Report: Tigers Among Several Teams Taking a Hard Look at Carlos Marmol

According to a report from Bruce Levine, Carlos Marmol “will likely be pitching for another team by Opening Day.” Levine reported that several teams, including the Detroit Tigers, are taking a “hard look” at the Cubs’ closer. Marmol is owed $9.8 million for this season, the third and final year of the three-year contract he signed prior to the 2011 season.

The Tigers are reportedly looking for a veteran closer after a shaky start to the spring by rookie Bruce Rondon, and several teams scouted Rick Porcello during his start in the Grapefruit League on Monday. The Cubs were not mentioned as one of the teams on hand for Porcello’s outing.

Carlos Marmol waived his no-trade protection in November and agreed to a trade to the Angels before the Cubs’ pulled out of the deal due to Dan Haren’s medicals. According to Bruce Levine, Marmol would likely agree to a trade to a contending team.

Levine reported the Cubs would not hesitate to move Marmol in return for young pitching.

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  • Tom U

    Just a reminder,,, Tuesday’s with Tom U begins at 7:00 PM CDT on facebook

  • Ripsnorter1

    This will be interesting to watch what happens.

  • triple

    If there indeed are multiple teams with the need and high interest, this might be the best time to sell high.

  • Aaron

    there is a stark contrast between teams “needing” a closer, and teams “wanting” a closer. Teams that need a closer more likely to pay the going rate, versus teams that simply “want” a closer.

    In other words, if a team like the TIgers has a closer-in-waiting that is having a rough Spring Training (Rondon), they’re in a position of “wanting” a closer. Now, if Rondon goes down with injury, or starts the season very poorly, then they’re in a position of “needing” a closer.

    That’s why the original reports that he’d be traded mid-season are probably true. Plus, with only Russell, Fujikawa, and Camp as good bets out of the pen, they really need all the good arms they can possibly get, and while Marmol happens to be erratic, he still has good stuff, and has an electric arm (when he utilizes his fastball…and locates it). Who else do they have? Bowden? Rondon? Takahashi? (okay, so if Takahashi, then who gets DFA’d?) If someone gets DFA’d then, then who gets taken off if Bougesivic makes the team? A spot can be created when Stewart is taken off, and when they put Vizcaino on the 60-day to start the season….but you can see the conundrum they are in without Marmol. And even with Marmol, that’s just 7 guys you can bank on for the pen, and one is a Rule 5. How’d that work out last year?

    As much as I hate saying this, the Cubs might be better served by having Marmol in the pen, seeing how the team does, and if they’re out of the race, then they can trade Marmol before or near the deadline. If they do well, they can hang onto him. The only thing they risk is injury, so I think they might hang onto him.

    • John_CC

      Yes, unless of course Marmol comes out and pitches like he did at the beginning of last season and completely stinks the place up. In which case the cubs would have to send money with him and get little in return.

      I don’t trust Marmol at all, I don’t see how anyone can, so I guess I would trade him as soon as there is reasonable offer on the table.

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  • 07GreyDigger

    The thing that floors me about this rumor to Marmol to the Tigers is the absurdity of thinking from the Tigers standpoint.

    They don’t want to resign Jose Valverde because of his disastrous postseason and their belief he can’t get batters out. So they want to go with a young prospect, who at the moment has been very hittable and can’t get anybody out.

    So the rumor says they want an experienced closer in Marmol who loves to walk batters and at times has TROUBLE GETTING BATTERS OUT!

    Great thinking.

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