Report: Cubs Told Marmol’s Agent to Expect a Trade

According to a report from the Sun-Times, the Cubs have told Carlos Marmol’s agent to expect a trade and Marmol has given the front office five teams he would be willing to accept a trade to.

Gordon Wittenmyer shot down a report last week, and labeled it as unfounded, that stated Marmol would be traded by Opening Day. The Cubs would like to trade Marmol, but likely not until after the season begins after Marmol re-established some value, plus they would like to see Kyuji Fujikawa pitch in the big leagues.

Bruce Levine reported on Saturday that several teams are interested in Marmol, but right now the Tigers is not one of them.

Carlos Marmol

Gordon Wittenmyer went into detail in his report about Carlos Marmol. Wittenmyer spoke with a “high-level evaluator for a projected contender” who said that Marmol cannot close. Apparently the evaluator is so sure of Marmol’s inability to close games that he recently used Marmol’s appearance in a Cactus League contest to use the bathroom.

Carlos Marmol is owed $9.8 million for the season, the third and final year of the three-year contract he signed in 2011. The Cubs will likely have to eat a large amount of money in order to receive anything of value in return for Marmol.

Marmol has not looked good this spring, and while it is only Spring Training, the Cubs need for him to rebound and finish the Cactus League on a high-note. From all indications, Marmol is not in the Cubs’ plans moving forward and getting anything of value they can in return for Marmol would be the right move at this point.

Cubs News Bits

Dale Sveum said on Saturday that his regulars will see more playing time in the coming week. The players that project as starters on Opening Day will see at least three at bats in each game next week and will play in all three of the split squad games (Friday, Saturday and Sunday). When the Cubs are done with the three split squad games next weekend (six games in three days), the regulars will begin playing into the seventh inning on March 18.

Scott Baker is pitching a simulated, B-type game on Tuesday. According to Dale Sveum, Baker is slated to start a Spring Training game around March 17.

Starlin Castro and Brent Lillibridge are expected back on the field on Wednesday. The Cubs have a scheduled off day on Tuesday.

Dale Sveum indicated on Saturday that Javier Baez and Jorge Soler will likely be sent to minor league camp in the next week. The moves could be made before the weekend or just after the three split squad games … both players can still be used in Cactus League games once they sent to minor league camp. Sveum does not expect to see either player at any point in the big leagues this season.

Pat Hughes will call his first Cubs’ game of the spring next Saturday from Las Vegas when the Cubs battle the Rangers at Cashman Field.

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  • Tom U

    The Cubs have been making subtle moves to set up a trade of Marmol since last season, using their philosophy of “position redundency”.

    It started with moving prospects Trey McNutt, Jeffry Antigua, and Yao-Lin Wang to the bullpen while acquiring Jaye Chapman for Atlanta. They then send Kevin Rhoderick and Tony Zych to the Arizona Fall League for more experience.

    They then re-signed Shawn Camp in the off -season and brought in Kyuji Fujikawa, Hinasori Takahashi, and Chang-Yong Lim.

    Now they make two more quiet moves, signing Cuban closer Armando Rivero and bringing Tennessee closer Frank Batista into the major league camp.

    • SuzyS

      Very astute observation, Tom. It makes sense though because either way…this is Marmol’s last year under his contract. IMO he hasn’t been traded yet because of his propensity for walks.
      Other than the Soriano contract…Marmol is the last of Hendry’s front loaded contracts.

      He was better last year after Sveum sat him…which persuaded him to listen to the coaches….I assume teams want to see a little of “the good stuff”….before trading for him.

      • Tom U

        While not taking sides on the topic of how the front office is doing, this is just an observation as to how things have changed. There isn’t a bunch of guys running around like their hair is on fire saying “OMG, Carlos Marmol is in the last year of his contract. What are we going to do???”, and then making the worst possible choice.

        • SuzyS

          Yes, it’s the difference of having a plan or not. Hendry did not and was reactionary…trying to save his job while keeping the Cubs competitive.
          The current FO has the plan….and personally, I think it’s the right one at this stage.
          How they execute the plan…piece by piece…is where we can really debate.

