Wrigley Field Restoration Update: A New Wrigleyville Group Supports the Cubs

According to a report from DNAinfo.com Chicago, there is a new Wrigley neighborhood group dedicated to supporting the Cubs’ renovation of Wrigley Field.

The new group, aptly called Wrigleyville Neighbors, supports Friday 3:05 games, signage in the outfield, Sheffield street fairs and more concerts at Wrigley Field.

Bridget O’Rourke, president of the group, Dave Nimick and Mark VerHalen were a part of a similar coalition during the bleacher expansion talks according to the report, and held their first meeting about three weeks ago that attracted about 15 people.

According to the report, the Wrigleyville Neighbors is a partner of the Cubs but both the team and the group said it is independently run by the residents.

Ald. Tom Tunney’s director of community outreach, Erin Duffy, said she had not heard of the new organization and William DeMille, president of Lake View’s Citizens’ Council, only heard about it when he received an email from the team.

Full Report from DNAinfo.com Chicago

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  • Aaron


    My apologies if this has already been posted, but did everyone see this?:



    Personally, I believe my idea of them moving to Evanston, Winnetka, etc. is a viable option. I do not think moving to Rosemont, and thus in the flight patterns of O’Hare would be a great idea. It’d remind me of old Shea Stadium.

    But I saw on the blogosphere that recommended the Ricketts purchase the Iowa Cubs, move them to Wrigley, and then find a suburb to build them a stadium, or at the very least give them land and parking.

    After all, repairs, improvements, etc., combined with restrictions in the neighborhood will end up costing the Cubs at minimum $500 million (and that’s BARE minimum) just for the stadium. But here’s the deal….the lost revenue each year…well, here are further details compliments of csnchicago:

    Financial Restrictions on the Chicago Cubs

    • Revenue generated by the rooftop owners: $24 million – 17 percent = $4 million (The Cubs receive 17 percent of revenue)
    • Signage restrictions: $20-30 million
    • Amusement taxes paid in 2011: $17 million
    • Addt’l. night games (Avg. in MLB is 57): $1 million addt’l. per game = $27 million
    • Street Festivals and more concerts: (Could have naming rights if a consistent number is allowed each season) = $10 million estimate.

    If you add all of that up, plus the estimated $10 million/year upkeep of the outdated Wrigley, it begins to make a LOT of sense for the Cubs to just pack up and move.

    More than anything, I would LOVE the Cubs to stick it to Emmanuel and Tunney. It would serve as a lesson to the corrupt politicians of Chicago. Can you imagine the fallout for Emmanuel and Tunney?!? It would be sweet justice for what he did to the Ricketts withe the Super Pac ads of Papa Ricketts….and that was just them participating in free speech and the election process. I could give two sh$ts about the history of the neighborhood, etc. Some retribution needs to be exacted here. You can’t just silence your critics like he has.

    • 07GreyDigger

      They’re not going to move, but these are great ideas as leverage because right now they have ZERO.

  • Bob

    I think they should pack up and leave the neighborhood that doesn’t want to give them the freedom to run their OWN business. They should be able to have games when they want, have concerts when they want, and put any kind of signs they want to help build the revenue for their park. This whole thing is ubsurd. An alderman saying what they can do is Funney, oh sorry Tunney. This guy wants them gone, or to do it his way. Let’s see the last time Tunney did something like hang a picture in his home and someone said he couldn’t. This is just BS. MOVE CUBS, leave the park and let the neighborhood complain when you are gone and the bars aren’t busy, and the local businesses have lost business because of it. Tunney needs to look at the big picture, not just the rooftops who have been stealing the view for years. Tell me the last time, the the Blackhawks, Bulls or White Sox had to deal with when to do anything in their parks or stadiums.

  • LV2Resident

    Please listen to this podcast from WBEZ. https://soundcloud.com/morningshiftwbez/130329-morning-shift-seg-a

    They do not represent the area around Wrigleyville in any way. They represent the Cubs. Astroturfing… They are shills for the team.