Wrigley Field Restoration Update: Ald. Tunney Issues Statement Regarding Scoreboard

Ald. Tom Tunney released a statement Wednesday afternoon in response to the Sun-Times report the he proposed tearing down the centerfield scoreboard at Wrigley Field.

Among the proposals Ald. Tunney has made to the Cubs to preserve the views of the rooftop clubs is to replace the landmarked scoreboard with a jumbotron and move the scoreboard to a new location.

Alderman Tom Tunney’s statement as posted on Facebook:

“Negotiations are ongoing with the Chicago Cubs. As Alderman, I know the importance of preserving and renovating historic Wrigley Field in our community. The Cubs, the administration and I have had many meetings where creative solutions have been offered that could satisfy the community and the Cubs organization.”

“Moving the scoreboard to left field, where a similar one existed until the 1930’s, and replacing it with a video board it is just one of the many ideas that have been on the table. It was discussed in earnest by all parties and dismissed.”

“Overall, the discussions have been positive and conversations with the team continue. We all hope that solutions can be reached that are in keeping with the character of the community and the desires of the Cubs.”

Wrigley-1937Ald. Tunney did not mention relocating the scoreboard to the same place it was in the 30s would block the views of the rooftop clubs, unless it is made smaller. The scoreboard that was located in left field was smaller than the current scoreboard in centerfield.

According to George Ofman, the Cubs rejected Tunney’s proposal to move the scoreboard to left field.

Full Report from the Tribune

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Updated 7:00pm CDT – The photo added above was taken on August 13, 1937 by my wife’s grandmother. This photo shows where the scoreboard was placed in left field and the construction on the centerfield scoreboard. Click on photo to enlarge.

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  • John G

    I’m not an accountant, but it might be cheaper for Ricketts to buy all the buildings across the street, ask the city to shutdown Waveland and Sheffield and then expand out that way. Or just keep the scoreboard and add a Jumbotron on a rooftop across the street. The possibilities are endless if everyone is willing to be open minded.

  • calicub

    When is Tunney up for reelection? The cubs and supporting citizens need to make a push for a more agreeable alderman.

    • calicub

      Upon further research, he was reelected in 2011 to a four year term. I read a little about him on Wikipedia and thought the following excerpt was most telling:

      During his campaign Tunney claimed that he woud address the potential conflict of interest which would arise through his business arrangements by selling his interest in four restaurants. After being elected and sworn in, Tunney decided not to sell.

      Sounds like he’s been a skeez ball since day one. You can only negotiate for so long. I have to imagine the camels back is getting pretty weighed down a few more straws are liable to break it. Mr Ricketts needs to pull out the big guns, even if he isn’t truly considering it, and threaten to leave if a deal isn’t reached in two weeks and be done with it.

  • Tom U

    Thank you to everyone who made last night’s Tuesday’s with Tom U our new most successful post to date. Yesterday’s Q&A session once again broke the record set the previous week on TWTU

  • cub oneder

    The tail is wagging the dog. Tom R. is has opened his mind to the tune of $300 Million. This is outrageous that one man and a few business owners can affect the team business so much. Move to Rosemont! There will only be further headaches down the line.

    • P-Town Tom

      I prefer DuPage. I don’t want the new ballpark to be right next to O’Hare.

  • http://chicagocubsonline.com/ Neil

    I added a photo above that was taken by my wife’s grandmother on August 13, 1937. The photo shows the size and placement of the scoreboard in left field as well as the construction of the centerfield scoreboard.

    • SuzyS

      Neil…Great Pic!!! I wish they could just resolve their differences and be on with it…

      • http://chicagocubsonline.com/ Neil

        Thank you Suzy … me too.

    • John G

      Sure looks like there was a lot more room for the bullpen down the left field line in those days. And it looks like it might have been ladies day. They don’t do that anymore do they?

      • calicub

        no place for bartman to sit!

      • http://chicagocubsonline.com/ Neil

        I am not sure if it was ladies day or not, I did not ask her.

    • http://www.facebook.com/jim.canavan.14 Jim Canavan

      Nice picture, I wonder if Tunney has any type of problem with it?

    • paul john catanese

      Nice photo Neil, and I had just turned 3 yrs old a few weeks before.

  • 07GreyDigger

    “Discussions have been positive.”