leveraged they are.

    It will be 2016 before this team will be over .500. There is no guarantee once and if the renovation talks are approved by the city; that the rooftoops don’t file a lawsuit that could delay things for years.

    A savvy owner like Cuban would never of allowed Zell to keep ownership, would of said from day one we’ll move if we don’t get everything our way, and not allowed “losing on purpose” in a major market with top 10 attendance, top 5 tix prices, and the best most loyal fans in all of baseball.
    Go Cubs Go……………….but it does not have to be this hard.