Soriano Open to Trade if Cubs Get Off to a Bad Start

Alfonso Soriano addressed his status with the Cubs on Monday at Fitch Park. Soriano reiterated that he would like to stay and win with the Cubs but if the team gets off to a bad start he would be open to a trade. Soriano would like to win and he does not think he has much more than two years left in his career.

According to multiple reports, his agent and the Cubs have an understanding that there are six or seven teams that Soriano would approve a trade. Reports during the off-season suggested that Soriano would waive his no-trade clause for a team on the East Coast and those reports were confirmed Monday when Soriano indicated the teams he would agree to be traded to are located in the East or Central divisions of both leagues.

Alfonso Soriano has two years and $36 million remaining on the eight-year, $136 million contract he signed with the Cubs in November of 2006. Soriano invoked his no-trade rights last year and rejected a trade to the San Francisco Giants.

Jed Hoyer said that the Cubs and Soriano’s agent, Pat Rooney, have had really good dialogue. Hoyer added that Soriano has been very honest with the team and the Cubs have discussed possible destinations with him.

Alfonso Soriano told David Kaplan that he signed with the Cubs over other teams because he wanted to win a World Series with the Cubs … and that the money is not the reason he plays the game.

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"The riches of the game are in the thrills, not in the money." – Ernie Banks

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  • Aaron

    I’m just taking a guess, but I’d imagine the following teams are on Soriano’s list of approved teams:


    The Mets are a long-shot with their rebuilding, and so are the Rangers, because they’re in the AL. All other teams, Soriano would consider because they’d likely be in the hunt for the postseason. The Brewers are debatable, but they’re close enough to Chicago where he might consider it.

    As for feasibility, I think you can effectively eliminate the Nationals (crowded OF with Werth, Span, and Harper)

    You can also eliminate the Reds (Bruce, Choo, and Ludwick)

    You can also eliminate the Braves (B Upton, J Upton, Heyward)

    You can also eliminate the Cardinals (Beltran, Holliday, Jay)

    You can also eliminate the Brewers (Braun-unless suspended, Aoki, and Gomez)

    The Phillies are debatable, with the unproven Ruf, along with Revere and the recently signed Young…but with the investments (in trade and $$), you can bet Young and Revere will get the benefit of the doubt.

    That basically leaves the Rangers and Mets as the only teams left with significant holes in the OF. Soriano might approve the Rangers, because of familiarity with the area, having already played there. He also might approve the Mets, because while they’re considered long-shots for the playoffs, they’ve made improvements, and he’s also familiar with NYC.

    It was pretty interesting though to hear this today. You almost have to wonder if something is already in the works, or they wouldn’t be talking (both player and management).

    I still think the best options are the Phillies or Rangers for reasons I’ve discussed before, but the reality is the Phillies just signed/traded for their new OF, and the Rangers appear content to let their young guys like Borbon, Beltre, and Martin. It’s just sad that in this past season, he finally lived up to his contract.

    And while I certainly understand the sentiment from some fans that you cannot replace his stats, you have to understand the direction of this team.

    Everyone on the team is either bridge guy (DeJesus, Stewart, Schierholtz, Baker, Feldman, etc.), or they’re part of the core (or working towards being part of it…in other words, they’re under 30).

    Since Soriano has just 2 yrs left (this and next), he really doesn’t have the value some might think…Sure, present day, he’d be tough to replace, but if he brings a high end arm or a guy like Domonic Brown, then you have to do it.

    • Tony_Hall

      Good overview, but remember you are eliminating teams in February and Soriano is saying IF the Cubs get off to a bad start he would be open to a trade. I don’t think he is talking about a rough ST game start.

      The teams that would want Soriano, will want him due to failure of a player or an injury to a player. So bring back all those team as anyone of those teams could have either of these situations happen to them.

      • Aaron

        I wasn’t talking about a rough ST game start either. I highly doubt this team will get off to a great start though, especially if Garza is sidelined for any length of time. The other thing about Soriano is he doesn’t typically start the season in cold weather very well. If they’re going to trade him, NOW is the time.

        • Tony_Hall

          That is true, but he controls whether it happens or not. And I don’t believe he will approve a trade unless the Cubs are out of it and that will take a few months this year….I hope.

    • calicub

      I think I’d add the Yankee’s and the Ray’s to that list. NY has been looking for a rh bat off the bench with some pop. THey signed travis hafner, but that is stretch. with Cano and possibly Granderson coming off the books after the season, Soriano’s extremely decreased salary should fit with their plans of scalng back payroll.
      The rays have also been looing for a little pop and with the Cubs willing to eat so much of his contract, you’d have to think there’d be something there. (plus i wouldn’t mind dipping into that farm system..

      • Aaron

        I wouldn’t be so quick to add them. While he played for the Yankees, they just don’t have interest in him, even at a reduced salary (although they might find that more appealing now that they know AROD is out pretty much for the year, if not for good. There is a degree of familiarity there as well, just as my reasoning for the Rangers.

        That being said, the thing Soriano worries about most with AL teams is them putting him in a DH role, which he’s stated he does not want to do.

        The Rays and Marlins were two teams I left out with the Rays (being contenders) the most likely of the two, but because they’re in the AL (with the DH), I consider it a longshot as well.

        • calicub

          Did you mean the Marlins or the Mariners being in the AL?

          The DH stance to me is troubling. I’d have to hope that after last year, succumbing to the pressures of age, ie to lighten his bat, etc., he may be seeing that his time in the field is coming to an end, but the bat still some fuel in the tank. Plus as you said, the warm weather is favorable to his aging knees. What’s also troubling is the fact that Soriano has been starting off fairly slow the last few years which would/could really hurt his value. I hope they’d be able to trade him during the spring but i don’t see it happening

          The sun times has the list as including the Yankees Mets Dodgers Phillies and white sox, but who knows how accurate that is with the Dodgers being a west Coast team. The mets don’t make sense to me but I suppose anyone could surprise after last year…

  • 07GreyDigger

    The way I see it, Soriano will be dealt at the deadline to a team desperate for a big bat. Of course, Sori is going to have to hit to make this work. If not at the deadline, definitely next offseason, where all the risk is removed.

  • paulcatanese

    On that tweet with Castro if the Cubs are winning.
    He can be more of a superstar than he is?
    C’mon Starlin, how many cans in a six-pak?
    He has a way to go before “super star”.

    • calicub

      Hey when fans have been calling you the savior of the org since 2009 you gotta be a little self confident. Personally I dig the fire! It’s good fire not angry destructive fire

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