Rambling as the Cubs Season Awaits

In ten days, the Cubs will begin their 2013 campaign, and while it will take place on April 1st, we all hope this upcoming edition is no joke.

It is widely documented and discussed that two of the offseason “risks” will not pan out because Stewart and Baker are hurt or shut down for now.  It is March 22, and people have decided that these signings have not worked and are horrible.  Sure, they MIGHT turn out that way, but let’s just wait until its warm enough to wear shorts before we make that decision.  Mmmmkay?

And with that, let’s celebrate the start of spring, the beginning of the NCAA tourney, and just anything else your little heart desires with some good, ole fashioned ramblings …

  • The Cubs most recent No. 1 draft pick fractured his hamate bone. Shocking. Stunning. Didn’t see that coming.
  • I see Rick Porcello is having quite an amazing spring. Then I get aggravated. Then I remember that in 2005, Nomar hit like .792 in Spring Training for the Cubs. He then hit .114 in April and tore his hamstring off his leg.
  • So, you know, that is kind of comforting … or not.
  • If Sports Illustrated keeps doing the whole athletes’ wives thing with the Swimsuit Edition, will all of you please help me start a petition for Kim DeJesus?
  • And in all seriousness, please read up on David and Kim DeJesus’ charity for ALS.  They do great work and truly care to help.
  • But seriously, SI, give Kimmy D a call.
  • At this point, just keep the ‘Fonz.
  • I ask this honestly … who won the WBC?  Was it Puerto Rico or the DR?  I know this is gaining a lot of traction in other countries, but Buddy Boy and his cronies need to hire a marketing savant to figure out what to do at home.
  • I absolutely love baseball, adore it, spend thousands on a it a year, and I saw less than two innings of the WBC … TOTAL.
  • When it is all said and done, either Samardzija or McThoyer is going to look like a genius.  Samardzija for waiting and making twice as much or McThoyer for getting him on the cheap.  Or, they both look dumb, he signs a big contract a stinks.
  • So yeah, C.
  • Also, regarding McLeod, I hope we have a great draft because it is hard to imagine him being around much longer. It appears he may be one of, if not the most, sought after GM candidate today.
  • Today is one of my favorite days of the year. I am not a big college basketball fan, but taking the day off, sitting in a room with a dozen TVs, fried food, “colored water” and watching dreams come true is just awesome. There are no two ways about it.
  • Also it means the Cubs are going to play real baseball games in a few days, I will be golfing again soon, and The Masters is right around the corner
  • It is about this time of year when I think I have had it with Chicago weather and being cold for months when I realize all the phenomenal things that are going to happen, and I immediately fall in love with this city all over again.
  • Do yourself and me a favor, and go to a Saturday game in June.  Just have an awesome day.
  • I have avoided this topic for too long. I live in Lakeview. Tom Tunney is my Alderman. I must say that I believe he truly cares and wants to help his constituents. In regards to Wrigley, he is so wrong it is not even funny. If you disagree with me, let me know, and say why.
  • Wrigley is older than any resident in Lakeview. People move here for this. Ricketts is spending his own money. Sure, I love the rooftops, and the feel and the history and it all, but if some more video boards knock out a few rooftops and bring in an extra $30 million … SO BE IT.  The rooftops already made who knows how much money on someone else’s product. Let the man do what he wants.
  • If you disagree, that is fine. But if so, I would love to have a civil discourse about it below. No argument that Tunney has made holds water with me. At least none I have read.
  • A restored and rejuvenated Wrigley will be amazing for the neighborhood of Lakeview and the city of Chicago.  I just hope it happens … ya know, right around the time the Cubs win their third Pennant and second World Series in a row!

And that, my friends, is all I have to say about that for now.  Enjoy the beginning of Spring, the fresher, warmer weather and as much basketball as you can stomach.

And until next time …

Stay Classy Cubs Fans!!

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