Baez and Soler Among Minor Leaguers Expected to be Sent Down on Monday

The Cubs are expected to announce the fourth round of spring roster cuts on Monday, and both Javier Baez and Jorge Soler will reportedly be among the minor leaguers sent down. Dale Sveum said on Saturday that at least 10 players will be cut from the Cubs’ spring roster, which currently stands at 52 players.

Dale Sveum added that only the players that are competing for a spot on the Opening Day roster will remain with the team after Monday.

Carrie Muskat reported that Christian Villanueva will also be sent down to minor league camp.

The Cubs will have to option down those players on the 40-man roster. The players in big league camp on non-roster invites will simply be re-assigned to minor league camp.

Brett Jackson

The Cubs shutdown Brett Jackson for a week after an MRI on his right (throwing shoulder) revealed some inflammation. The Cubs want Jackson to rest for at least a week. He is scheduled to be re-examined at that point.

Jackson said he is confident he will be healthy when the season starts.

Ian Stewart

Ian Stewart chose not to play in a minor league game on Saturday. Stewart is still nursing a sore quad.

Dale Sveum does not sound too thrilled with Stewart according to a report from ESPN Chicago. Stewart is expected to get some at bats on Sunday in another minor league setting. Sveum is not sure when Stewart will be able to get on the field.

Full Report from ESPN Chicago

Minor League Moves

According to Baseball America, the Cubs recently released five pitchers from the organization … RHP Hung-Wen Chen, RHP Arturo Maltos-Garcia, RHP Austin Urban, RHP Tony York and LHP Kyle Shepard.

Cubs News Bits

Dale Sveum said Saturday that Matt Garza threw again on flat ground on Friday. Sveum added that Garza threw from 90 feet and is progressing with his rehab. The Cubs have not put a timetable on Garza’s return.

Dale Sveum has not given Jed Hoyer a wish list of what he needs heading into the season. According to a report from Carrie Muskat, Sveum is “comfortable with the position players on the roster.”

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Quote of the Day

"Pitching is the cornerstone of most championship teams." – Roger Craig

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  • paul john catanese

    Confusing to say the least. The Cubs have Jackson,Stewart, and Garza, The three are “iffy”
    for the coming season.
    And now they have Baez, and here is a kid that denies the “Cub way”. He dosent work the counts, sucks the air out of the stadium with every swing on as few pitches as he can see. Didn’t count but, I would think that he (Baez) saw fewer pitches all day than Soriono did, hitting his HR on
    a 3-2 count.
    All Baez did was hit four homeruns in his last five at bats,
    maybe on four pitches total.
    I love it.
    Mr. Epstein explained his theory on spring training games
    in a monotone un-interested voice on the air. Not much counts in his estimation, and players are working towards the regular season.
    I’ll give Mr. Epstein that, but who can deny the interest that Baez has created among the fans?
    I hope that Baez remains in the Cub system and isn’t traded away, as who knows what thoughts are with Mr. Epstein?

    • redlarczykg

      In my 55 years of watching Cub games I never saw such a lightning swing as Baez. I had to watch it over and over. Now, as long he works on plate discipline, we a star in the making.

      • paul john catanese

        Oh I agree, and thats after being down on him when he first signed and the few “moments” he had. Just one of the many I have mis-diagnosed.
        As you say, he will be a star. Funny thing,I didn’t think he would make it as a shortstop,
        and now not so sure. Either he or Castro will
        end up at third base, but no doubt that will happen, sooner than later.
        At this point, with the option of having Stewart and the time it may take for him (Stewart) to decide to come out and play third base, and Vitters still looks lost, it could be sometime this year (hopefully), as Valbuena is not the answer either.

        • Tony_Hall

          Don’t forget 2B as well. An up the middle of Baez and Castro would be pretty good for many years. Baez might need to be in the game defensively more than 3B will allow. Ultimately I believe it depend on if any of the other 2B/SS/3B make it, to then have Baez fill the other spot, that that player can’t play, as Baez can play almost anywhere on the field.

          • paul john catanese

            Agree, as someone posted earlier (may have been you) a few more options at 2b to be explored before Baez.
            Just saying that 3b seems to be the sore spot for the next couple of years. I would rather see Baez there instead of what the Cubs have right now.
            As Suzy said, I should be patient, thats hard to do with what I have seen of him.

        • SuzyS

          Paul, I agree with you that Baez is exciting…and I would like to see more of him….But I don’t look for him this year with the parent club….(see DWalker’s post on the previous thread).
          I also don’t think that either Baez or Soler will be subject to the “500 AB at each level rule.”
          Both will move through the system quicker than that.
          This is going to be a year to test our patience as fans…with better options developing in the minors than we have at the mlb level..and yet…not just quite ready yet.
          In a few years though…IF we can develop the pitching…we are going to be one exciting team!!!!

        • Brp921

          I think a future infidel could be, if Christian Villanueva pans out, 1b Rizzo 2b Villanueva ss Castro 3b Baez. You could interchange them I guess because they would all stay in the lineup, but that’s how they stack up with the offense numbers you look at for those positions.

          • Brp921

            Auto correct changed infield to infidel.

          • Theboardrider

            Lol! Too funny.

            Don’t overlook Barney. He’s a gold glover defensively, a leader jn the clubhouse an with his work ethic I wouldn’t doubt that he could develop into a .280 hitter who can draw walks. The kid can play…

          • Brp921


          • SuzyS

            I vote for the infidel!!!! :-)

  • paul john catanese

    On Soler, he could use more time in the minors. Not much but he still looks a little raw. Lot of talent there, just needs to refine it. He will be fine when he comes up, a good signing by Mr. Epstein and company.