  • calicub

    Scouts go when he’s on the mound. opposing teams go in the 8th to prevent themselves from soiling themselves when a rogue slider meets their lower rib cage.

    • bluekoolaidaholic

      They all go early because they know they will be spending some time on the bases what with all the walks and hits.

      • Theboardrider

        “Apparently the evaluator is so sure of Marmol’s inability to close games that he recently used Marmol’s appearance in a Cactus League contest to use the bathroom.”

        That’s a pretty classic statement…

        • Richard Hood

          This is the reason that Spring Training is worthless for established pitchers. Marmol and Bosio have both said that Marmol has not been throwing many fastballs. Just trying to work on the feel of his slider and some other pitches he has been messing with. So that being said is it a really bad idea for scouts to not even watch him in the game? They already watched his warm up to get an idea of what he would be doing that day. The whole concept of him being garbage because a scout went to the bathroom is bogus. The statement was used to justify someones opinion of Marmol not a quote from the scout that probably already spent 45 minutes watching the warm up and talking to someone to see what he was going to be working on.

  • paulcatanese

    Watching the World Baseball Tournament and my Son Jack just called and told me the pitching coach for
    Team Italy was his second baseman when he was playing for Grosetto in Italy and one of the other coaches was the third baseman on the same team.

    • Theboardrider

      What’s te level of baseball in Italy Paul? How seriously is it taken?

      • paulcatanese

        I can only speak from what my Son has told me about the caliber of players. When he was there as a pitcher, his fastball was low 90’s and had an excellent curve. Having pitched for Tulane(div 1) he did fairly well there.
        His observation was that there were quite a few who played high minor league baseball and a couple that did a short stint in the majors.
        These players all did well.
        The Italian hitters at the time were free swingers and could hit the fastball well but not the curve.
        How seriously was it taken? If you can say a headless chicken tossed into the visiting dugout, and umpires being chased after the game any indication, I would say it was dead serious.
        Players were treated very well and lacked for very little. If I can get any pictures from Jack I will forward them to the site. Otherwise it may be found under Italian baseball or softball as it was called in the 80’s. He played for Grosetto outside of Rome. To rank ability, I would say somehwere between A and AA, but only because of the influx of Americans there.
        On its own probably low A. But has progressed nicely over the years.

  • Patrick Schaefer

    Neil Tom u thanks for all u do. I’m still and avid reader just haven’t commented in awhile. I have a question is there a cut off date where a player declines a qualifying offer and a team that signs him doesn’t have to give up a draft pick?

    • calicub

      I believe its in June or July after the draft

      • Patrick Schaefer

        Thanks calicub

    • Neil

      Good to hear from you Patrick, the cut off date is the day after the draft.

      • Ripsnorter1

        Kyle Lohse may be unemployed for a while longer.

        Thanks, Scott Boras!

        And Texas is sitting there without enough starters……

        • Raymond Robert Koenig

          Lohse is nothing special.

          • Tony_Hall

            Nothing special…

            2012 – 1.090 WHIP
            2011 – 1.168 WHIP

            He showed improvement in his game when he went to St. Louis, but his last 2 years is just a little above average…wouldn’t you say.

            He should be on a team in ST right now, if not for the new rules that have deemed him not worth giving up a draft pick. A players free agency should not be tied to draft pick compensation, but should come with a supplemental pick that doesn’t cost the signing team a pick. If that was the case, then this “nothing special” pitcher would already be in camp with a 3-5 year contract for big money.

            But as Rip points out, his greed is why he is at this point.

          • Tarzan Joe

            player A: 12 yrs. in majors. 9 games over .500 lifetime. 4.45 ERA 1.369 WHIP. 13.7 lifetime WAR.
            player B: 12 yrs in majors. 41 games over .500 lifetime. 3.66 ERA. 1.331 WHIP. 35.8 WAR lifetime.
            player A=kyle loshe
            player B=Carlos Zambrano
            like Raymond; kyle lohse is nothing special.

          • Tony_Hall

            Zambrano had a long career that started very young and if you look back was very good (except for the last few years).

            Lohse was a back of the rotation pitcher for most of his career, but the last 2 years especially have been more 2/3 range.

