Rambling Four Weeks from Wrigley

“Hello again, everybody.”

Those three words, while probably not as often said as, “I’ll have another,” were always on the tip of Harry Caray’s tongue. A week after what would have been the amazing broadcaster’s 99th birthday, I wanted to lead this edition of Ramblings with a shout-out to the man that made me fall in love with baseball.

When I was somewhere in the age range of 8-10, my parents had friends over for a big barbecue.  The next morning I thought I would help out and clean up the beer tubs and other garbage. (I was most likely I was told to do this.) While performing my chore, I dropped an unopened can of Budweiser on the deck and it sprung a small leak.

I am young … I am scared … I have no idea what to do. I quickly bring the can towards my face and use my mouth to cover the hole.

My dad came outside about five seconds after my first taste of the sweet elixir, sees what is going on and is rather shocked and confused, while most likely being a bit angry and asks, “What are you doing!?”

I freaked out. I had no idea what to say, but I was old enough to know that I should not be drinking beer.  So, I just went with it and said, “Dad, I am a Cub fan and a Bud man.”

My dad loved this response and could not contain his laughter, and he brought me into the kitchen to tell my mother the story. So I began to tell her and promptly threw up all over the floor. True story.

Thanks, Harry!

And on to some rambling …

  • What the Cubs could have gotten for Matt Garza, and what the Cubs will now get for Matt Garza makes me sad.
  • If someone told you 18 months ago that Jeff Samardzija would be the Cubs Opening Day starter in 2013, would you have believed it?
  • I cannot get enough of the World Baseball Classic, or I have watched zero minutes.
  • Starlin’s hamstring scares me, scares me a lot.  If there is another hiccup, I imagine we will see a Twitter parody account of said muscle very soon, if we have not already.  Someone, please jump on this now.
  • Hey the Bronx Zoo Snake’s account was funny for about two days.
  • The whole idea that Americans can play for a foreign country in the World Baseball Classic does not work for me.
  • And this also says to me that Jon Morosi’s argument that the USA has to win to prove baseball is still America’s game is way off base.
  • The point of the WBC is to help baseball become a global game. The best league, the one all strive to play in, is Major League Baseball, and I have a hard time believing that will ever change.
  • However, golf was invented in Scotland, and only one major is played abroad every year. So, I guess you never know, but just about every European would tell you the Open Championship is still the biggest major.
  • I have lived in or near Chicago my entire life, but this city’s government is too funny.  Allowing the Ricketts’ to do what they want with Wrigley, the hotel and all other ballpark-related topics is just plain smart … within reason. But their plan is definitely within reason.
  • Not using taxpayer money should equal a smart, sensible and quick solution to the Wrigley restoration project  Insinuating many negative things will come from this is wrong.  I have lived in Lakeview for over 11 years.  The Cubs are one of the main reasons it is one of the greatest neighborhoods around.  Please, City Hall, don’t stifle progress.
  • Not many owners would be willing to fork over all of the money while only asking for some concessions, like, please let us do this so the whole city can profit.
  • When people complain about the Ricketts, I just want to say fine, go be a Marlins’ fan. Tom and Company truly wants to win.  If you don’t believe that, fine, it is your prerogative, but I vehemently disagree with you.
  • If you feel strongly in the other direction, I would love to hear why below.
  • Soapbox gone, back to actual baseball …
  • Brian Bogusevic is doing his best Joe Mather impersonation.  I can’t take credit for that comparison as many have already discussed this, but nonetheless, he is making people discuss …
  • I want Steve Clevenger to become the Cubs version of Jose Oquendo. That would be cool.
  • I like scrolling through Spring Training stats and seeing names of players once talked about that I have forgotten.  I just saw Zeke DeVoss’ name and thought, “Oh, yeah, that guy.”
  • I would really like to see Darwin Barney hit better in ST.
  • Theo/Jed, call Detroit and figure it out with Marmol. Just please do it. Now.
  • If the Cubs can’t find a suitable trade partner for Soriano, just keep him and let him teach the young guys everything he knows. In the end, I think his impact on the future core of the team is much more valuable than a few pennies and another questionable prospect.
  • I predict Edwin Jackson will find his way with the Cubs. I think we will all be very happy with this signing two years from now.
  • I was also elated when the Bears traded for Rick Mirer.
  • By this point, I really thought we would have seen more from Matt Szczur.  I know he is only 23, but I have been very high on him for two years and have yet to see anything that gives me hope.
  • I also thought Bobby Brownlie and Brooks Kieschnick were the future. And to be fair, Kevin Orie as well.

And I will leave it at that for now.  While Spring Training may have started, it is still slow, and thanks to my favorite application Twitter, nothing is new anymore, so we have to get creative here.  And I hope I was able to do that today.

Please share all of your thoughts below, and let’s have an enjoyable Friday conversation about our beloved Cubs.

And until next time …

Stay Class Cubs Fans!!

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