Wrigley Field Restoration Update: DuPage County Would Be Thrilled to Sit Down with the Cubs

While an anonymous aide for Mayor Rahm Emanuel dismissed Rosemont’s overture to the Cubs and told the Sun-Times, “The idea that the Cubs would leave Wrigley Field is not something to be taken seriously,” the plot thickened according to a report from Crain’s Chicago Business.

Greg Hintz reported Tuesday that the news of Rosemont’s offer to the Cubs has spurred chatter that DuPage County needs to get into the race for the Cubs.

Greg Hintz pointed out, the Cubs are distancing themselves from these conversations but have yet to rule them out.

According to the report, Dennis Culloton told DuPage County Board President Dan Cronin on Monday night that if a deal is not in place with the city by April 1, he does not know what the situation will be. As Greg Hintz reported, the Cubs focus is on reaching an agreement to rebuild Wrigley Field.

Dennis Culloton and Dan Cronin ran into one another at Monday night’s meeting of Choose DuPage, Mr. Culloton is on the agency’s board.

According to the report, Mr. Cronin acknowledged that it is highly unlikely the Cubs would leave Wrigley Field but if something changed, they would “be thrilled to sit down and try to work something out.”

Full Report from Crain’s Chicago Business

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  • paul john catanese

    The more the City of Chicago and the rooftop association
    kicks dirt in Mr. Ricketts face, well I have an idea that it could get muddy for the City.
    It’s one thing to have opposition to what the Cubs are trying to do, and another if it’s rubbed in.
    I look for future meetings with people from other areas to come into the picture, and whether the Cubs move or not
    of their own accord, the City may push so hard for their way, it just may happen.

  • Richard Hood

    At this point I am of the opinion that the city of Chicago and the Lakeview area in particular does not deserve the Cubs. Rickett has bent over backwards to get this done and the shake down is still happening. I would like him to set a hard deadline of being able to go forward or start looking at plan B. I hope that it is soon.

  • 07GreyDigger

    They made a good point this morning how the Cubs used Naples, FL to leverage Mesa, AZ into their spring training home. I say go with DuPage County. I’m looking to move there anyway!