Junior Lake Out Four to Six Weeks with Stress Fracture in Rib

According to multiple reports, Junior Lake will be out at least four to six weeks with a stress fracture in the top right rib on his right side.

Junior Lake was a late scratch from Sunday’s game against the Padres with shoulder soreness. Reports on Monday stated that Lake hurt his shoulder while batting and was hoping to return to the lineup later this week.

Junior Lake is expected to miss at least four to six weeks.

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  • gary3411

    Well that sucks.

  • 07GreyDigger

    That’s too bad, he was having a good spring. Although, should we call his conditioning and desire in to question because he got injured? Appears to be a theme for other 3B on the roster.

    • calicub

      I’m going to take exception to that comment my friend…

      Lake’s “conditioning and desire” have never been called into question. Stewart on the other hand has a long and storied history before he was even a Cub of having a bad attitude and poor work ethic.

      Besides, a stress fracture =/= sore hamstring

      • P-Town Tom

        I agree on your assessment. I also like your “does not equal sign”. Well played.

      • 07GreyDigger

        I was trying to open a discussion about Stewart, so thanks for the response. He may not be the future and may have had issues in the past, but the potential he has worth a risk in that trade. There was no way of knowing that Colvin’s lack of plate discipline would work out so well in Colorado.

        In fact, if you look at his home vs. away splits, Colvin was helped by Coors Field and would have been quite a flop if we had kept him.

        Home: .338 AVG/.380 OBP/.652 SLG
        Away: .244 AVG/.274 OBP/.413 OBP

        Granted Stewart had far from a great year, but if anybody thinks a full season of Luis Valbuena is much better than Stewart I don’t get it. Please enlighten me.

        • calicub

          I dont think we need to rehash the merits of that trade. I think most people will agree that the Cubs lost that trade, and not just because of how poor Stewart and Weathers were in 2012, nor at Colvin’s improved play in the Rockies (although i believe he is getting squeezed out of the outfield this spring).

          The real reason was that the FO traded a player who has always hit in the minors, and could play 3rd base in DJ LeMahieu for 2 players with a history of issues, both injuries and attitude in the case of Stewart. I would have much rather the FO kept him even with LV in a back up role, and I think they have admitted as much. I think the Cubs missed out on a guy with huge potential at the big league level, someone who could push Darwin at 2b and hold down 3b until a long term option makes himself available.

          In all honesty i’d be fine starting the season with a platoon of LV and Lillibridge at 3b to build Lillibridges value as a UT INF for the deadline and allowing Vitters to show he can handle the show. Who knows maybe by July the Cubs will have Chase Headley manning the hot corner.

          “HEAD-LEY!” oh man I’m gonna miss Bob Brenly

          • 07GreyDigger

            I guess we agree to disagree. I’m kind of rooting for the guy to get back to where he was because a platoon of LV and BL sounds yucky. Considering the dearth of available 3B this offseason, at the least Stewart is a controllable flip at the deadline as well if he shows anything this season.

          • calicub

            I’m hopeful as well for his return because the potential is there and I’d love to have a guy who can swing the bat and provide exceptional D, but at this point it seems unlikely that he reaches it let alone tears it up enough before the deadline for a team to take the risk on a guy with his history.

            In all honesty, I think the Cubs could compete in the Central this year if they can get Stewart to reach his potential and Garza can return to form. I think the other pieces are there to put out an above average team.

            The BP is stronger than it has been since maybe 2010?

            The Starting Rotation has depth the Cubs haven’t had since probably 2008 or 2009 and a 1-4 of a healthy Smarj, Garza EJAX & Baker could be one of the better 1-4’s in the NL. (certainly not the best)

            Castro, Soriano and Dejesus are probably going to put up their usual and if DBarn’s added bulk helps him maintain, i have no doubt he could add .010 pts to his BA.

            I suppose the true wild cards are 3b, Rizzo, RF platoon and the health of the starting rotation, but certainly a shorter list of ifs than any year since 2008.

          • 07GreyDigger

            Definitely true. I guess it all depends on what happens at the deadline. I’d bet that DeJesus, Schierholtz, Marmol and Baker/Feldman will be out the door by that time. Let’s see if the improved depth can hold better than it did last year.

    • DWalker

      worried Lake is getting the injury prone lable. Not a sport medicine person, but isn’t this one fo those injuries often associated with over conditioning?

      • calicub

        I’m no medical expert either but from personal experiences, once you have a back problem, you’ll always have one, even with successful physical therapy, injuries tend to shift around the back. For instance I have bulging disks in my lower back and I was informed that from the way i was standing, sitting etc., and by leaning a certain way, or favoring a certain angle or what have you, led to issues with my upper back and continual backspasms, even after correcting them and undergoing PT.

        Who knows if this years back injury is related to last years but certainly a cause for concern as far as Lake’s career goes.

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