Wrigley Field Restoration Update: Ald. Tunney Not Backing Down

A day after the Cubs announced a partnership with Chicago Athletic Clubs, Ald. Tom Tunney is talking tough about his terms of agreement according to a report from the Tribune.

Tunney told the Tribune “he would not sign off on a deal unless it included more parking, better police protection and aesthetic assurances sought by Wrigleyville residents and businesses … all issues that have yet to be settled.”

The Tribune reported when Ald. Tunney was reminded that Mayor Rahm Emanuel is pushing for an agreement, Tunney said but it would not be “on the backs of my community.”

The Cubs are trying to finalize a deal by Opening Day so they will be able to begin the first stage of the restoration project in November.

The two sides were not able to reach an agreement on a new contract in time for the Cubs to add night games or additional signage for the 2013 season. Tunney and Mayor Emanuel want a comprehensive deal in place that addressed the signage issue, night games, additional concerts, parking, security, aesthetics and closing off nearby streets for game-day street festivals.

Full Report from the Chicago Tribune

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  • DWalker

    Tunney: “My campaign funds are light, as soon as you have funneled a few, er contributions to my reelection campaign, the mayors campaign, the policeman’s ball, the unions and throw in something for the poor suffering rooftop owners who are just barely scraping by, say a 100 year exclusive contract at say, oh half the rate you are getting now, We can have a deal!” Good ole chicago politics. How about they demolish a few of those rooftops to put in parking?

    • paulcatanese

      Very much right on the money.

      • 07GreyDigger

        Wasn’t there supposed to be a parking garage with the new building? I thought I read that somewhere.

    • triple

      The really should just build a new stadium just outside of Chicago at this point.

      • Aaron

        Evanston sounds good

        • triple


  • mutantbeast

    In other words, another typical corrupt, leftist, demorat pol trying to do what they always do, line there pockets and to H#ll with those they represent.

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