From the Wire … Cubs Add Gregg to Major League Roster, Claim Cody Ransom Off Waivers, DFA Lillibridge and Takahashi

The Cubs announced a flurry of roster moves prior to Tuesday’s game against the Texas Rangers. The Cubs activated Darwin Barney from the 15-day DL and officially optioned Rafael Dolis to Triple-A Iowa.

The Cubs added Kameron Loe to the active roster. Loe was claimed off waivers from the Mariners on Sunday. The Cubs added Kevin Gregg to the bullpen mix. Gregg was signed to a minor league deal on Sunday. To make room for Kevin Gregg, the Cubs designated Hisanori Takahashi for assignment.

The Cubs also claimed Cody Ransom off waivers from the Padres and designated Brent Lillibridge for assignment to make room on the 40-man roster.

Kameron Loe and Kevin Gregg are with the team and available out of the bullpen for Tuesday night’s game. Cody Ransom is not available, but could make it to the park prior to game time, if not the Cubs will play with a 24-man roster for the second game in a row.

Jed Hoyer said the Cubs like the defensive versatility that Cody Ransom provides and Lillibridge was lost in a numbers game. Ransom played in just five games for the Padres prior to San Diego designating him for assignment on April 12. Ransom was 0-for-11 on the season. The 37-year old has a career line of .215/.302/.387/.690 over 11 years in the big leagues.

Cody Ransom’s Page on Baseball-Reference

Kevin Gregg told the media he signed with the Cubs because he feels there will be an opportunity for him to close games.

Here is a breakdown of Tuesday’s roster moves:

  • Brent Lillibridge was designated for assignment
  • Hisanori Takahashi was designated for assignment
  • Kevin Gregg’s contract was purchased from Triple-A Iowa. Kevin Gregg was added to the 40-man and active 25-man roster
  • Kameron Loe was added to the active 25-man roster
  • Cody Ransom was claimed off waivers from the Padres, added to the 40-man and active 25-man roster
  • Darwin Barney was activated from 15-day DL
  • Rafael Dolis was optioned to Triple-A Iowa

The Cubs 40-man roster currently stands at 40 players.

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Quote of the Day

"People ask me a lot about the values I got from playing for the Cubs for so many years. The value I got out of it was patience. A lot of people these days are not very patient." - Ernie Banks

Ernie Banks, Mr. Cub (1931-2015)

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  • paulcatanese

    Wow, these are you’re 2013 Cubs, retro to the 1950’s.
    I can live with that. Don’t expect anything and I will be pleased.

    • Brp921

      I’ve been a fan since the sixties and they’re as bad as I’ve seen them Paul. The difference now is we’ve at least got an owner who wants to win. That gives me hope. Whether or not he gets it done with this front office remains to be seen, but if not, I believe he’ll keep on trying instead of just being satified with filling up the stadium. As dismall as things look at the major league level they are starting to look pretty good at the lower levels. With a couple more good drafts and some of the young guys maturing things may get exciting again.

      • Ripsnorter1

        Let’s see…how much money does Theo make?


        • Brp921

          Hey I could produce sixty wins for that kind of money! lol…

      • paulcatanese

        I agree that the owner wants to win,(cause he is more of a fan), I like that. Things look worse to me because of the years I spent as a Cub fan without being privy to all of the hidden aspects of the game that are now out front where you can see them. Used to be all one had to go on was what showed up for the season, no breakdowns of the players coming along from the minors or what was being traded for. Modern baseball, nothing is hidden,the media tells all along with the blogs that are out now. Sometimes too much information is just that, too much. I wouldn’t have it any other way now, actually a good time to follow the sport.

        • Brp921

          We’ve come a long way from the Baseball Digest and The Sporting News to ESPN and The CCO!

  • redlarczykg

    Signing Kevin Gregg is just another example of just what a fraud we have with the two wonder boys Theo and Jed.
    There will be more and more empty seat at Wrigley as this bad dream continues.

    • 07GreyDigger

      I don’t like the signing. But what signings would you have made that were better this offseason?

      • BosephHeyden

        Not signing Kevin Gregg is a better signing than signing Kevin Gregg.

        • 07GreyDigger

          You didn’t really answer my question.

      • Jason Penrod

        Brian Wilson? Fransisco Rodriguez? Both would cost a little bit more… But could also be traded for more at the deadline. Gregg won’t get you anything because he’s never been all that good. In fact he’s been awful.

    • Shawon O’Meter

      Great point Red. Signing an in season free agent reliever to a minimum contract proves the Cubs FO is a fraud. I can’t believe they didn’t scoop up Rivera or Nathan who are both totally available. C’mon Man!

      • BosephHeyden

        There’s no benefit to the Cubs though. The major league minimum is still way too much to spend on a reliever who has already failed at Wrigley, and against the teams the Cubs play against. There’s signings to improve a team and signings for the sake of saying a move was made. This is the latter.

  • Rational Logic

    The best contract the Cubs will sign this year will be, by far, the renovation deal.

    • SuzyS

      Let’s hope it’s the #2 draft pick!

      • Rational Logic

        Excellent point. Good call. Although if we don’t sign Appell, something tells me I’ll be a little let down with that, too. But who knows!

        This year wasn’t supposed to be a strong year anyway. Maybe we can flip Garza and land another top 5 pick. Wouldn’t be the worst thing.

        • Jason Penrod

          I like Gray better than Appell… we can only hope the Astros pass on the future ace.

      • BosephHeyden

        I dunno: the Marlins have made a huge effort to get it this year, and the Astros are still hungry. The Cubs have a lot of work to do.

        • gary3411

          We already have the number 2 pick.

  • Ripken Boy

    Cody Ransom stinks, we should of just kept Lillibridge.

    • 07GreyDigger

      Ouch. That’s really bad. Because Lillibridge is really awful.

    • Ray Ray

      It’s like comparing a Ford Pinto to a Yugo.

      • SuzyS

        I dunno, how bout a Vega?

        • Ripsnorter1

          Lillibridge was going to get 500 ABs for this team. I’m shocked.

  • Shawon O’Meter

    Now that is funny

  • Tom U

    Apologies to Neil for using this:


    • Neil

      My thoughts exactly …

  • Neil

    Good at bat from Rizzo

  • TinTin Rex


  • TinTin Rex

    K.Gregg will net us the #1 pick for next year… not a bad signing at all. Not to mention the 37yo stud

    • Jason Penrod

      Yeah, Marmol in the 8th… Gregg in the ninth… Plus with our hitters there’s no way you could get a big enough lead.

  • Ripsnorter1

    Gotta love that Ransom’s career .215 BA. Ahh, the lovely Mendoza Line!!

    Let’s see…
    2009….hit .190.
    2010….hit .190. Dependable, isn’t he?
    2011….hit .152.
    2012…career year…220–But with two teams. He went to Milwaukee and hit .196….

    And he is better than Lillibridge. Sveum had to say something, so he says that he likes Ransom’s position flexibility. Lillibridge plays 8 positions! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  • Ripsnorter1

    He’s better than Shawn Camp. Camp is throwing 85 mph now.

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