            Nothing special, we can all only hope that we have pitchers with those types of nothing special numbers this year.

          • Tarzan Joe

            and if we do; garza or baker or feldman or really all 3 will be traded. for more suspects.
            lohse is 34; has no OUT pitch and if he goes to a AL team will get crushed-see ryan dempster last yr in Texas for proof of that.
            so far 30 teams think he’s not special.

          • Tony_Hall

            I don’t want Lohse, but I believe you didn’t follow him the last 2 years.

            I am also glad to know that definitive proof in your eyes is Dempster going to the AL. That, that concludes that NL pitchers can’t move to the AL and have any success.

            Everyone knows the AL is tougher on pitchers. When you add a bat only player in place of a pitcher, you tend to have more offense. Lohse is no Price, Kershaw, Verlander, etc, if that is what you want to define as “special”, but if I am a team with playoff aspirations and I need another starter, I would take him.

            Most teams don’t want to give up a draft pick, and commit 4 or 5 years at the rate he is asking. It isn’t him they don’t like, it’s the price tag.

          • SuzyS

            Nobody here is suggesting that the Cubs go after Lohse…But it is rather ridiculous that a pitcher that has done as well as he did the last 2 years doesn’t have a job at this point of the season.

            While Lohse is not a top of the rotation guy he is worthy of a mlb job….The draft compensation is killing him…At this point I assume he will get an offer just after the draft on a one or two year contract.

          • Raymond Robert Koenig

            I expect Lohse to revert back to his career norms. Nothing special.

          • Tony_Hall

            And what would you base that on? I don’t want him on the Cubs, nor would I want to give him more than 2 or 3 years, but to think he is going lose what he has been doing the last 2 years, when he is not a power pitcher, has no basis.

          • Raymond Robert Koenig

            Sure it does. Lohse’s last 2 years are so far removed from his previous 11 it stands to reason he won’t repeat those numbers. I certainly don’t believe that he all of a sudden found “it”. More than likely he was juicing, like a lot of guys do in St. Louis. I fully expect him to pitch closer to his career stats wherever he plays next.

          • Ray Ray

            And…. Kyle Lohse had 12 sac bunts last year. He would have led the Cubs and been the favorite to win the bunt contest :))))))

          • Tony_Hall

            Yes he would of :)

        • Tony_Hall

          Not trying to defend Boras, but he didn’t write the rules and Lohse ultimately makes the final decisions.

          • Ripsnorter1

            You are so very correct, Tony.

            The REAL culprit is the GREED OF MR. KYLE LOHSE.

            Does one really need $85 million? You mean you cannot survive on $60 million that the Cards offered? LOL

  • Tony_Hall

    Japan is crushing the Netherlands with 5 HR’s in the 1st 4 innings, after not having hit 1 HR so far in the WBC.

  • redlarczykg

    I wonder if the same scout who advised Theo and Jed to sign Gerando Ccocepcion also suggested that the Cubs protect Raley – 4.2 in. – 15 hits – 21.21 ERA and let Beliveu 3 in. – 2 hits – 0.00 ERA this spring? Really! Aren’t you interested of whom Theo and Jed are listening to?

    • Scott

      Spring training numbers can be extremely misleading. I only know of this one because I work with Reds fans and they were pumping this guy up so much at the time and he fell so hard so fast. The sad part is, this was a decade ago (wow).

      In 2003, Josias Manzanillo TORE UP spring training. He pitched 12.0 innings over 11 games and gave up 4 hits and 5 walks (0.75 WHIP) while striking out 12 and giving up 1 run (0.75 ERA). Pretty impressive.

      Once the regular season started, things turned around for Mr. Manzanillo as he pitched 10.2 innings over 9 games while giving up 21 hits and 4 walks (2.34 WHIP) while surrendering 7 home runs. When the Reds cut him, his ERA was 12.66.
      Food for thought….

    • 07GreyDigger

      I don’t know. I went to an Iowa game this summer and Brooks Raley threw a 7 inning shutout. Looked pretty good to me then. Sometimes you have the talent, but you just can’t make it work. That’s why only 10% of those drafted even play one game in the majors.