Wrigley Field Restoration Update: Ald. Tom Tunney Proposed Tearing Down Wrigley Field Scoreboard

According to a report from the Sun-Times, in an attempt “to preserve the birds-eye view from rooftop clubs overlooking Wrigley Field, Ald. Tom Tunney has made a bold suggestion to the Cubs: replace the iconic landmarked centerfield scoreboard with a video scoreboard that would generate millions without blocking anybody’s view.”

The Sun-Times spoke with two sources close to the negotiations to confirm that Ald. Tunney suggested that the Cubs tear down the scoreboard, despite its landmark status.

Dennis Culloton, spokesman for Tom Ricketts, told the Sun-Times that demolishing the scoreboard has never been part of the Cubs plans to restore Wrigley Field.

Ald. Tunney is determined to find a way for the views of the rooftop clubs not to be blocked, but the scoreboard, along with the ivy and the marquee are landmarked and cannot be touched. As the Sun-Times reported, the centerfield scoreboard was one of several historic elements of Wrigley Field that was landmarked in 2004 as part of agreement that allowed the team to add 12 more night games.

Fran Spielman reported that the Cubs are “considering locations in left and right field for a video scoreboard that would provide the instant replay modern-day baseball fans demand.” The boards would help generate revenue for the team needed to help pay for the restoration of Wrigley Field.

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  • Dan R

    Tunney is a jerk! Move the cash cow to Rosemont and be done with the rooftops, Tunney, Wrigleyville & the City of Chicago once and for all!

  • Tony_Hall

    This just shows how little Tunney knows about Wrigley Field and the Cubs. All he is concerned about is the rooftop owners. Aren’t the Cubs and Wrigley Field in his district as well?

    • DWalker

      Tunney knows, but doesn’t care. The ONLY thing that matters to him is A. his campaign contributions and B. how much he can milk the cash cow for on this. As far as he is concerned, those are the ONLY two things that matter on this. everything else is bargaining. He’d let the cubs play every game at night if he could find a way to profit from it, but its a good bargaining point. Historical landmark status, who cares as long as he can profit from it.

  • 07GreyDigger

    I heard that the rooftop owners contribute to Tunney’s campaign funds. Hmmmmm.

  • John G

    Where’s Dempsey when we really need him?

  • Dnuge

    Tunney is a stooge for the rooftop owners, he has proved that with his idea to tear down the scoreboard ! The Cubs will never get along with these idiots, don’t they know that with no Cubs the area will go to hell !

    perhaps a move is the way to go ! but it will never happen, just dont think Ricketts wants that fight !

  • mutantbeast

    Is Tunney possably related to Gene Tunney, the HW boxing champion of the 1920s? The reason I ask is Gene Tunneys son used to be a senator from California, and he was a colossal idiot, just like the alderman is.

    • calicub

      Idk about that but his cousin is on the Mentalist…

      • mutantbeast

        then they are related. The guy on the mentalist is the grandson of the former senator. TY

        • calicub

          Small World huh?

  • cc002600

    speaking of rooftops. I’m sure many of you have been up there to see a game. I’ve been up there a couple times, and while its sort of a cool thing to do once or twice, its really not that great of a view to the game. Yes, you can see the field but you are a VERY, VERY long way from the action at home plate, which is where the game is played. To me, its really not worth what they charge.

    Yes, you get the food, but depending on how well the cubs are doing plus the other normal factors of weekend games, weather, etc, the price can be upwards of $150. Of course, when the cubs suck, like recently, they are not able to get that. But either way, to me its overpriced and not worth it.

    curious as to what others feel about it.

    • paul john catanese

      Agree, I would not even consider under any circumstance to sit up there. Totaly under the mercy of the elements, no view, and in general a lousy place to watch a game.

    • Tony_Hall

      Never been and have no plans to ever visit a rooftop overlooking the Cubs.

  • paul john catanese

    As I had posted earlier, this is just another thorn in the side of Mr Ricketts,and I know that moving would be a very last resort on his part. Too much money, delays with a new stadium, all kinds of things that say no move.
    But, if this keeps up by the City of Chicago, watch out for Mr Ricketts senior, he may just step in and say “enough is enough”. Not that he has direct impact with his son, as he is his own man. But what if his (senior) throws his own money and influence in the hat? Senior does not have the love of the city in his back pocket, nor do I believe he feels the same about the city, things may happen yet, hopfully.

  • http://chicagocubsonline.com/ Neil

    Statement from Ald. Tunney

    Negotiations are ongoing with the Chicago Cubs. As Alderman, I know the importance of preserving and renovating historic Wrigley Field in our community. The Cubs, the administration and I have had many meetings where creative solutions have been offered that could satisfy the community and the Cubs organization.

    Moving the scoreboard to left field, where a similar one existed until the 1930’s, and replacing it with a video board it is just one of the many ideas that have been on the table. It was discussed in earnest by all parties and dismissed.

    Overall, the discussions have been positive and conversations with the team continue. We all hope that solutions can be reached that are in keeping with the character of the community and the desires of the Cubs.

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