Matt Garza to Begin Season on the DL

According to multiple reports on Sunday morning, Matt Garza will begin the season on the disabled list, and could miss the first month of the season with a possible return in May.

Matt Garza reportedly threw from flat ground on Saturday for the second time in three days, and was scheduled to have another throwing session on Monday. Garza’s left lat flared up again as he reportedly felt tightness during the session on Saturday. Garza said he is not ready to throw a baseball yet.

The Cubs and Matt Garza are looking for him to return in May. Garza admitted he is not ready to throw as baseball yet and that he would likely miss the first month of the season. Reports suggested that Garza has been shut down for 5-7 days for now. The Cubs have not announced a timetable for his return.

Depending on how long Garza is out over the next month will determine how much time he will miss at the beginning of the season. Dale Sveum said the Garza did not have a setback, just needs more time. But if Garza cannot throw, every week he is out it will take two weeks to get back to where he was prior to the injury. Garza was up to 45-50 pitches before injuring his left lat.

Sveum said that both Travis Wood and Carlos Villanueva will begin the season in the Cubs’ rotation with Garza out for the first month and Scott Baker not expected to be ready until at least the end of April.

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  • cubs1967

    well; so much for all that pitching depth. 1 more injury and hello again to brooks raley or chris rusin. garza is now officially injury prone. considering the team acquiring him this year won’t be able to get a draft pick for him and that he’ll be a free agent at year end; the cubs return is gonna be “B ” grade prospects at best. so; time to offer him a low budget 3 yr deal and move on. he’d only be 32 and maybe can prove something in next 3 yrs. silly to trade an under 30 yr old now. 3/30-35 should get it done. next yr’s rotation only has smardz, ejax, viienuuva and wood (both should be in pen) anyway.
    congrats to smardz. a hendry draft pick. a 5th round flyer.
    hmmmmmmm……….i’m sure the theo lovers will say they made him who he is; except he was a starter in the cubs minors.

    • WidesprwadHisPanic

      Nothing wrong with B grade prospects, man.

      At least it’s not his elbow or -worse – his shoulder.

    • Neil

      Have you looked at Samardzija’s numbers in the minors? Have you listened to Samardzija when he has said how much he learned from Chris Bosio and Dale Sveum and the credit he gave the coaching staff last year?

      • SomeGuy27

        Gotta love ’67. If the Cubs won the World Series in 4 he’d be bitchin’ they didn’t do it in 3.

        • cubs1967

          luckily; after 105 tries that hasn’t happen.
          stupid comment bro.

          • SomeGuy27

            When it comes to stupid comments, I certainly defer to your expertise. Bra.

    • Theboardrider


    • RynoTiger

      what do you mean “so much for all that pitching depth”? the depth has worked as it should. 2 starters not able to go and 2 guys step in to take their spots. seems as good as what most other teams have.

    • Tony_Hall

      The more you talk the more everyone recognizes how out of touch and clueless you are….

      • cubs1967

        need a mirror?

  • paulcatanese

    Sorry to hear that about Garza, unfortunatly that seems to be a steady thing with him. I like him and wish he could get untracked with his health.

  • bluekoolaidaholic

    Same communications scenario as with other injuries. We are told it is nothing serious, just a “strain” or “tightness” etc., then whoever stays on the DL for a few months. I don’t know what to believe now. I hope Garza’s arm isn’t falling off.

    • 07GreyDigger

      It’s not. It’s the building up strength. You may have noticed in spring training that starts are 2, 3, 4, 5, etc. innings per start. The team is building up your arm strength from all the time off.

      A pitcher just can’t throw 100 pitches cold or their arm blows out. Since Garza can’t throw with this injury, he can’t build up that strength so he’ll need time on the DL to do so.