Wrigley Field Restoration Update: Progress Being Made on Deal before Cubs Started Playing Hardball

According to the Sun-Times, there was “incredible progress” being made on a deal between the Cubs and the city before the Cubs turned up the heat and started playing hardball.

Fran Spielman reported that sources are indicating a deal can still be salvaged, and it “is certain to include some signage inside the ballpark and some blockage of rooftop clubs even after attempts to minimize the number of obstructions.”

The report also indicated that Mayor Emanuel “is prepared to lift the 30-game-per season ceiling on the number of night games to 44 or 45 games” and “six to ten 3:05 pm starts could also be part of the mix.”

The Cubs have to mend some fences according to the report, but the team “flatly denied” they were trying to pressure Mayor Emanuel into taking sides. Dennis Culloton told the Sun-Times, “We are just trying to get a deal done with the city of Chicago. That’s been the Ricketts family’s goal since day one. Any offers from other communities have been unsolicited.”

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  • DWalker

    Hmm, seems like the only one playing hardball is Tunney, I guess Rahm is feeling left out. People deserve to know tunney not only is a bought and paid for stooge, but an idiot as well. Seriously, I actually feel like the city doesn’t want a cubs the cubs to succeeed. Heck, the Ricketts haven’t played any major card sbeyond 500 million in financing. No threats, no even hint of moving, nothing. their restraint is admirable, but it seems like everytime all we hear is how Rahm is mad at the ricketts over something. A little politcal bias?

    • Aaron

      Tunney and especially Emmanuel (who ironically tried to silence free speech through strong arm tactics) can eat sh$t.
      If I’m the Ricketts….even the suggestion that they are strong arming anyone would cause me to leave immediately

      • Henry

        I agree. I read the article in the Sun-Times this morning and could not understand what the Cubs did that would upset the Mayor. Stephens the Mayor of Rosemont is the one who floated the idea of the Cubs moving to Rosemont. He said in an interview that he floated it on his own! He said he did not want to be late to the party if the Cubs could not finalize a deal with Chicago. Then Dupage County also comes in with an unsolicited request that the Cubs consider them if the Chicago deal falls through.

        I say let everyone including the city make their best offer. Then the Cubs would finally have some leverage. This is just crazy. The Sun Times is being irresponsible by stating that the Cubs/Rickets are strong arming Tunney and the city.

      • paul john catanese

        Agree 100% Aaron, and I think the worm is turning, go Ricketts, how many teams are willing to put up their own money for improvements?

    • paul john catanese

      Agree with you, political?, for sure.Same as Washington, we all know how thats going, no one can agree on anything.

  • WidespreadHisPanic

    Well if there’s gonna be increased signage inside the park I hope they fit the ads to a vintage look

  • philpotkid

    If there are any strong arm tactics going on here it’s the roof-tops who are trying it. They’re the tail trying to wag the dog. Let the Cubs move, Ald. Tunney….see what happens in “Wrigleyville” then. Further, what do the legitimate businesses (I do not consider roof-top owners as legitimate) think about all this? Ask the other restaurants, shops, bars, etc. all over the neighborhood. Where do their sympathies lie. They vote too, Alderman.