Ian Stewart Likely Out Until May

According to multiple reports, Ian Stewart will not begin a rehab assignment for at least two more weeks. Brent Lillibridge mentioned on Saturday morning during an interview on ESPN 1000, that he was told Stewart would be sidelined at least four more weeks.

Ian Stewart should stay behind in Arizona until he is ready to report to one of the Cubs’ minor league affiliates to begin his rehab assignment. If Stewart does not have any further delays, the Tribune is reporting that Stewart would not play for the Cubs until May at the earliest.

Ian Stewart was also examined by Dr. Stephen Gryzlo on Sunday. If Stewart continues to progress, he will begin a rehab assignment in two weeks according to Carrie Muskat.

Luis Valbuena and Brent Lillibridge will split time at third base for the Cubs until Stewart is able to return.

The Cubs are reportedly watching the waiver wire. Steve Clevenger is the favorite to break camp on the Cubs’ active roster. Clevenger has been taking grounders at third and first base, as well as seeing time in Cactus League games at both positions. While Alberto Gonzalez remains in camp, he does not appear to be the Cubs first choice to fill the last spot on the bench.

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  • triple

    Knowing that the FO is willing to pay Stewart $2 million this season and hoping he is healthy in May just shows how big of a hole 3B is for the Cubs. Because you know if they really believed in the tandem of Valbuena and Lillibridge, they would send Stewart packing. I’m just happy to know that they are not settling with Valbuena/Lillibridge.

    • Brp921


    • TheWrongGuy

      The FO isn’t paying $2mil. He gets $2mil ONLY if he started the season making the club out of spring training. He’s only making like $500,00 now. so he’s cheap for a left handed hitting 3rd baseman at the major league level, with his defense. And if he has improved any at all on his plate approach from last year. Then he will be a vast improvement. I personally like his defense more than Valbuena’s. If he hits like he did when in Colorado the one year with less strike-outs… I did say “IF” ( damn this kool-aid is good)

      Also this a good time for the Cubs to “talk-up” Valbuena for a potential trade partner. How many teams need a left handed hitting utility infielder/3rd baseman?

      That’s my 2 cents.

      • Tony_Hall

        His contract has to be picked up to put him on the DL. If the Cubs release him before the season he would have received the $500,000 that you are talking about. He is going to make the $2M.

        Valbuena has no trade value.

        • TheWrongGuy

          I agree, about the release and reduced contract. But I thought I remembered also something about if he was injured that the contract was also reduced/lowered as well. I don’t think any part of that information was well publicized about his contract. Maybe I am wrong. (Its still good kool-aid)

          That’s my 2 cents.

    • 07GreyDigger

      I’m disappointed there’s no usual Ian Stewart hate. You guys let me down. :)

      • Tarzan Joe

        i think it’s pretty well established the trade was a disaster for the cubs & theo and jed keeping him around a 2nd yr is equally disasterous and one can only hope this bad roster management gets out of their system prior to 2016 when the team might be good again.
        guess ARam wasn’t so bad after all.

        • 07GreyDigger

          It hasn’t worked out in year one, but its debatable how disastrous it was. Also, I never said ARam was bad, but for a team not likely to contend spending 12M + a year on ARam is wasted money, just as paying 2M for Stewart to not play is.

          • DWalker

            ARAM had no intention of coming back, period. I don’t think the FO could have offered him half enough to even consider it, he wanted on a winning team.

  • DWalker

    So its looking like Clevenger breaks camp as a utility. Does this mean he’s pretty well done as a catcher? i thought the whole idea of sending him down was to keep working on him as a catcher, so him as utility and 2nd backup catcher means he’s not going to be behind the plate a lot, barring injury.

  • bluekoolaidaholic

    Ian Stewart out till May, (yawn) oh, and he’s not starting a rehab? (yawn).Meh, who cares.

    I would rather see Gonzales or Valbuena or Cleavenger or the bat boy.

    I’m tired of all the rhetoric about how hard up we are, how good his defense is etc etc etc, the guy is a lazy, non hustling bum. We don’t need him. Let the kids play, they want it and are willing to hustle and learn.
    There you go, Greydigger.