Wrigley Field Restoration Update: Cubs May Not Be Able to Add More Night Games This Season

According to a report from the Tribune, the Cubs push to add more night games in the upcoming season could be in jeopardy. As part of their proposal to restore Wrigley Field, the Cubs would like more flexibility in scheduling games and events in order to generate additional revenue to help pay for the $300 million project to restore Wrigley Field.

The Tribune reported Wednesday afternoon that Ald. Tom Tunney said he would not introduce legislation during Wednesday’s City Council meeting.

Under the current ordinance the Cubs can schedule 27 night games and can add up to three more for nationally televised games. The Cubs have not said how many games they would like to add or how many Friday afternoon start times they would like to push back from 1:20pm to 3:05pm. The Cubs would like for the city to approve the additional night games as soon as possible so Major League Baseball can adjust the 2013 schedule.

The Cubs desire to add night games this season gives both sides a firm deadline and pressure to seal a deal.

According to the Tribune, “the team had asked Tunney to introduce a measure amending the neighborhood protection ordinance at Wednesday’s meeting. But the alderman wants the Cubs to address parking, traffic and security issues in the Wrigleyville neighborhood.”

As the Tribune pointed out, the lack of a proposal suggests that Ald. Tunney is in no rush to give the Cubs what they want.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Ald. Tunney have said they would like one comprehensive deal worked out and not just an ordinance to add more night games. The Mayor believes there “is an agreement to be had” and “it’s right there on the table.”

According to a report from DNAinfo.com, “a proposed park at School Street and Racine Avenue has become a bargaining chip for Ald. Tom Tunney to ensure the Chicago Cubs’ renovation plans financially benefit the neighborhood.”

The report states that Ald. Tunney expects the Cubs to pay for at least half of the $1.5 million proposed School Street Playlot, a project that the alderman has long advocated. The Cubs said they can help with the project as part of the restoration negotiations.

Full Report – Wrigley Field Renovations: Planned Playlot Becomes Bargaining Chip

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  • Cubs1967

    Someone should ask the very useless Tunney where does the 12% entertainment tax go? The cubs draw within 110% of the bears-bulls- sox draw combined and they all have stadiums built for them (sox and bears) or
    huge tax breaks like bulls.
    Cubs are gonna spend 300M and only in Chicago would an ald clown like Tunney worry about a parking garage.
    The nite games won’t add that much attendance; it’s for the ad revenue from tv and radio being in prime time.
    This is really sad; non owner rooftops and a park garage are stopping the Cubs from competing like the other teams in MLB.

    • calicub

      I may not agree with you often but your spot on here.

    • http://theboardridersuite.wordpress.com/ Theboardrider

      Super lame. Are Chicago politics really as backward and corrupt as the reputation? Is it all just based on favors and back-scratching?

      • paulcatanese

        I think you are on to something! Have had my suspicions for the last 79 years:)

    • SuzyS

      Cubs1967…extremely well said!

    • Henry

      Tunney owns Ann Sathers Restaurant. Definitely a place to avoid!

  • paulcatanese

    That is sad but typical news,grease the palms and one gets what they want. What a way to have an institution
    represent these people.
    Maybe the Cubs should go ahead and put a wall up and block the freeloaders.

    • triple


  • SuzyS

    Education was declining. Taxes were rising. Lawlessness was rampant.

    With the empire too unwieldy to defend against external enemies and devisiveness growing rampant within, the Emperor Claudius II (@ 270 AD) needed every able-bodied man to serve as a soldier to defend the declining Roman Empire.

    Claudius believed that marriage would weaken his soldier’s dedication and resolve for the Empire.

    He issued an edict that outlawed marriage and instituted a penalty of death to any that broke the law.

    There was a Catholic Bishop that championed the people and performed secret marriage ceremonies in defiance ofEmperor Claudius II.

    For his efforts, Claudius imprisoned, tortured and executed the Bishop @ 273 AD.

    In 496 AD, the pope at the time issued an edict that we should honor that Bishop every February the 14th….

    For 1,517 years…on February 14th…we have honored


    To Cubs fans everywhere…Happy Valentines Day!!!!

    • Tin Tin

      Just pasted this on my wall Suzy. Thanks. HV!

  • 07GreyDigger

    This is so stupid that the Ricketts family has to jump through so many hoops. They own the most popular team in the city outside of the Bears and they can’t get any help for renovations in one of the most profitable neighborhoods in the city?

    Wouldn’t Emanuel want them to remake the neighborhood and make it a huge tourist attraction?

    Can you imagine visiting Wrigley Field and the surrounding area and having somewhere to park!? HOLY CRAP!!!!

    As for the rooftops, they are getting money for a product that isn’t theirs. Any money the Ricketts throw their way should be a benefit. If they aren’t happy, they should convert their places into museums or bars and profit off the neighborhood expansion.

    I just don’t get how everyone doesn’t win for this renavation.

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